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Custom Sign Manufacturing and Installation Services in Los Angeles and Across the US

Front Signs is a custom sign making company and comprehensive service provider offering sign manufacturing, installation services, permitting and beyond.

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Are you a business owner looking for commercial sign manufacturing and installation services? 

At Front Signs, we fabricate interior and exterior signage from pylons to letter signs and vinyl - we do it all. 

We are locally owned and operated in LA, California, offering licensed sign making and installation services. 

Your first-class service experience begins with our experts in sign manufacturing and installation. Our team’s joint portfolio of knowledge and expertise exceeds 100 years. We offer innovative solutions to meet and surpass your expectations.

Each client collaboration is a unique endeavour for us.

To deliver a pleasant and effortless experience for you, we hire only people with a positive attitude and train our employees to be safe, efficient and precise.

We go above and beyond the status-quo to maintain our lead signage manufacturing service provider status. To deliver you tailor-made solutions, we methodically select the best materials suited for the environment and utilize state-of-the-art technologies. 

We are fast, reliable and work within your budget and timeline to deliver any type of sign, from hi-rise pylon displays to full vehicle branding. 

Being at the forefront of sign making technology, we show up prepared for all the integral processes of a given project - from sign survey to fabrication and installation!

With over 10 years of collaboration and veteran employees who demonstrate their craftsmanship year after year, we are proud to boast the highest level of custom sign making and installation services.

Our crew of fabrication and installation professionals work under the same roof and have all the tools required to get the job done seamlessly. We ensure that you receive meticulously designed, planned and assembled signage that’s installed safely and securely.

Whether we build a new sign or redesign your exterior and interior signage, our detail-orientated crew will safeguard your company’s image and ensure that the appearance of your sign exudes professionalism for years to come.


Sign fabrication services include:

  • In-house production to ensure a smooth and superior sign-making process
  • Free consultation to provide you with top-quality delivery, assembly, installation and/or relocation services
  • Site survey to ensure the location is adequately prepared for installation
  • In-depth understanding of the entire signage and rebranding process
  • Clear communication, ability to troubleshoot and problem solve
  • Support team available during weekends and evenings to meet your deadline
  • Focus on budget, schedule and installation timeframe

Installation services include:

  • On-time and durable installation services with no loose ends
  • Guaranteed fit for your location - be it a restaurant, supermarket, boutique or corporate establishment
  • Complete fleet branding, office makeover and on-site installation 
  • Capable of ground-level and high-rise signage installation
  • Careful execution ensuring safety for employees and pedestrians
  • Workforce, competence and equipment to tackle any project
  • Minimal disruption to your customers and passersby while installing the sign

Production Services

sign production

Look no further than our professional sign manufacturing services!

For over a decade, we have handled visual outdoor advertising needs such as building signs, awnings, vinyl banners, wayfinding signs, painted posts and lightboxes. 

Our high-quality bespoke signage sparks a reaction and gets people talking about your business. It’s an essential tool to beat top competitors in California.

Whether you are looking for letter signs, promotional displays or awnings, we ensure flawless results. We conduct a proper site inspection, obtain the necessary permits and technical plans and maximize our signage fabrication capacity.

With over 2,000 products manufactured annually, we tackle each new project as an opportunity to help you achieve your goals. 

Among our sign production projects are retail shops, real estate developments, healthcare organizations, outdoor displays, construction sites, local authority posts as well as road and school signage.

We’re well-versed in client-focused philosophy. Accordingly, we offer sought-after signage with advanced manufacturing processes. Our durable interior or exterior signs blend with their surroundings perfectly.

For manufacturing a sign, we use a plethora of premium quality materials. We glue, weld, mill and bend with double production lines on the fly.

We have the following departments to build a sign:

  • Channel letter fabrication department 
  • Plastics manufacturing department
  • Vinyl and graphics department 
  • Assembly department 
  • Lighting department

Installation Services

After your sign has been manufactured, the right equipment is required to ensure the installation process is properly conducted.

Along with creating perfectly finished custom sign fabrications, our experts are fully capable of installing your corporate sign according to city regulations.

Before each installation process, our team carefully analyzes all the local requirements and performs a thorough onsite inspection of configurations, engineering, and electrical services.

Based on the site survey, we will guide and assist you to select the right installation hardware, placement and environment for your sign to have the maximum benefit for your brand.

retro sign installation

Our certified team installs all sizes and types of sign systems, including indoor and outdoor.

  • Indoor installation services encompass work for retail spaces, trade shows, convention halls, sporting events, corporate enterprises, etc.
  • Outdoor sign installation services consist of real estate sign making, billboard graphics, monopole signage, pylons, lightboxes, kiosk displays, etc. 

Entrust your architectural sign installation service to our professional technicians who know the drill.

pylon sign installation

Pylon Installation

Proper installation is crucial to the longevity of your signage. 

For pylon displays, we offer reinforced concrete foundation or sign pole installation as options.

Whether it's a ground level or pylon pole signage installation, you can always count on our time-tested knowledge and expertise. Our team will work diligently to make sure every step of the process goes smoothly. 

Our specialists from the sign installation department will ensure that your pylon display is placed safely, accurately, meets local standards and is aesthetically pleasing. 

letter sign installation

Letters & Raceway Signs Installation

Building facades are used to boost brand visibility, thereby attracting attention and generating additional income.

Here, we are adept at all types of sign installation options. 

We take extra measures with our hi rise and crane installation services to ensure that you receive an excellent image. We can’t imagine anything worse than spending a fortune on a new sign only to have it mounted asymmetrically or on the wrong spot! 

Rest assured, your sign will be installed per your specifications, optimally visible and facing the densest area of traffic.

vinyl lettering installation

Vinyl Installation

Vinyl decals are an effective way to engage your audience, share information, show direction and provide a unique experience.

The applications for wall, floor and window adhesives are limitless.

We have built a strong reputation by working closely with hotels, corporate establishments, restaurants, retail stores, malls, airports and banks. We’ve accomplished this by assuring that each of these unique projects is done on time and with the finest design and installation solutions.

You can trust us with vinyl picture and art installations for your model home, office space or building signage!

car decals application

Fleet Installation

Enhance the look of your vehicle with stunning and cost-effective wraps!

We will gladly take on the fleet graphics installation of your contact text, logo, lettering and vehicle wrapping projects!

With up-to-date technologies and a dedicated team, we have been providing skillful installation services for private, corporate and state-owned fleet vehicles.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, expertise and quality of work. We can handle all kinds of wrap art projects to create a stunning visual experience.

Other Sign Installation Options

The types of installation may vary depending on the size and location of the sign.

On raceway - signage such as 3D or illuminated letters can be neatly installed on a raceway.
Wall mounting - many types of signage can be directly mounted to the wall with a highly secure silicone, using screws or elegant standoffs. The latter are metallic screws and caps that keep the signage detached from the wall, giving it a more sophisticated look.
Hanging - upon request, we can hang most displays with chains almost anywhere the client desires.
Special construction - various types of signage projects like street displays and light boxes can be installed on poles or special structures.
Stands - Banner stands can be installed with the help of various types of stands. For installation with poles, we can build a sign with special pole pockets. There are also many accessories used for banner installation utilizing grommets.

Regardless of the level of difficulty, we are ready to help you with the installation process. We’ll take on all the hassle, leaving you to enjoy the final product neatly installed in its place.

outdoor sign installation

In addition to our installation services for your custom-manufactured displays, our artisan team also excels at the following services:

  • Installation and removal of large format vinyl and mesh media
  • Signage relocation
  • Site surveys
The Installation Process of a Lightbox for “Light the Barricades” Interactive Art Exhibition
Personalised Sign Manufacturing process
Manufacturing process of custom signs
Production & Installation of Aluminum 3D Letters
Sign production and installation-aluminum and vinyl decal signs
Storefront Dibond and Acrylic Sign Installation For a Consulting Firm
See What Front Signs Can Do For You

Enter your details, attach your project files (if you have any) and our agent will get in touch with you as soon as possible to provide a quote for your project.

Please note that Front Signs is a full-cycle sign manufacturing company. We handle all your signage needs in-house - starting with fabrication/printing and ending with installation and getting a permit for your sign (when necessary) in compliance with local laws and ordinances.

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    Manufacturing and Installation FAQs


    What types of signage products do you make?

    To help establish business identity and maintain your brand voice, we can build a sign using different visual graphics and signage options. Browse our products section to learn more about the types of interior and exterior signage we offer or contact one of our in-house specialists for a free consultation!

    How do you determine the best sign for my needs?

    We will go over a series of questions like the purpose, location, and environment in order to determine the materials, mounting methods and size of your signage.

    What are the phases of the sign production process?

    The sign manufacturing life cycle includes: Consultation - we consult to understand the strategic placement and selection of sign options, taking into consideration visual appearance and the desired effect. To design the right signage, we need information on the site, placement location, your desired color scheme, overall patterns, imagery as well as visual elements present in the nearby and surrounding environment. Technical Design - based on our research, our in-house designers develop conceptual ideas and create a sign using computer generated models. Permitting - our team will handle the permit issues and advise you on ADA compliance if needed. Manufacturing - we have the workforce and floor space to build large scale signs using the latest equipment and highest quality materials. We’re equipped with cutting-edge machinery for metal fabrication, lighting, printing and painting. Installation - this is the final stage, handled by our specialty crew with the latest hardware, safety standards and precision methods.  We also take up maintenance, repair and replacement orders whenever needed.

    What is the turnaround time for sign production?

    Turnaround time can vary depending on the type, size, budget, material, purpose and complexity of the sign making project. Full cycle custom sign making processes from research, design and installation may run anywhere between 2-6 weeks.

    Is everything manufactured in-house?

    Yes. Our sign manufacturing facility includes a design room, metal fabrication zone, large format printing room, painting booth and a large assembly department. Our machinery park also includes a CNC sign making router and laser. If you don’t find the desired sign option among our products, we have the skills and material suppliers to handle your custom order.

    What mechanisms do you use to hang promotional displays?

    The custom signage can be hung with hooks, ropes or attached to a frame with zip ties or bungee cords. Signs can be hung on beautiful metallic supports or straight from the ceiling.

    Does my sign order include any accessories for hanging or displaying purposes?

    If you don’t request installation services from us, we include the required accessories with the product. In order to send you the right installation accessories, we may require extra information on the installation location and type of surface where the sign is to be installed.

    What if I can’t install the sign myself? Can you help me with the installation?

    With great pleasure! Whether you already know your signage needs or aren’t sure where to start, our team of specialists is ready to provide a hassle-free installation experience even upon short notice. From vinyl lettering to building facade signage, we are fully equipped to handle installation jobs of any size.

    If a part of my sign is broken, can you repair it?

    Yes. We offer repair and replacement services. Contact us for a consultation. 

    Do the displays come with pre-drilled holes so I can hang or attach them? If not, will you drill holes for me?

    During the first stage of our collaboration, our consultant discusses all these details with you. The drill holes are made according to your requirements and general guidelines.

    What is the price for the sign installation service?

    There is no set price determined for installation services. We provide installation services depending on the scale of the sign project and its complexity. Installation can be part of the quote we give for the project. Each type of custom sign making process requires a different amount of effort and time for the installation. Thus, the price for the installation service varies accordingly.

    Is the sign installation service included in the price?

    Yes, installation, if required, is part of the quote unless you tell our consultant otherwise.

    Where can the sign be installed?

    The sign can be installed anywhere that the law permits. Our team is ready to help you with the permitting and installation process.

    Which promotional graphics do you install?

    Signage installation options are as follows: flat signs, hanging displays, decals, banners, and all channel letters. Additionally, sign installation for all other types of signage projects mentioned in our product list is available as well. In the case of more complex installation strategies such as fixing the sign to the top of a building, we use special equipment. Otherwise, we provide all the required tools for installation as well as all the pre-installation procedures including how to drill holes, fix hanging hardware, etc.

    What is the process for custom sign installation?

    • Sign installation specialists surveys the building or location to plan accordingly
    • The design department comes up with sign design concepts
    • Engineers and technicians determine the installation options and choose the appropriate hardware.
    • We check and provide permits according to local building codes and regulations.
    • Based on type, we bring the necessary equipment and machinery and do the installation for you - safely, securely and accurately.

    What should I consider when it comes to signage installation?

    Location Where and how you want your sign installed will play the most crucial role in determining its size and positioning. Professional team Don’t leave large signage and graphics to inexperienced crew. Leave it to our professionals to facilitate the process. We’ll make sure the display is installed the way it was intended without a headache or possible damage. Safety Our team of engineers ensures that your signs can handle wind loads, are safely connected to electricity and secured firmly in place. Signage makeover Your sign represents your brand! If your sign doesn’t cash in on location, traffic flow and visibility and your business suffers from a tired logo, it’s high time to order a new one. Our team will give you a premier brand makeover and make sure that your sign tops the competition. Visibility Custom sign making includes creating a contemporary sign which is easily visible from across the street. You can reel in first-time customers towards your business with street-level signage. For special events, you’ll want to create quality, location-specific signage. These will come in handy during holidays, trade shows, on high-traffic roadways or main streets. The sign making process is a direct reflection of your brand promise and personality. We will match your vision and exceed your expectations.

    Can you deliver my signage?

    Yes, sure! We are equipped with a specialty vehicle with air ride suspension to handle the transport of fragile signage like lightboxes or backlit displays. This safety feature safeguards your product from being damaged during transportation.

    Do you provide a permit?

    Yes, we offer permit services as well. Our permit specialists will research the sign codes and regulations for your location, complete and submit all the necessary forms on your behalf. 

    Are you an environmentally friendly company?

    We take sustainable development very seriously! We recycle plastics and metals as well as use eco-friendly LEDs and printing inks. We also plan to implement further strategies and obtain a solar panel in the near future!

    Why make a business sign with us?

    After ordering your promotional medium, you won’t have to look for other companies to install your sign. Our team of professional craftsmen will take care of the installation for you. Besides building a sign for our customers with high-quality materials, we ensure a smooth and safe installation process. It’s important to seek help from professionals who know the techniques and specifications of the products in order to install each sign without any setbacks or defects. Professional assistance may be necessary for the installation of any type of signage, be it a wall decal, hanging display, lightbox, or other and we are here at your service. Advertising signage can be installed in a variety of ways and could require different installation hardware. Signs can be directly mounted to walls, installed on special structures or fixed to the ground. Our exceptional work in the industry has earned us the trust of companies such as MGM Resorts, Coca Cola, and Ticketmaster.