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Retractable Banners

Need an easy-portable and quick-to-setup retractable banner for the upcoming event?
Want to boost your company and attract new clients? You are in reliable hands.
Front Signs offers high quality, compact and lightweight retractable banners best suited for all kinds of events. We share years of industry experience with local to big international corporations to offer effective retractable banners with high-quality banner artwork to stand out in the crowd.
There are three types of banners we offer –X- Stand banners, Telescopic banner and Retractable banners. The main differences of all these three banners are the construction mechanisms, also usage and locating possibilities.

Retractable banners also known as Roll-up banners are an ideal solution for malls, showrooms, tradeshows and other free-standing open areas to grab the attention of the passers-by. Retractable signs are significantly inexpensive and allow us to meet particular needs with variety of models. First thing to remember is that, the exact color design, photo and message create a high quality display that will never get unnoticed by the opponents and potential clients. We are using high quality UV solvent inks for the printing of the Retractable stands to be sure that it last long and preserve its vivid picture and color years to come. Meanwhile the sturdy construction and the carry case make the portability more easy and comfortable.


These reliable Roll-up displays can promote store events or special promotions and provide extra impact to your message on spot. Roll-up signs are also used to point out directions, advertising new menu list at restaurants or clubs. In particular, you can put Retractable banner signs in front of your store with your new or existing product, use Roll-up stands in tradeshows where the picturesque banner will illuminate your words and attract potential clients. Surely you can use them for pointing out the directions towards your bakery, store, restaurant, bar or café or just offer the new menu item. Furthermore, Roll-up signs also can be used in the schools, colleges, universities or any educational institute with the hope to give the basic information to the listeners wherever you go. It’s a good solution for financial corporations and private businesses to have ready-to-go Retractable banners to display them in front of their building, take them to fairs, expos, conferences and many more.

Here you can find the general advantages of Retractable Banners.

-The compact and lightweight case allows you to be on the road at any time with the minimum effort to setup and fold.
-Retractable banners are good for outdoor and indoor usage.
-They are waterproof and anti-curled
-No mechanical system is needed to display the banner
-Changing the banner is hassle free
-Come with a basic travel case if needed.

Construction mechanism
Retractable banner stands have three main construction parts with a high emphasize on the base. Base, in its turn, has up to 8 screws to hold the cover plate. The plate is connected to the inner mechanism and inside of it is the rolled up banner ready for your use.

The construction has a spring-loaded roller mechanism, which is the main reason that these stands are also known as Roll-up displays. The roller mechanism, that makes Retractable displays so popular, holds the banner under great tension when set up and retracts the banner back into the base when not needed. The base is a protective storage unit for a high quality Vinyl material banner and the pole that connects these two parts together.
The banner has matte finish and can be used for a long time, easily changed to another if needed.


 Retractable stand signs can be easily opened and displayed.
You can assemble the Retractable banner signs in no time. Take the stand out of the carry case, swing out the stabilizing feet.
The mechanism is simple: pull out the banner from the base of the stand and connect the support pole to the slot of the banner.


The goal of the retractable banners is to produce an impact. However, having high quality Roll-up banners is not enough; meaning you need to take good care of your products so that they serve you longer and still impress your audience every time like first time. Proper care and storage will prolong the product life span and still be an effective advertising tool.
To properly store the Roll-up banners it is good to have a dry and cool place thus to preserve the banner from mildew. The room must be air-conditioned with a possible climate control system as the vinyl material can be seriously damaged from high temperature.
Apart from this, storage of the Retractable banners is simple: no need to worry about the banner when it’s inside the base, so the only thing you need to do is to put the Roll-up banner into a carry case until the next usage.


Due to its mechanism, the banner is safe from inside, but they will eventually get dirty when opened and used inside or outside.
Solvents like Alcohol, acetone, gasoline can cause irreparable damage therefore must be kept away from the banner.
In case you opened the Roll-up but somehow it got wrinkled, you can use warm or middle temperature iron to smoothen the banner. Note: use swift movement and iron only on the needed areas without pressing too hard on the surface.
When the banner got dirty, no special fluids are needed – only water or dishwashing soap. Use soft and slightly damp cloth to clean the surface. Note: Don’t use scrubber sponges on the banner and make sure the banner is completely dry before you store the Roll–up banner stand.

Sizes:             32″x79″, 47″x79″, 57″x79″, 33″x78″ (for double sided roll-up banners)
Print Sides    Single Sided or Double sided
Shapes          Rectangular
Materials       13oz. Vinyl Banner
Color              Metallic
Base              Aluminum material

Variations: Alternatives of the Roll-up banners can be X-banner stands and Telescopic banners also known as Step and Repeat banners.


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