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Falcon Board, Foam board and Gator Board

Falcon board is a high-quality graphic display material suitable for a wide range of uses. Falcon board sheet is constructed from two white paper attached to a paper honeycomb core. The unique structure and basic stability make falcon board an ideal solution for graphic display board needs.
Falcon board sign has a unique opportunity to provide with 3D appearance when displayed. Both sides show the same visual surface properties and enhance visibility from opposite sides. That’s the main reason falcon board sheets are widely used in the signage industry.
Falcon board cutting allows us to get exact shape of your design. Falcon board can be cut, curved in any size, shape, and thickness you need.Except these rigid materials our laser and milling cutting machine provides foam board cutting and gator board cutting. They are commonly used in signage industry and try to satisfy your specific needs. The installation of these materials is an easy and fast process.

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