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Falcon Board Cutting

Falconboard is a honeycomb paper core covered with a flat paper surface on both sides. From appearance it resembles a cardboard but is widely applied for signs and decoration making. This material is 100% recyclable and made of renewable materials.

As an interior decor falcon board can be used everywhere: homes, shopping centers, offices, etc. It keeps its properties and shape best when used indoors mostly. Though in good weather conditions and for a short time appliance outdoor usages are also possible. This material that is suitable for almost every display, is the best fit for one-time usage. If you are having a trade show, an event, opening ceremony or whatever it may be, falcon board can be the best option.
Falcon board signs are widely used. As mentioned above it is preferable to use them indoors mostly, but following some “rules”, they can be applied outdoors and kept for quite a long time:

Relative humidity conditions – 35-65%
Temperature – 10-30°C

It goes without saying that putting objects on this durable material should be avoided.
Different kinds of falconboard cutting are offered: outline and overline. In the first option the machine cuts exactly over the sign lines. During overline cutting some space is left over the sign. Both of them are considered interesting design solutions – depending on the sign style and preferences.

Being quite a delicate material Falcon board is usually cut by a special machine. CNC milling is also applied as a means of falcon board cutting. The miller goes deep to the material and cuts the sign rotating at a high speed and moving at the same time. As you can see the edges of a falcon board are open and you can very well see its structure, its core. If it causes any inconvenience to you, certain solutions are available.

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