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Backlit Decals

Backlit decals are an eye-catching kind of signs that can make your brand visible everywhere. They can deliver any message and depict any image in vibrant colors.
The secret is the translucent vinyl. It has special quality of permeating the light passing through it. This gives possibility to score more light thus making the image more visible.

Backlit led decals are too versatile. They can be cut and printed on. Any detailed and complicated image and shape can be cut from this wonderful material. The vinyl cutter machine is capable of giving any shape to the vinyl. Printing option widens the possibilities of getting any design available.

The best quality of backlit decals allows them to be used indoors as well as outdoors. They are weather resistant and can go for years.

Material usage

Backlit signs are illuminated from their back that is the light passes through the material. It itself means that the material must be transparent to let the light pass through it. Therefore the main materials used as a back for backlit decal signs are acrylic and lexan- two types of see-through plastics.

Acrylic – This is a quite durable, elegant material that has a wide usage in sign making industry. It is highly resistant to temperature changes and humidity, making it useful in both outdoor and indoor usages.

Lexan -This material has less rigidity than acrylic and can be brought in flexible grades. Lexan or in another word Polycarbonate can resist extreme impact and weathering conditions.

When choosing between those two materials you should take into consideration two things: affordability and translucency.

So, Lexan is more translucent, light passes more easily through it, but on the other hand, acrylic is much affordable. This, on its turn, doesn’t mean that acrylic is not suitable for backlit signs. It is widely used in sign making industry and in backlit sign making in particular.


Backlit decals have their special place in signage industry. Other applications are also popular, though, such as window advertising, lightboxes and more.

Lightboxes are the best representative of backlit decal signs. They are acrylic or lexan boxes that are illuminated inside. The backlit translucent decals are applied to these surfaces and make the sign more visible by permeating the light. Vinyl can depict the company name, logo, some quote, all the options are at your disposal.

Airport signs – Flights take place at any time of the day, so terminals and gates in the airport must be visible all the time regardless of the time of the day.

Cinema, theater boxes – To tell the passengers that the cinema, theater is there; that new movies or presentations are coming, show the schedule for the month backlit sign decals are a perfect solution.

Menu displays – For fast food points, cafes and other suchlike places backlit menu boards are a wonderful sign option. Some tricks such as adding red color as a background will make your restaurant more attractive and sign more eye-catching.

Backlit exhibits – an interesting way of showing the exhibitions. Print your photos on backlit decal and apply to the acrylic or glass or lexan. The LED lights from back will make your exhibit visible 24 hours a day.

Window presentations – Backlit window decals are one of the best advertisement tools. Apply backlit decals to your store window, light it behind and let people know about your sales, coming or current collections, news and more even when you’re close.


  • Easily removable
  • Self-adhesive, without any additional adhesives
  • Day and night visibility
  • Can depict literally any image or text


Before applying the decals make sure that the surface is clean. For this use water with little soap. Clean with soft cloth so that the surface got smooth and dry. Take the backing paper away and stick the decal to the surface. While sticking firmly rub with something like a credit card to have your decal stuck better and without any bubbles.
But for best result leave it to our experienced specialists.


Clean your backlit decals with damp cloth to keep its fresh look. Once in two weeks is enough for indoor usages. For exterior use more often care will be required. Try to clean your sign at least once a week.


Backlit films can be used as an alternative to the backlit decals. Film is a polyester based material that is very suitable for backlit signs. It is dry scratch and water resistant material that brings vivid colors. They are printed with UV inks – high-quality and eco-friendly.


Material: Adhesive vinyl

Combination: works best with Acrylic, Lexan

Sizes: Customized

Thickness: Customized

Color: Customized

Lifespan: up to 3

Installation: Sticking

Alternatives: Backlit films

Usage: Outdoor, Indoor

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