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Gatorboard Printing

Gatorboard is one of the most common display materials. It is a polystyrene board covered with wood-fiber veneers that give it durability and a neat look. It has some similarities with foam board but gatorboard is more durable because of its inner material. So for longer usages the latter is preferable. Gatorboard is widely used in the signs making, exhibitions, wall decors, shelf making and a lot more. Due to its durability both outdoor and indoor usages are available.

Though gatorboard can be very well applicable for outdoor uses, ultraviolet radiation coming from sun rays may harm it, so special care should be taken. Especially avoid using the black option for outdoor uses (as black is well known for UV rays absorbing). Gatorfoam boards are high temperature resistant. The maximum continuous temperature that they can resist is 165ºF (73ºC), and the intermittent temperature that gatorboard can go against is 180ºF (82ºC).
We provide gatorboards in sizes 4’x8’ and thicknesses ½” and 3/16”.

Though gatorboard carries the name of a water loving animal, it doesn’t love water itself. The UV ink can give it some protection if some humidity is inevitable. But on the whole try to keep it as dry as possible. If kept properly, gatorboard can last up to 2 years.

Black gatorboards and white gatorboards are the most common colors that are used in gatorboard printing and cutting. Gator board printing is quite a suitable and affordable variant of printing for different usages.
We do prints with UV inks which are the best variant that can be suggested. They give the material additional protection and have longevity that no other ink can compete with. UV inks come in a wide range of colors not to put a limit to any idea.
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