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Plywood Cutting

Whilst there are many various types of plywood suitable for external and dry internal usage, they all are constructed in the same manner.
Plywood is a wooden panel assembled from at least 3 up to 15 thin cross-bonded veneers or plies with the glue or resin. The stainable grain directions of two successive layers form a 90° angle. This makes the Plywood flat sheet dimensionally and structurally stronger than solid wood.

Plywood suits interior, exterior or structural and many other extensive range of applications.
It gained popularity in recent years and is used for Home signage. Sometimes it’s a great alternative for A-frame or chalkboard signs. Combined with Vinyl lettering it can be used as an office sign, interior sign, wedding or any other thematic display.

Front Signs offers plywood Laser cutting and CNC milling techniques.

Plywood and, generally, wood is a natural product. There is sometimes a bow or a crook, so using this product on a cutting machine requires a special attitude. The sheets of plywood are strapped or taped to the table before the cutting process.
CNC milling can give depth to the plywood panel from 0-60mm. The end mill works fast and gives the needed depth and effect.
The Plywood can be cut to any custom size. The panels can be used for furniture and signage making, providing extra rigidness to the back side of bookshelf or the cupboard and many more.
We also suggest plywood engraving services.
Our designers will create breathtaking signage to best fit your needs and requirements.


-The water-resistant sheets are also available for use in areas where humidity might be high.
-Due to its nature, it tends to warp if not kept properly. However, the warping doesn’t change the size but the shape, which can be easily recovered.
Note: you can put heavy things on the back side of the panel and leave it overnight or put it under a summer sun.
-Sealing of plywood is a common idea, and sealing the door or the sign completely is not impossible.
Note: if the location is not of a high humidity, sealing is not necessary as wood needs to breathe. Instead of sealing, framing with proper joints can be a smart variation to eliminate the warping.
– The names 3-ply and 5-ply comes from their number of the layers. Both are commonly used in internal decorative signage. There is also Multi-ply type, which is used for heavyweight construction.


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