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Aluminum Cutting and Aluminum Engraving – Metal Cutting -Aluminum Laser Cut – Laser Marking

Aluminum cutting is another way of getting appealing and durable storefront signs, decorations for gate, wall decors, decors for yard and what not. Aluminum is famous for its durability. That’s why it’s so widely used especially in outdoor signage. We cut aluminum in two ways: Laser cut and CNC milling cut, the best ways of cutting.
CNC milling is done by miller rotating at a very high speed and running through the material. It is widely used in aluminum cutting as it is a solid material itself.
Laser cutting is used when more delicate work is required. In this process laser beam runs through the material melting it, and the stream of air solidifies the liquid. It gives the edges solidity and smoothness. That’s why laser cutting is considered the most accurate cutting.
On the whole, the means of cutting depends on the kind of the work you want as a result. Our specialist are ready to give you the precise advice on the materials and every necessary information you may need. Just contact us!

We offer aluminum at thicknesses of 0.032” and 0.040”; and sizes of 4’x8’.

Most common colors for aluminum are black, white and bright silver.
Custom aluminum signs are one of the most common usages of aluminum cutting. The signs look solid and are durable. They can stand by themselves or have a vinyl layer stuck to them. Printing on aluminum is also available.
Metal home decors are relatively new but constantly developing tendency. Metal decors can be found in many modern houses. Different shapes of various kinds of aluminum serve as excellent wall decors. Butterflies, stars and a lot more can made out of it.
We also suggest gate decorations that are quite popular and give the house a luxurious and also a little mysterious look.

Aluminum engraving is common for presenting label and QR codes. This is the best way of having codes and labels stuck on a material. It’s almost impossible to have them destroyed, they will stay there forever.
Engraved aluminum signs can be used for outdoor advertisement. Outdoor aluminum signs are nice-looking and quite durable. They can go against seasonal changes and keep their look as they were on the first day.
Note: There’s a little help we want to give you for choosing the precise size for your sign letters. The accepted rule is that 2 inches letters can be read from 10-15 feet away. For every 20 feet of distance 1 inch is added.

So now you are armed with the stock of information on aluminum cutting and engraving and can have your personalized aluminum signs right ahead.

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