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Dibond Cutting

Meanwhile customers obtain knowledge about Dibond, it’s gaining more and more popularity. Subsequently, Dibond signage is a preferred choice for customers that need a very durable, rigid and eye-pleasing material for their marketing needs.

Dibond composite panel is the young brother of all other materials. Starting from 1990s, the brand name of composite Aluminum sheet, Dibond is a leading material combined with Aluminum and Plastic. With the right balance, the black polyethylene foam filler is permanently bonded by two thin sheets of Aluminum. Weighting about the half as much as Aluminum, triple-layered composite Dibond has thicker profundity of the boards, is solid but still lightweight material. Not to mention that, Aluminum Dibond is a great alternative to Plywood, Coroplast and PVC materials. Over and above, with its robust and weather resistant features, smoothest surface to print on and make signs out from.

Key Benefits:

  • Outdoor and indoor usage
  • Corrosion, weather, rot and rust resistant
  • Self-extinguishing and UV protected
  • Applicable for direct printing on one side or both
  • Lightweight with high stiffness and dimensional stability
  • Flattest panel on the market
  • Won’t bow or oil can
  • Lightweight and can be routed, returned to add dimension or roll-formed to give sweeping curves
  • Can imitate other texture like wood or marble

Dibond is the brand name of Aluminum composite sheet. Aluminum composite panel is mainly used to make advertising signs and displays. It is a perfect metal replacement that offers same metallic finish without the rust risk. Dibond composite sheet is three layered material, with a 0.5mm Aluminum backing, bounded with a 3mm polyethylene core to 0.5mm aluminum alloy sheet with matte finish.
Front Signs can custom cut the outline of your logo in exact size required. Besides, it’s also possible to cut and give the three dimensional look by multiple Dibond panels in front of each other to create a layered effect.

We offer two type of Dibond cutting, Laser cutting and CNC milling.
The laser cutting provides the cutting done with absolute precision. Especially, CNC milling is also good for accurate and detailed cut.
According to your preferences we can cut the sign to the outline or over line of your logo. It’s a solid material when in fact also a very easy-to-work and can be drilled, nailed and screwed to any surface. We have Dibond composite sheet with different thicknesses. But in case you require a different thickness for your business or home, we can custom order thinner or thicker Aluminum Dibond panel.

The Dibond composite alloy panel is ideal for:

  • large signage applications
  • industry and transport
  • interior design
  • architectural signs
  • displays and exhibitions
  • photo mounting
  • partitions, false ceilings

Original color: white or brushed Aluminum
Patterns: can imitate other material like wood or marble
Finishes: brushed, matte and glossy
Coating: PVDF and Polyester
Thickness: 1/8″
Size: 4’x8’
Alloy: Upper and Lower Surface Aluminum (0.5mm thick)- 3003 H16
Core: polyethylene Filler(0.3mm thick)
Storage: for 24+ store at 18-20°C
Temperature: between  -50°C up to +80°C

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