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Acrylic Cutting | Plexiglass and Perspex Cutting | Acrylic Laser Cut

Acrylic sheets make perfect signage. The material of Custom Acrylic Signs serves as a high quality replacement for traditional glass. It can be cut, engraved or printed on.
Natural Acrylic sheet is transparent. But we also suggest the matte and color variants for a wider choice. It is also highly resistant to temperature changes and humidity which makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor usages.
In short, acrylic is a perfect material in the signage industry allowing great sign design flexibility.
Acrylic cutting is one of the most popular options for signage making. Letters and images of different sizes and shapes are easily created in this way.

Both cutting and engraving are done in two ways:  CNC milling and Laser cutting.

They both are equally used depending on the acrylic material, the necessary edge accuracy of cutting, the sizes of engraved subject, etc.
Laser cutting and engraving are used when force-free and complex shapes are necessary. High power laser beam just melts the material. The gentle air blows the vapor away. It helps solidify the remaining liquid. Thus the liquid gets smooth and solid. Due to it acrylic cutting and engraving are done with high accuracy. CNC Milling is done by milling cutter rotating at a high speed. The main advantage of it is its ability to go from 1 up to 60 mm depth. But in case of acrylic cutting you will not need this feature as acrylic itself comes in 1-4 mm.

The important difference that can lead you in choosing between laser or milling is that milling makes the edges of a transparent acrylic matte. Also, If you don’t need a work that requires high accuracy, milling can be the best option.
Anyway, if it’s hard for you to choose, just stop thinking. Our customer service specialist is ready to provide you with the necessary information and suggest the best options. Just Contact us to discuss your needs.

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