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PVC cutting – PVC Engraving – PVC Laser Cutting – Plastic Sheet Cutting

PVC foam board is famous in several names such as Foamex, Vinyl, PVC foam. Actually, they are the names of one and the same durable, rigid and light material. It is the second mostly used plastic (after Polyethylene) that has a diversity of usages: Plastic cards, toys, pipes, clothes, etc. PVC sheets serve as a very suitable material for signs, exhibits, menu boards, etc. It has become a mass market plastic and has all the reasons for it. It is

  • Moisture resistant
  • corrosion resistant
  • warranted against UV fading
  • affordable
  • high ignition temperature

This material is easily cut, drilled, shaped which brings it its popularity. Chlorine being contained in PVC material gives excellent fire resistance to it. Due to its excellent weather, water and corrosion resistance PVC is applied for both outdoor and indoor usages.

Standard cutting and contour cutting are both available for PVC cutting. Depending on your sign design exact cuttings (standard, outline cutting) or cuttings with extra borders (contour, overline cutting) are applied. Due to its technical and physical properties countless shapes can be formed from a PVC sheet. So the only limit is your imagination.

Polyvinyl Chloride sheets can be cut both with a CNC machine and a laser cutting machine. Laser cut is applied for more delicate works, when special attention should be paid to the edges of the cut material. Laser beam melts the substance, meanwhile the blowing air solidifies the melted parts. Thus smooth and neat edges are provided. With the usage of the CNC milling machine we get clear-cut edges when the milling saw goes through the material separating the necessary shapes. The choice actually depends on the image you have in mind. If you can’t come up with a certain decision, don’t torture yourself, torture our specialists. Just give them a shoot and they will bring their experience and knowledge to the table to find the best solutions for your ideas.

Once having the sign cut you can print on it as well. Company name, Logo, a quote or an interesting image can be printed on the sheet. PVC printing is one of the widely used options of the signage industry.

However durable PVC sheets can be, they require some care to serve for longer years. Biweekly cleaning with a dry cloth or a duster will keep your sign fresh and give it a long lifespan. Sometimes a deeper cleaning with a damp cloth can also be applied. In extreme cases try to use ammonia-free window cleaner.

Go ahead and make your awesome PVC sign now!



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