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X-Banner Stands

X-Banner Stands are perfect low cost displays. They are named after the shape of their frame, which looks like the letter “X”. The panels attach to an X Frame by hanging to each arm of the frame the eyelet in each panel’s corner. They have flexible arms that create a tension that holds the banner taught.

X-Banner Stands are an essential part of Trade show displays and they are very useful at corporate events, sport competitions, concerts, promotional appearances or trade shows. You can print any information that you want to provide your customers and passersby.

The stand is made of fiberglass reinforced aluminum. X-stand banners are extremely lightweight and highly portable. No tools are needed to set them up and they can be taken down just easily and quickly. After events you can easily take it down and storage for the next time. Depending on customers order, they can be created in different shapes and sizes.

The alternative options of X-stand banners are Retractable banners and Telescopic banners.



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