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Styrene Cutting

Styrene is a lightweight material that comes in different thicknesses thus differing in characteristics. The thicknesses are 0.020″, 0.030″, 0.090″, 1/8″, 1/4″. The thinnest and thickest seeming a quite different material.

Styrene 0.020″ can be considered a substitute for traditional poster paper. It is thin, flexible and easily bending.  Unlike paper, Styrene does not curl, crease or tear. It even rolls up making keeping or shipping very comfortable. Posters for advertising, promotion, menu boards and many more is made with styrene.

Styrene 0.030” is comparatively thicker material. It is mostly used in POP displays making. Advertising posters are also made of this material.

Styrene 0.090″ is high impact polystyrene. This material is widely exercised in sign making industry. Long-time indoor and short- time outdoor usages are applied.

Styrene ⅛” or .125” is thicker variant of styrene. This highly versatile material can be applied for sign making, displays, models, prototypes, and more.

1/4″ is the thickest styrene we suggest. It is successfully used for making advertising signs.

Note: It is advisable to have some kind of background for styrene when mounting.

Depending on the thickness of the styrene, different means of cutting can be applied for it: from a cutter up to laser cutting machine. Laser cutting is applied mostly when a work with delicate materials is required. Due to its “not touching” method laser cuts the material without destroying it. The laser beam (light ray) melts the material thus separating it from the rest and giving the necessary shape. CNC milling is applied for more rigid materials, in this case for Styrene with higher thicknesses. The miller cuts the material rotating at high speed and at the same time moving forward.

As a thermoplastic polymer, at room temperature polystyrene is in a solid (glassy) state.  At temperature about 100 °C Styrene starts flowing. It becomes rigid again when cooled. It becomes fully liquid at 210-249 °C.

The only disadvantage of this material is that it’s not UV resistant and can go yellow in the sun.

Styrene sheets are available in sheet and roll stock. Printing on styrene material is excessively applied for sign, display making. For printing UV inks are applied. They are high quality and eco- friendly inks – the best in the market.

Common usages for Styrene are:

  • Posters
  • Signs
  • menu boards
  • POP up displays
  • Wall mounted directories
  • Maps
  • Oversized checks
  • Displays

Styrene board is made in a way that one direction is easily-bending, flexible and the other one is stable. Before using, bend it slightly to understand which direction is the right to use as the stable one tends to breaking if not used correctly.


Thicknesses            0.020″, 0.030″, 0.090″, 1/8″, 1/4″

Size                             4’x8′

Color                          White


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