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X-Banner Stands

There are three types of banners that you can use as a promotional tool for your business namely Retractable banners, Telescopic banners and X- Stand banners. All these are advertising tools to boost your company and leave an unforgettable impression on the clients or opponents.
Need a cost effective and temporary advertising tools to aid your marketing plans? You can specify your services using X- stand banners and place them in your office, hotel or shop entrance. X-stand banners got the name as the construction has the shape of the letter “X”. They are very useful at corporates, fund raising events, sport competitions, anniversaries, special promotions, concerts, grand openings or trade shows. These stands draw attention of the potential client of your restaurant, coffee shop or elsewhere. X-style banner stand is a portable marketing feast for fundraising events, fairs, exhibitions and similar.



Having a versatile usage, X- stand banners can meet all kinds of requirements. It’s great for colleges, universities or any other educational institution, hospitals, small businesses and NGOs that need to make a big marketing impact but are on a restricted budget.

Due to its light weight construction, X-style banners are easily portable and quick to set up. This makes it a perfect solution if you have minutes to display your X-stand banner in a trade show or exhibition. It’s also an advertising tool for malls, lobbies and banks. Travel agencies, event planners or retail outlets use this X- banner stand as a tool to display their seasonal offers, special events and contact information. Moreover, X-stand banners work well for one time usage purposes. Due to its type, the banner is replaceable, meaning businesses that change signage frequently can use the same stand to promote the company and monthly promotions. This aspect thus helps to reduce the costs of buying several stand mechanisms. Additionally, you can use the X-banner stands to provide any information for your customers and passers-by at corporates, sport and cultural events or elsewhere.


X-banner stands grow in popularity and have a lot of advantages like:

  • durable, light weighted and portable
  • fade, tear and wind resistant
  • Very simple to set up (no tools needed) and with no loose parts
  • Very compact and easy-to-store
  • Are highly visible with a focus on the banner
  • Eyelets make it easy to replace the banner
  • Popular and economical option
  • Can be used as directional signs or stage signage
  • Perfect for entryway or hallway information
  • ideal for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Have more sturdy construction
  • Perfect to position in the corner
  • Can have customized size, shape and design
  • Comes with a carry bag if needed


The mechanism


Mechanism is very easy to set up and recollect.
It’s made up of two main parts: X- frame with hooks and a banner. On the contrast to Retractable banners these displays have separate stand and panel. The four arms or grommets on each corner of the X-Frame holds the panel taught under big tension to make the construction even more secure and stable. As already mentioned, the banner is not connected to the frame so changing the display is very simple and cost-effective.
Front Signs provides ready to use banners with eyelets to existing frame if required.
The frame and the printed banner altogether weigh approximately 2 kg. Frame is made of aluminum. The material makes the construction secure on the contrast to still being portable and light weight.
The banner is made of Vinyl with a matte finish. For printing we use UV solvent and eco-solvent inks with a CMYK base. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, black and these are the base colors that provide 30 and more shades that we offer to you.



X-stand banners are extremely lightweight and highly portable. No tools are needed to set them up or take down. It takes less than 60 seconds to set them up, checked with stopwatch!
To set up the banner you need 3 steps: place the tripod on the floor and secure them, insert the rods on the top and in the end with hooks facing forward, attach all the sections of the Vinyl banner onto the hooks.



Due to its mechanism, it is easy to store X-frame banners. You can store the X-style banners signs in a dry and cool area to preserve the banner from mildew. You can fold the construction, roll the banner with print facing in and store them.




When X-stand banner will eventually get dusty and dirty, no special liquids are needed – only water or dishwashing soap. Use soft damp cloth to clean the surface. Avoid using scrubber sponges on the banner and make sure the banner is completely dry before storage.
Fluids like Alcohol, Acetone and gasoline need to be kept away from the banner, as these liquids can cause irreparable damage. In case banner somehow got wrinkled, you can use warm or middle temperature iron. To smoothen the surface, just use swift movements to iron only on the needed areas without pressing too hard on the display.



Sizes: 24″x63″, 32″x72″

Material of the frame: Aluminum

Material of the banner: Vinyl
Print: UV Solvent and Eco-Solvent inks

Weight: apr.2 Kg

Tensile strength: 154.2 x 137lbs/in

Grommets: 4

Alternatives: Retractable banner, Telescopic Banners

Front Signs offers the best banners with high quality UV inks. Our specialists are here to meet all your needs. If you can imagine it, we will realize it.

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