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Wall decals, Wall decor,  Removable Vinyl Decals and Stickers, Wall Stencils for Wall Art

Wall decals considered to be one of the easiest ways to decorate, design or change the look of interiors of houses, stores and offices. They are easy to use without damaging your objects with hooks or paint.

They can be placed on walls, on any smooth non-porous surface, on doors, stares, furniture etc.

Wall Decals are a perfect way to change the design of your entire house, since you can use it in every room including the bathroom. It is produced to be waterproof and it won’t get damaged from water or steam.

These kinds of signs are easily removable and they can be used permanent or temporary. You can use them for an event or promotion being sure that the decals won’t damage your paint or drywall. They have a lifetime longer than 5 years. You can place them temporary on period of sales, to inform about the offers that you give or you may even place the name of your Brand.

It is not recommended to be installed on abnormal, textured or rough walls to avoid of the air between the wall and the sticker. Try to use the wall decals only on painted surfaces. Do not place them on non-painted cements and bricks. They can also be used in stores, not only as decorating but also as advertising tool.

Wall decals are mostly used indoor. In case you need decals for outdoor use, you can take into consideration of using these types of decals: Perforated Window Decals, Opaque Window Decals, Frosted Window Decals, Opaque Static Clings, Clear Static Clings, Clear Windows Decals, High Adhesive Decals, Opaque Car Decals or Clear Car Decals.


Wall stickers are the most optional way to use your creativity and imagination to create an atmosphere where you can feel nice and comfortable, because you will be the one to decide the design of the interior.



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