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Acrylic is widely used in signage industry in the form of Acrylic signs or Plexiglass signs. However acrylic prints are also very popular. They can be used at streets, offices, galleries, homes. They serve as nice home decors, lobby signage, directional signage, photo background and much more.
Acrylic characteristics:

  • Acrylic sheet is naturally transparent. It transmits 92% of white light. But we also suggest the matte variant and a wide range of colors for you to choose
  • Acrylic is highly resistant to temperature changes and humidity, making it useful in both outdoor and indoor usages.
  • Acrylic sheets have 6-17 times the resistance of glass
  • Acrylic can take temperatures from -40ºF to 180ºF (-40º-82ºC)

For more characteristics view Acrylic cutting.

Acrylic printing is done by directly printing the image onto the material. It is like combining strength with elegance.

We work with UV (ultraviolet) curing inks. They are the best in the market. Ultraviolet rays dry the ink right during the printing process thus decreasing the printing time and providing great quality. For their longevity UV inks are used in applications where the final product must retain a long life of existence such as road signs. For their high quality they are used for print on a very wide variety of substrates such as plastics, poster, canvas, metal.

The benefits of UV inks are uncountable. Drying speed, viscosity, hardness, scratch and abrasion resistance are just some of them.

The alternatives to print on acrylic are PVC printing, printing on canvas, aluminum printing. Each of them has their advantages and disadvantages over acrylic print.

PVC printing is more scratch resistant, but it is simple.
Canvas printing is more like fine painting, but looks more artistic.
Aluminum printing comes with vivid colors and well-defined images, but looks solid.
In short, everything depends on your preferences and the style you have in mind.

The sizes and shapes we suggest are different, all depending on your needs and requirements, the thicknesses as well, varying from 1-4mm (0.4-0.12 inches).

Prints on acrylic are like delicate artworks that also require special care. They should be cleaned by soft, wet cloth. Everyday care will give the print a fresh look and keep it for a long time.

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