Channel letters, Dimensional letters

Custom Signs are the visual expressions of the products, thus they play a decisive role in increasing brand awareness and attracting target audience. Choosing the appropriate sign for your product is of utmost importance. Choosing the appropriate sign for your business is of utmost importance. Nowadays key requirements of the sign are to be eye- catching, stylish and visible. If you want to meet all these requirements, channel letters will be an excellent signage choice.
Channel letters (also known as dimensional letters) offer a wide range of signs that can be appropriate for different situations.
The most commonly used types of channel letters are front lit, back (halo) or reverse lit, open face and front/back lit letters.
Front lit letters are one of the most common letter types, illumination of front signs takes place through the front (face) of letters. The light sources of these dimensional letters usually include neon, LED or other lightening forms (Incandescent, Fluorescent, etc.). Back and sides of the letters are usually made of aluminum sheets
Back lit (halo) letters are another common type of channel letters, which are also referred to as reverse letter signs, as they are lit from the inside out. The front surface can be made of different materials including painted aluminum sheets, acrylic sheets, etc. It projects either LED or neon, which gives the sign a halo effect.
Open face channel letters are a great solution for signs to remain catchy and visible 24 hours a day. The front of these letters is typically open, which allow the neon to be exposed. Neon serves as an illumination source making the sign easy-to-read any time of the day.
Front/back lit letters are considered to be the combination of the standard front lit and back (halo) or reverse lit letters. The sides of letters are usually aluminum and the back is open for exposing neon or LED illumination.
Each set of channel letters has an individual structure, separate illumination and a large variety of forms, colors and sizes, resulting in a professional and highly visible signage presentation.
Illuminated channel letters as well as Lightboxes , provide high-quality visual effects that are very important in nowadays signage industry.
If you are looking for the right channel letters for your business, Front Signs can be your guide and can help you in finding the best possible solutions.


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