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Aluminum Printing

Aluminum printing is the best way of having durable and long-lived signage that can withstand any kind of weather conditions. Aluminum printing or metal printing is also a nice way of transferring your personal photos, beautiful nature views, interesting illustrations and other interesting ideas on an aluminum sheet. Acrylic and canvas are other options for having photos printed. Here is why you should choose metal over other materials for both signage and décor use:

  • Aluminum has protective layer against natural corrosion
  • Aluminum is not breakable
  • Aluminum is a great light reflector
  • Aluminum becomes stronger at low temperatures and vice versa (weakening is possible at continuously staying at temperatures higher than 212°F (100°C)
  • Aluminum is eco-friendly, recyclable

Prints on aluminum are commonly used for company logo, motto, business hours sign, contact information background, road sign and many more. For the same purpose aluminum cutting and engraving can be used as well.

The lion’s share of aluminum printing belongs to the photo printing though. Aluminum printed photos are mostly used as home and café, pub, restaurant decors and bring a unique look to the interior.
You can have your prints on dibond as well. It is two-sided aluminum which is perfect for making large signage for outdoor usage. It has excellent stability against temperature and humidity changes.

Dibond comes in thickness of 1/8” and size of 4’x8’. White and brushed aluminum are the most common uses.


Aluminum metal prints are done with UV inks which are the best in the market. They dry during the printing process and are kept for ages.

Aluminum prints have longevity and are unbreakable because of their strong structure. They will survive in places where other materials can hardly do.
We offer aluminum at thicknesses of 0.032” and 0.040”; and sizes of 4’x8’.

Most common colors for aluminum print are black, white and bright silver.


Note: metal and metallic prints are not the same thing.
The first one is the printing on metal surface (usually aluminum) while metallic print is printing on metallic papers mostly used in photography.

Aluminum print is an ideal variant for filling an empty wall. A wide spread trend have become wall clusters and splits. The idea is splitting a whole picture into parts. It makes the place look bigger, a picture covers bigger space due to the space between its parts. Besides being a smart way of space enlarging they are also creative and original works of art.
Metal prints are presented in their best light if they are hung or mounted at eye level.

And don’t forget to take the colors and other details of your interior design into consideration when choosing the printing.

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