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Coroplast is identical to corrugated plastic and businesses use this affordable and visual technique to boosts their brand and style. Coroplast is a type of a plastic that is adaptable and can be used both for indoor and outdoor signage. It is one of the most cost-effective custom Coroplast signage that can be used for business promotions and advertisement on a budget.

The best and most attractive features of Coroplast material is its toughness and durability. Its versatility and insect impervious damage resistance is excellent for interior and exterior signage.

Corrugated Coroplast sheets can be used as:

Front Signs suggests alternative usage to this versatile material also. Further uses of coroplast corrugated panels can include Trade show displays or real estate sidewalk signs. You can use for sponsorship signage at venues and special events.

Benefits and Advantages of Coroplast signage

Coroplast is made of polypropylene sheet or also known as Corrugated Plastic. Much unlike the Cardboard it is extruded not with a zig-zag pattern but a sheets of square channels. These channels or also referred as flutes can run within the length or across the width. The fluted ribs support the back and front surfaces, thus making it tough but lightweight material.

It is water and oils resistant. Corrugated plastic sheet is also rust, rot, mildew and stain-resistant. No other plastic material offers a bunch of benefits of Corrugated Plastic Cardboard at such a low price than Coroplast.

Front Signs finds diverse solutions for Corrugated Coroplast sheet. 

We suggest using corrugated plastic signs on the roadside of your business to attract customers walking by the street or driving along. You can be ensured that corrugated Cardboard signs won’t be unnoticed in Shopping malls and center. In case centers don’t allow different options of the type of sign you use, coroplast can do the trick. Coroplast signage can advertise your upcoming sales, events, special promotions. Moreover, it can be custom cut to fit your needs to draw attention even to the business that is located far away.
Furthermore, installed coroplast signs along the roadsides are visible enough to display any business information and fill the traffic areas. It can sometimes be used in construction and replace plywood.  When designing your sign the letters and simple graphics do well on Coroplast.
Note:  Detailed images may have a slightly uneven appearance.


  • Extruded from recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable
  • Waterproof and resists to most chemicals
  • Water, grease and dirt resistant
  • Available from 2mm to 14mm thicknesses
  • Basic Colors: White and Black
  • Easy to hang and very light weight


Note: If left under direct sun or in a hot car, they may bow, bend or even melt away


With accordance to your needs, Coroplast can be single or double sides. It can be combined with printing for specialized advertising and displays. Next, combined with Vinyl lettering it gives a unique professional look. Its smooth surface best fits any sign making for any purpose without much effort on your part.

Cutting process

Coroplast plastic sign being one of the cheapest rigid material substrates is alternative to PVC sign. Its white surface gives designing rich color options. Coroplast signs come in different thicknesses. They can be folded or cut with a special knife. Can be printed with inks if suitable or painted. This material can be flex cut and fasted using tape. Can be die-cut on a standard conversion equipment, heat welded, scored, stitched or stapled to fit your requirements. Can be creased, nailed, or drilled.
Note: for installation and gluing the Coroplast sheet special extra treatment is needed. Not all glues work for Coroplast.

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