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Lexan Cutting

Since the discovery of Lexan, it is widely used to create objects we know and utilize every day. Initially Lexan was used for electrical components and commercial accessories, but Lexan or polycarbonate sheet has a versatile usage in modern signage also.

With its water-clarity and attractive aesthetic properties Lexan has a high impact and strength. It has 200 times the impact resistance than glass and 30 times stronger than Acrylic. It has one sixth of the weight of the glass and a third of acrylic.
Lexan is flame-retardant and thermoformable, has wide usage and is the ideal plastic for security applications. Polycarbonate or Lexan is the strongest form of clear plastic sheet, has no rivals with its clarity (light transmission) and can resist extreme impact and weathering conditions.

Good to know.

It has a significant advantage over cheaper polycarbonate sheets with its premium grade, UV protection, weathering and anti-yellowing resistance. It has longer lifespan while used outdoors.

Lexan polycarbonate sheet is used in places where the safety is vital, namely in schools, colleges, and airports. Lexan has a great fire performance of Class 1 or A,
that is to say it has more or less protected surface from the spread of flames.

Benefits and usage

Lexan sheet is widely used to make Lightboxes. Due to its flexibility we are able to custom shape that best fits your business style. It has high light transmission and provides a clear and professional look for your business boost day and night.
Lexan polycarbonate sheet is used for interior signage. Due to its features hotels or museums greatly benefit from this sturdy and crystal-clear material. You can dispute jewelry, different artefacts using this material, and be sure that you are safe from robbery.  As a result, Lexan sheet is used to secure and prevent vandalism in risk damage areas. Alternative usage for Lexan can be for car or home windows, football dugouts, bus shelters and other glazing applications.

Features of Lexan.

  • High/Low Temperature Resistance
  • Dimensional stability at elevated temperatures
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Thermoformable and Flame-retardant
  • 200-250 times stronger than glass but half the weight of glass
  • UV and mar-resistant surface coated
  • Clear protective film on both sides of the panel
  • High impact strength
  • Inherent “water-clear” transparency with high, long-term color clarity
  • Excellent formability
  • Burglar resistant
  • Weather and low moisture resistant
  • Offers UV protection
  • Optically clear

Cutting process

Here at Front Signs we have the experienced craftsman and high quality machinery to provide Lexan cutting service. Though it can be thin, but it has the strength enough to withstand cracks and pressure. As it is an expensive material, it is crucial to take the upmost care when cutting.

For Lexan cutting we use CNC milling and Laser cutting.
With highly reliable endurable CNC milling, we perform cutting where clear cut edges are not needed.
CNC machines creates outputs that can’t be replicated with any other manual machinery. This machine can produce any size, shape and give texture and depth needed. It doesn’t require a personalized execution of the production tasks, thus decreases less labor hours. Whereas Laser cutting has less effect on the surface and is good for more detailed and delicate design.

The advantages of Laser cutting of Lexan polycarbonate panel.

  • Clean and perfectly cut edges
  • No post-processing necessary
  • No material fixation required
  • No flaking due to contact-free and force-free processing
  • constant high cutting quality
  • High flexibility in contour
  • No tool preparation or tool change

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