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Falcon Board Printing

Falcon board is a super lightweight material with a honeycomb paper core and a flat paper surface. If you want to have a better insight on its appearance just imagine a thick cardboard. This material is 100% recyclable and made of renewable materials.

Falconboard is an ideal option for

  • signs
  • POS/POP displays
  • interior design
  • exhibits
  • trade shows
  • stands
  • kiosks
  • shelves

Somehow being a variation of paper, it gets obvious that falconboard cannot be as durable as other materials (aluminum, acrylic, gatorboard) are, it has many interior usages though. The main reason is its extreme lightness and affordability. These boards provide an excellent surface for printing thus becoming an optimal solution for signs, exhibits, stands and much more. The possibility of printing on double sides broadens the borders of its application and increases the visibility from more angles and sides.

If one has decided to choose a lightweight, short-time and affordable material, the hardest decision comes between foam and falcon. Foamcore consists of a board of polystyrene foam. Falcon core is a honeycomb paper. The choice is not that hard though. It mostly depends on your sign or decor style. If you want to have a more natural look and promote the usage of eco-friendly materials, falcon board is the ideal solution for you.  Foam board is a suitable option if you need a well-formed and professional look for your print.

Prints on falcon board are a delicate artwork. They look fine, are really lightweight and inexpensive. Falcon board signs are ideal for internal usage. If kept properly they can last even for years. Due to their lightness they can hang from as thin materials as ordinary ropes, zip ties, and what else can cross your creative mind.

Falcon board provides an excellent surface for printing thus making it a good option for making signs and different decorations. The high quality inks give it an excellent and professional look. For falcon board printing we use UV curing inks that stay smoothly on the surface hence creating an additional protective layer. White surface option is the most popular and applicable option of this material.

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