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Vehicle wrapping – Advertising on transport, Vehicle branding, Vinyl wrap, Transit advertising

Vehicle wrapping is one of the most effective outdoor graphic advertisements designed especially for any means of transportation like cars, trucks, boats, trains, subways or even airplanes. Actually it is an adhesive vinyl which not only gives an awesome and unique look to your car, but serves as a mobile advertisement for your business that is cost-effective and long lasting. Vehicle wrapping is widely used for B2B and B2C purposes. This is considered to be an outdoor advertisement and can work efficiently to reach wide audience while the vehicle is on the move.

Moreover, the vehicle wrapping also has protective properties: it protects your car surface from sun rays and abrasions.  The following vinyl material can be easily adhered to the surface of a car and removed in case of need returning the original appearance of your car.  Generally vehicle wrapping includes car decals and vinyl lettering.

Car decals are known as car stickers as well. The car decals are made of adhesive vinyl material that can be of any color, size, style and imagination. The most common car decals are perforated, clear and frosted ones.

Perforated decals are quite safe for any type of glass and can be easily installed. Through perforated decals the inside of the car is mainly invisible from outside.

Clear decals are ideal option for car windows. Even the entire window can be covered by it though maintaining the visibility from both sides.

Frosted ones can be easily installed both on the car windows and right on the car surface.

However, all of the decals mentioned above can be cut to any shape or size to meet your needs and used both for personal and business vehicles.

They mostly look like posters or illustrations, you can print whatever you desire from your company logo to your favorite pet.

The vinyl lettering contain letters and numbers of the same adhesive material that can promote your company name and telephone number, website or anything else.

Front Signs offers multiple options of car decals and vinyl lettering. We provide our customers with professional services of designing, printing and installation.

If you still haven’t made up your mind what kind of vehicle wrapping you would like to get, just contact us, and our professional team will help you with the most creative solutions and will turn your vehicle into the most effective moving billboard ever.

Hurry up to get your vehicle wrapped in Front Signs.


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