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Gatorboard Cutting

Gatorboard is a light but durable material covered on both sides with wood veneer. This gives the material rigidity due to which it can last for quite a long time. Gatorfoam can be considered the denser variant of foam board. This is better for longer uses (if kept properly and with care, gatorboard can last more than 2 years). For short time usages foam boards are suitable as they are more affordable and nearly don’t differ in appearance. Gatorboard cutting is mostly used in signs making and different kinds of outdoor and indoor decorations. But for outdoor usage we would recommend using PVC material. It looks like gatorboard and is more rigid, so you will not even feel the difference but will use it longer.
Gatorboard cutting is done by CNC milling machine. This is one of the few cases, when laser cutting doesn’t work as it can destroy the material. The miller saw goes inside the material and rolling and moving at the same time, gives the material its necessary shape and size.

We suggest gatorboards of sizes 4’x8’ and thicknesses ½” and 3/16”.

Gator board material can be cut, printed or both services together.
You can find more information about Gatorboard printing.

Gatorfoam boards are mostly used in black and white options. Black boards are not very welcome for outdoor uses. They are sensitive to ultraviolet rays of sun. In indoor uses some more attention should be paid to the humidity as well, as these foams don’t like low humidity. In spite of this all cautions gatorboard is an ideal variant for exhibitions, indoor signage, home decors and more.

Take into consideration that gatorfoam is 100% recyclable thus it is eco-friendly. In other words, you can reuse it in this way not wasting new, raw materials for making new objects hence reducing energy usage, air pollution and water pollution.


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