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Wood is an all-time classic. It has recently gained special popularity because of its elegant look, durability and natural look. Wood printing was one of the oldest techniques in the ancient world. With the world civilizing the ways of printing also changed and nowadays we suggest a highly innovative wood printing that can bring all kinds of ideas into life.
Custom wood prints are used as signboards, original decorations, logo, motto backgrounds. Favorite artist photos printed on wood are very popular. This is combining classic material with classic artwork – a delicate art decor for interior design. Pub, cafe or restaurant owners give a homey atmosphere to the place hanging there interesting quotes or images printed on wood.

You can have wood panel prints hung or mounted, outdoors or indoors. They can be of different sizes, shapes and thicknesses.
For wood printing our company uses high-quality UV inks. These inks do not contain solvents that evaporate and release organic chemicals harmful for environment.
For wood printing plywood sheets are used. Plywood is a combination of wood veneers bonded together. It combines the advantages of the parent wood with the properties of being laminated with glues of high adhesiveness. The veneers laminated at a 90 degree angle ensure that plywood sheets remain stable under changes of temperature and moisture. Another material used for wood printing is world known MDF (Medium-density fibreboard). It is the combination of small wood particles heated and pressed with glue. It is denser and flatter. As MDF is made of wood particles it has no knots on it which gives it a smooth look. Anyway it’s the matter of taste. You can have your print on a flat area or give it a more natural look with the surface with knots. Shaping MDF is easier than shaping whole wood so different models can be formed for printing. Veneer (thin layer of wood) can easily be attached to MDF and give it the look of real wood. So no concern of looking cheap.

One more advantage: as mentioned above MDF is made of recycled wood so it is eco-friendly.

Printing on MDF is also used in home furnishing and decors. Printing on furniture is widespread. Kitchen furniture with food or nature printings and bedroom furniture printings are quite interesting tendencies.


Printing on both plywood and MDF looks very classy. We assure you that our printing will leave you speechless as it will look like printing on expensive hardwood.
Time has shown that wood structures can serve for decades, if kept properly. They can withstand both hot weather and cold weather, seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, and even earthquakes.

Wood prints do not require much care. Cleaning with damp, non-abrasive cloth is quite enough. Thus they will keep their fresh look for a long time.
Use prints on wood in your interior or exterior design and enjoy the natural and unique atmosphere.

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