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Foamboard Printing

One of the unique ways to decorate the monotonous walls or ceiling is with the help of foamboard printing. It is inexpensive way to design your home or office interior. Foamboard printing can perfectly depict the warm home feeling, show all the beauty of a natural scene, take your breath away with its depth of color and make you believe in its hidden story.

Let’s see what’s so special about foamboard print:
-Foamboard is self-adhesive, rigid, light weighted and easy to cut material
-it is an economical and a creative way to display images, your photos, artwork or a presentation
-Foamboard has a long lifespan as it is fade and UV resistant and do not yellow over time
– It stay vibrant after years of usage
– Foamcore is ecologically friendly and easy portable

Foamboard consists of polystyrene foam clad sandwiched between two clay-coated paper. It is most often used for home and company decorations, its ideal material to use in presentations, lessons, lectures and expo and trade show.
Due to its visual aids and long lasting color effect it will always please your eye.

Here at Fronts Signs we have foamboards of different thicknesses and color. For white Foamboard we suggest 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼” thick panels with common 4’x8’ size. Whilst for black foamboard sheet we have 3/16” thick and 4’x8’ size. Foamboard can be custom sized and printed to best fit your requirements.

Foamcore is easy-to-use material and is ideal to create architectural models, school project, signs and many more.
We use the latest technology to give foamboard maximum details, offering variety of color shapes and depth that will preserve its color and be used for a very long time.
Foamboard printing is alternative to falcon board printing, gatorboard printing and canvas printing.
We suggest foamboard cutting alongside with painting.
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