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Ultraboard Cutting

Ultraboard is a combination of foam core with PVC finishes. PVC is a durable material that is widely applied in sign making because of its characteristics such as

  • Moisture resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High Impact
  • Warranted against UV fading
  • Affordable
  • High ignition temperature

Aluminum ultraboard and gold ultraboard are also available.

Metal ultraboard is the combination of foam core and aluminum finishes. It’s an ideal alternative for standard aluminum as it is less expensive, yet durable and versatile.

Gold ultraboard is golden brushed aluminum. Very elegant and luxurious signs can be made of this material.

Despite of its durability and other advantages ultraboard is more commonly applied for indoor usages.

Shapes and cutting

Ultraboard being a comparably soft material is not cut by a laser. It can harm the material because of its extreme heat. Instead, special saws or miller machines are applied. Standard cutting and contour cutting are both available for ultraboard. Depending on the sign design, standard cuttings (outline cutting) or cuttings with extra borders (contour, overline cutting) are applied. Due to its technical and physical properties countless shapes can be formed from ultraboard. So the only limit is your imagination.

An ultraboard sheet measures 8’ by 4’, this doesn’t limit the possibilities though. Any shape and size can be made out of this sheet.


Due to its durability, casual look and light weight ultraboards are used in a variety of places

  • Sign making – Brand revealing and promotion signs can be made out of ultraboard
  • Aisle marking – This is one of the main usages of this material. Aisles in supermarkets, cinemas, theatres, etc., are
  • Famous character cutouts – Cutouts in cinemas, shopping centers and elsewhere can be very well made of this material
  • Photo printing – Photo printing has a wide range of options for materials. Ultraboard is one of them.
  • Menu boards – Menu boards for different kinds of restaurants and cafes are
  • Store displays
  • Open/closed signs – A professional approach to let your customers know you’re open/close

Ultraboards don’t require much care. Simply spray the sign with a little water and wipe it off with a soft cloth. If the sign is laminated a window cleaner can be applied as well.


Ultraboard standard sheet sizes are։

Aluminum board – black core, brushed finishes – 4’x8′
Aluminum board – white core,  brushed finishes – 4’x8′
Golden aluminum board – black core, golden brushed finishes – 4’x8′
Golden aluminum board – white core, golden brushed finishes –  4’x8′

Thickness – 1/2″

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