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Vinyl Cutting/ Reflective – Perforated Vinyl Cutting and Applying

Vinyl cutting is one of the most applied processes in sign making industry. And vinyl, we dare say, is the most consumed product in printing industry. It is self-adhesive material that can stick to almost any smooth surface. The wide range of colors allows to get the necessary design. There are different kinds of vinyl and each of them has its special using field. It depends on the qualities this varieties have. Vinyl can be translucent, Perforated and Reflective.

Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl is material that reflects light in low light conditions. It increases visibility thus becoming a high demanded material for especially road signs.

Reflective vinyl is extremely weather resistant. Thus it can very well be used outdoors as well as indoors. Car decals, traffic signs, site signs that need to be visible at night are the most popular applications of this material.

Translucent or clear vinyl

Translucent vinyl diffuses the light passing through it. This gives it a softer, more matte-finished look. These vinyl is mostly used for backlit signs because they don’t let the light pass through them but permeate it. Thus the light illuminates the sign and no light is lost.

This type of vinyl is commonly used on acrylic, aluminum and lexan surfaces to get the best result from its benefits.

Perforated vinyl

Perforated vinyl is Ideal for full-coverage, high-impact outdoor window advertising. Its uniqueness is that it provides a one-way visibility. The field it is mostly applied is window sticking. They stick perfectly to the window making them a great means of eye-catching advertisements.

Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting is exercised with vinyl cutting machine. It is a machine specialized in cutting this material especially. It is connected to a computer that controls the movement of the cutter blade. Thus different shapes are cut from this self-adhesive material.

Vinyl applying

First of all the surface on which the vinyl is going to be applied must be cleaned. Alcohol may work as an ideal means for it.
Firmly rub something like a credit card across the clear transfer tape. Then Peel the white paper backing off the sticker.  Rub once more to have the image stuck to the surface better. For better results leave the second transparent layer for 24 hours. Then carefully peel off the layer. Now you have your wonderful sticker on your preferred surface made by vinyl cutting. Enjoy it.

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