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Lily Travis
Lily Travis
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Please note: this is an unedited feedback from one of our customers – the photographer – Ashley Loxton

How A 23-Year Old Photographer From California Exploded His Struggling Freelance Career Into A 6- figure Photography Business By Using Old-School, Print Photos!

The word is – the print is dead. And let’s be honest, that’s pretty much true if you’re an average “civilian”. However, if you’re a professional photographer or simply a serious photography hobbyist – it shouldn’t be dead to you. At least, not if you intend to put your name on the map of this wonderful… yet extremely competitive industry. And certainly not if you’re after making some really fat profits off your photography passion.

Please let me explain:

Firstly, personally, I am relatively new to making prints of my work. Especially compared to the veteran, photography heavy-weights. (MOST of those guys sell their works exclusively in print.)  In fact, I made my first painting last summer. Not for a client or anything. It’s just that I wanted to see how one of my works would look blown up and hung on my wall.

Based on numerous positive reviews from fellow photographers, I contacted arguably the best printing shop in Van Nuys. That’s where I live and run my photography business. First thing I was interested in knowing was, how big a print of a photo I could make with my equipment.

After a couple of minutes talking to the support agent and clarifying some other questions I ordered a 24×36 print of one of my works… on acrylic sheet.

It was more expensive than if printed on canvas, but when I saw the end result of my work in physical shape…

Boy, Did It take My Breath Away!

The photo printed on acrylic sheet looked mouthwateringly good… way… WAY… beyond my wildest expectations! Moreover, when at home I hung it on the wall it looked even better! Take my word for it: very few things can match the excitement of seeing your work displayed in a physical shape.

However, aside from the ego-nourishing benefits of printing your photos… I discovered another… much more grounded… yet extremely exciting benefit.


I Could Sell My Print Works
About x10 The Price
I Asked For The Digital Photos!

Look, you know when you walk in someone’s home and you see all those beautiful photos on the walls? Well… think about this…

Why Can’t Those Be YOUR Photos?


Why Can’t You Charge Handsomely
Creating Authentic Art Work Which
Adds Individuality To- and
Decks Out- People’s Apartments?

The answer is… of course, you can! Moreover, there’s absolutely no reason not to charge you’re fair- easily hefty – fee for your work!

Anyways, selling your print photos as wall decorations is just ONE… of many ways you can leverage print photography.

By the way, take a note that print photo landscapes are in particularly high demand among people looking for wall art.

I am, for example, now selling prints from weddings I shoot, engagements, landscape photos… incrementally dipping my toe in modeling photography. In fact, I got into it very much accidentally. Whilemina talent agency’s manager got in touch with me after seeing my print photo… on an aluminum sheet (whoa you should see that piece!)… in my client’s studio apartment! He loved it so much he contacted me and gave a chance shooting models despite my lack of experience in the field.

Another awesome thing about offering this service is… very few other photographers are doing it! That’s why once your prospects know they can get an authentic, physical, aesthetical work of photo art hanging on the walls of their home… or their office… or wherever their heart could desire… I can almost guarantee

They Will Stand In Line
To Get A Hold Of You and Your Services!

One last thing before I cap off.

One of the best things (business-wise) about printing your photos is the financial flexibility of that service. Let me explain: say, a client of yours wants a print photo of one of your works. What you do is simply include the printing house fees in YOUR advance fee and…

Pay For The Printing Services
With A Part Of The Front-Money You Got!

That way, the printing service becomes basically free for you.


I really can’t recommend printing your own photos highly enough. If for nothing else than for yourself. It’s a truly heart-fluttering experience.

Now, when it comes to printing your photos for sales… or exhibitions… or for basically any other purpose… the printing house plays a crucial role.

Remember I told you about the printing house in Van Nuys my photographer friend recommended me? Well, it’s the exact same company which runs the blog you’re reading right now – “The Front Signs.”

Listen, I can’t tell about printing houses in other locations – but Front Signs is definitely the printing house I recommend to photographers who operate in Van Nuys. And I know whereof I speak. You see, after my first experience I worked with quite a few of them. Let me tell you – none of them stacked up well against “Front Signs.”

In fact, I’m writing this because their representative reached out to me a week or so ago asking if I could give them a feedback in a written form. Guess what? I partially owe to THESE people for having the most profitable year in my entire career! So instead of giving them a short feedback, I wrote a whole post!

Anyways, in case all this got you interested in printing your photos… make sure to contact Front Signs below. Don’t worry they’re not going to force-pitch you anything (otherwise I wouldn’t use their services)… and will courteously, in plain English, answer all the questions you might have about printing your photos.

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