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Wood Cutting – Wood Engraving – Wood Etching – Wood CNC Milling – Custom Woodcut

Wood cutting is one of the most applied processes in sign making. The reason is its versatility. Wood can have a range of applications in a variety of shapes and sizes. Its characteristics make wood a highly demanded material.

Two options for wood cutting are applied: CNC milling and Laser cutting.

CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine works like a printer. The design is created with a software. Then the file is transferred to the CNC device. It contains not only the design but also directions how the cutter should move to get the required shape. So the miller moves along the lines quickly rotating. Thus the wood of a certain shape is separated from unnecessary parts and a new form comes out.

Milling machine gives engraving possibilities as well. The miller can either engrave the image into the wood or remove the unnecessary parts from the corners leaving the desired image stood on wood. Depending on the density and thickness of the material, different routers can be used at different depths.

Laser cutting works using the power of light. The light ray with high power is directed to the material. This burns the material thus separating unnecessary parts and depicting the desired shape. Yes, the wood burns unlike other materials (acrylic, aluminum) that melt from this power. Laser can make any delicate work: from small letters to a complicated sign design.

As mentioned above wood cutting is widely applied in sign making industry. It can have various shapes and sizes. The common usages are:

Storefront signs: Tastes differ, but in most cases stores are designed depending on the purpose of outdoor advertisment

Hanging signs: Signs for restaurants, cafes, bars

Menu boards: Usually rectangular, but still cut, these boards are the perfect signage for restaurants.

Doors: Doors can both be made and engraved with our machines.

Coasters: These small yet exceptional attributes can give a cozy feel

Tables: Different kinds of tables can be made of wood. Moreover if you’re an aesthete you can have your table engraved and enjoy it every time you have dinner.

Lamps – For a unique interior design wooden lamps are cutting edge accessories.

Whatever your order may be, make sure we are here to provide you with great signage and customer service.

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