Business Sign Maintenance: Repair & Replacement Services in Los Angeles and Across the US

Once your commercial sign is manufactured and installed, let the craftsmen from Front Signs prepare a sign maintenance program suitable to your specific needs. We will ensure you receive the most from your marketing investment and that you get the longest lasting display with the most inviting appeal.

We deliver an impressive coverage of maintenance services including business & commercial sign repair, logo and banner replacement, preventative sign maintenance, weather/ vandalism damage repair, color enhancement, LED lighting upgrades and more.

Regardless of whether it’s our fabricated sign or not, we tackle all your needs and requirements with our US wide signage maintenance and repair services.

Small issues can turn into big ones in the blink of an eye. 

Outdoor signs are vital business assets that will go unnoticed or even deter customers if they’re non-operational, damaged or in disarray. A flickering or dim LED light on your logo signs or trade show displays, a letter lost or the entire sign going dark means that you’ll start losing clients and the value of your investment. Signs in this condition are not only ineffective but also detrimental to your image. 

Our specialists will prevent greater damage from occurring and get your sign back in perfect order. With a well-equipped fleet of sign service trucks, our specialists are ready for on-site signage repair or replacement be it high rise signs or lobby signs.

We offer full signage repair and maintenance services to suit your needs.Our expert technicians diagnose and establish a maintenance plan along with a sign repair and replacement routine specific to your needs and they do it right away.

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sign replacement services

Our repair and maintenance services include but are not limited to:

  • General sign maintenance
  • Preventative sign maintenance
  • Monthly/annual inspections
  • Convert neon or fluorescent to LED
  • Emergency sign repair
  • Fix trim-cap or bent frames
  • Electrical sign repair
  • Missing or unsecured trim repair
  • Weather/vandalism damage sign replacement
  • Sign face repair or replacement
  • Neon sign repair
  • Damaged or deteriorating weld replacement
  • Banner and adhesive removal and replacement
  • Retrofitting and material replacement
  • Night illumination audits
  • LED module and power supply replacement


Repair Services

We strive to provide our customers with superior sign repair services that exceed expectations. 

Let it be structural, lighting or electrical repair projects, we are fully stocked with the tools and trained technicians to get the job done in every aspect of commercial sign maintenance.

Signage repair, also known as sign restoration, will give your business a refreshing upgrade. 

In Los Angeles, our maintenance and repair technicians respond on short notice. They’ll take care of any damage, give the existing signage a lift and return it to its former glory.

Our turnkey sign maintenance and repair services include:

wall-mounted sign repair

Business Sign Repair and Maintenance

Business signage is often wall-mounted or attached to a raceway. 

Due to long exposure, these exterior commercial signs eventually begin to discolor or crack from weather damage. Moreover, there are common cases where a sign was poorly installed or not tightly secured onto a raceway. Being high up on the facade, these building signs can become a public safety hazard unless upgraded.

Regardless of quality or conditions, no exterior signage lasts forever. However, with our outdoor sign repair services, we are able to bring back or maintain the initial look of any sign. 

illuminated sign repair

LED & Electrical Signage Repair

Light up signs for business are staple marketing tools. Our LED lighted sign repair and lightning services - designed to be fast-paced during emergencies - are a phone call away from inspection and component repair. 

In case you’re having trouble with your neon sign and want to upgrade to a modern lighting system, we recommend switching to brighter and more energy-efficient LEDs.


pylon sign replacement

Monument, Pylon and Pole Sign Repair

Here at Front Signs, we also offer monument signs, pole and pylon sign repair services as part of our vast service repertoire.

In case these free standing 3D signs need to be repaired due to fading colors, peeled letters or material cracks, our friendly crew will be able to assess the damage and fix the issue in no time.

We can prevent fading or peeling by laminating or UV curing certain surfaces during or after the large format printing process. We can also repair the letters or logo back to their original condition.

roof-top sign repair

Sign Face and Signboard Repair Services

Our in-house electricians and sign technicians handle sign repair projects of all materials, colors and sizes.

With our extensive experience as a sign repair company, sign face and commercial signboard repair is something you won’t need to be too concerned about.

We offer fast and cost-effective signage repair services throughout the USA. Take advantage of our expert technicians. They are trained to find large as well as minor problems to make sure your sign is functioning at full force.

Sign Replacement

Quality and a high level of endurance are paramount for successful custom signs.

Some businesses need sign repair while others require full sign replacement. Should a signage repair not meet your standards, we offer sign replacement and upgrade services for existing signage throughout California and nationwide.

We will reconfigure a brand new sign for you then manufacture and install it with speed and precision.

To ensure that the lifespan and appearance of your commercial sign are maximized, we provide a streamlined approach and the highest level of service expertise available.

Over a decade of top-rated industry experience attests to the fact that we’ve consistently delivered value to our customers on time and on budget.

Utilizing sign replacement services with the highest standards will help to preserve your company’s image in today’s increasingly competitive market.

illuminated sign replacement

Sign Face & Logo Replacement

Slight imperfections such as peeled, discolored or cracked signage can hurt your chances of capturing the attention of potential customers.

Oftentimes, the shell of the light box sign or logo can remain in good condition while the acrylic face and trim-cap get loose. In the majority of cases, there is no need to replace the entire sign; only the surface.

After careful inspection, we will determine the best option for the sign replacement. Our team will ensure that your message looks as it did on day-one and is still visible after nightfall.

lettering replacement

Adhesive Replacement

We provide full sign replacement and maintenance services on all types of signs including vehicle, window, wall and floor decals. We also offer brand new design and upgrade solutions.

Entrust the renewal of small or large-scale projects to us. Let us improve all your promotional messages to keep them looking as fresh and enticing as the day you had them installed

Our designers will be happy to team up with you to create new, modern or identical graphics to make your business shine and draw more attention.



banner replacement

Banner Replacement

Need banner removal or replacement services for new event signage or stadium signage project?

We have the tools and craftsmen to take care of your needs with unique and innovative banner solutions! Let’s bring your company’s signage back to life with a fresh and vibrant banner replacement.

We will help your banner look its sharpest at all times and stand tall amid any crowd of competitors!



signage repair

Free Standing Sign Replacement

While pylon signs are made of durable materials to withstand the elements, damage is inevitable. For instance, LED’s can burn out and panes can break or develop structural issues like material degradation.

Sometimes, repairing the sign isn’t an option and we need to replace it entirely. 

Replacing a freestanding sign is a delicate process and must be handled by experienced technicians. We will replace the discolored, cracked, broken, brittle pole, pylon or monument sign and get it back to prime condition.

Sign replacement is completed by our qualified and experienced in-house manufacturing and installation teams. 

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    Sign Repair and Replacement FAQs


    Why do I need a maintenance program for my sign?

    Business sign maintenance is a necessity! Of course, it’s essential to keep up its aesthetic but your sign must also comply with the city’s safety regulations and building codes. Before it deteriorates and creates dangerous electrical conditions, it must undergo regular inspection and refurbishing. As part of our signage repair and maintenance services, we will ensure your signs are fresh, safe and functional for as long as possible.

    What are the common issues attributed to sign damage?

    Discoloration - many signs come with a special UV-coated layer. Despite this, you will notice worn-out colors or the yellowing of white surfaces over time due to long periods of sun exposure. Lighting & electrical - in case of backlit and channel letters, if anything happens to the electrical connection, LEDs can flicker or dim and cause individual letters to go out. We will make sure that your signage won’t go dark and unnoticed. A lack of lighting is also a common issue requiring an upgrade for many signs.  Weather damage to the frame - as the signage is exposed to more sun, rain and weather changes, it can cause damage to structural integrity. Signage repair is necessary to prevent it from rusting or falling apart.  Vandalism - when these types of accidents happen, we need to assess the damage and consider the materials the sign was built from. After careful inspection, we’ll come up with the best solution to manufacture or repair your custom-made, painted or printed sign.  Old sign - over the years, sun, rain and weather “attack” the exterior of the sign so it will need upgrading at one point or another.

    When is the right time to use sign maintenance services?

    If you work with us from the start of your sign journey, we’ll offer maintenance and signage repair services as an option. We will keep up with the maintenance of your signage and tackle common issues before they even appear. Our experts pay special attention to the lighting and electrical features as well as the appearance, environment and integrity of signage materials.  While different signs require different levels of maintenance, our specialists will determine the maintenance program and how often to inspect the sign for you accordingly.

    We have a sign that needs servicing right now but someone else installed it. Can you fix it?

    Yes, we offer all-types of sign repair and renovation services regardless of prior affiliation.

    Do you repair the sign on-site or do you need to take it with you?

    It depends on the sign type and also your requirements. We have a professional crew of installation and repair experts ready to serve you on or off-site to provide the best results.

    How long does it take to repair my sign?

    Our sign repair capabilities are second to none. Taking account the level of the damage and your requirements, the signage repair process may take from a day to a week or more. If we find that your sign is beyond repair, we will work with you on an affordable replacement solution.

    Why should I choose Front Signs to repair or maintain my signs?

    Think of us as an experienced, responsible and versatile sign maintenance and repair company. We have 120 years of combined experience in providing comprehensive sign services to over 200,000 businesses. We respond quickly and are capable of handling sign projects of any style and scale. We strive to be your one-stop sign making shop.

    What other services do you offer alongside sign repair and maintenance?

    We believe that the visual appeal of your business sign is the key to success. We have additional resources to repair your sign no matter in what condition it’s in. We offer: Sign repainting services - If your sign has lost the paint on different parts of it or has faded, we will recover it for you with vibrant Mattews paint. Our professional craftsmen will give your sign the fresh look it used to have if not make it better. Sign permitting services - With a sign permit, we will be able to install, alter or relocate your sign, repair the existing one with new materials or even change the message on display. Sign design services - In addition to sign maintenance and repair, we also specialize in designing business signs from scratch. Our talented graphic designers use the latest software to render 3D sign models in order to bring your grandest visions to life.  Sign fabrication services - We use cutting-edge technology and equipment along with an expert crew to manufacture even the most sophisticated signage. We place an emphasis on creativity and craftsmanship using only the highest quality materials.