frequently asked quesiton


What format of my design file will work best?

You can send us any format file you want. Whereas it’s better to upload vector-based files. It can be PDF, .dxf, .eps, .ai or any other format.

I have some design ideas. Can I create my own design?

We have an opportunity to create your own design on the web. You can visit our partner’s website and use the ready-to-use templates for creating a design.

We don’t have any design options yet. Do you have a design service?

Sure! If you want to make an order our designers will help you work out your design for FREE. When you approve the final design, we will start the production process.

Order and production

My sign needs replacement panels. Can you repair signs?

Without a doubt! We can restore and repair your damaged signs. Please contact us to discuss your project and your specific needs.

How long will my sign last?

Front Signs uses high-quality materials to provide a custom sign that meets your needs. By using modern technologies, you can be sure your custom signs will last for years.

Do signs come in standard sizes?

Custom signs can be custom designed in almost any size or shape you need, based on the scope of your event or project.

I placed my order but it needs to be changed a little. Can I change my order?

If you need to make a change, you should contact our customer service department (844-833-1188 or send an email to as soon as possible. We will be able to make the requested changes if you are able to get in touch with us quickly.

How can I follow the production process?

In every stage of the production process, you will be informed about your products. Our specialist will be in connection with you, besides you can come to our company and follow the production process.

Would you describe to me the whole process of creating products?

You can send your design to in any format. If you do not have a design ready, our designers can use your ideas to work out your project. Once approved, you will need to make a 50% prepayment on your sign to begin production. We organize the production and installation process. You will then pay for the remaining 50% upon installation.

I found something I would like to purchase. How do I place an order?

Call or email us to discuss your project and your needs with a specialist (844-833-1188 or send email to We can come to your location to best get a sense of the area, your business, and what kind of sign will best suit your needs.


What currencies do you accept?

We accept only United States dollar for your orders.

When should I pay for my order?

Before starting the production process, you will need to make a 50% prepayment on your sign to begin production. Then you should pay for the remaining 50% upon installation.

I need an additional copy of my receipt. Is it possible to get one?

If you need an additional copy of your receipt, please contact our customer service department (844-833-1188 or send an email to

What forms of payment are accepted by your company?

We accept payments by credit card, bank transfer, and Square. You can pay for your order by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards.

Products And Service

What are the rules/laws concerning real estate signs?

The rules differ from state to state and for installing a sign you should properly examine the law of advertising rules of your very state. Here we suggest a handy and informative article on the rules in California. It includes what information should be depicted on the sign, font, size and other requirements.

What is an X-banner Stand?

Due to its unusual shape – The X-banner stands out from the roll up and telescopic banners. It has X construction and tripod base, which is just ideal for displaying the banner in the corners.

What is the work life of LED lights?

The normal work life for led lighting system is 100.000 hours, which is more or less 11 years. For the “salesman on the street”, which attracts customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – light box signs make the business a landmark.

What is Backlit Film and how is it used for lightbox?

Backlit decals are an amazing way to make your message more visible and deliver it to a broader audience. Backlit films are great to adhere to internally lit sign face and create a back-lit signage. These semi-translucent decals are removable, can be changed and replaced.

The vinyl has 75% opacity, works best when applied to glass, acrylic and similar translucent surfaces.

More specifically, backlit vinyl serve as the best representative for Lightbox signs, cinema and theater boxes or outdoor advertising.

Due to its special quality – light transmission and clear message delivery, it’s one of the

best kinds of signs to make a solid brand visibility – day and night.

Backlit sticker can depict the company name, logo, some quote, all the options are at your disposal. Apply backlit decals to your store window, light it behind and let people know about your sales, coming or current collections, news and more even when you’re close.

How are Light Boxes fabricated?

Light boxes have an appealing graphics and internally illuminated structure. Light up box is most of the time made of translucent Plexi and, for more specific uses, Lexan material. This helps to withstand vandalism and gives lifetime warranty on the quality. The support system is most of the time made of Aluminum sheet ,which gives you peace of mind of knowing that you made the best choice and lasting investment in the future of your company or organization.

To depict the logo on the sign, we use UV inks for direct printing on Backlit decal, plexiglass or Lexan. The ink is dried with ultraviolet rays during the printing, which makes the printed graphics sun and fade resistant. Besides printing, we offer vinyl letterings to write anything you want on the light box sign.

Can I fetch my 3D sign?

Yes! We are located in Van Nuys, LA and pick up is available for those who want to see their attractive dimensional signs a minute earlier.

How fast can you produce 3D sign letters?

Fabrication of the 3D signs is based on your custom requirements.

Our dedicated team of designers from Front Signs will help your reach the most sensible signage decision based on the suitable colors, location and lighting. Once you approve the final design of the future sign, we will give the estimate production deadline. Letter design which requires less manwork can be ready within 24-48 hours. However large scale sign artworks may take longer.

What are other uses of Acrylic Sign?

Acrylic material is an endless source for sign makers to help realize the business and individual needs. Among diverse collection of unique styles, acrylic business cards are highly popular among designers and artists. Apart from acrylic plaques, lighted acrylic signs are also widely used to brand the offices.

Oftentimes, acrylic is used as in making wedding invitations. Moreover, the wedding vow can be printed on an acrylic sheet, and create a luxurious hype.

Which one is the best, eco-friendly material to use for Indoor premises?

Materials we use are of high quality, recyclable and eco-friendly. You can find detailed information about Material combinations for “Eco-Friendly Advertising” in our blog article.

What are the advantages of the styrene sign?

Styrene signage is perfect as it’s used both indoors and outdoors. Can be framed or mounted, is enough flexible to be placed into a circular or box like cabinet and provide Vibrant and spherical view.

Is there a standard shape for Styrene Signs?

With the expanded Printing and design solutions, Styrene material is flexible enough to be custom cut into Square or any other shape to fit your custom needs.

Moreover, styrene router cuts, knife cuts, heat bends, and thermoforms well.

Where can Styrene Signs be used?

Styrene Signs are the preferred choice for more than a decade already for trade show and promotional displays.

The graphics are affordable, eye-catchy and printed in high resolution – colors and artwork just pops out of the sign.

It ideally blends with the other types of signage solutions and to the interior.

What is a Styrene?

Styrene is a type of a plastic, created from a flat plastic. It is Weather, scratch and damage resistant and is ideal for outdoor uses.

it comes in various thickness and so weights.  The thinner Sintra boards are extra flexible – meaning you can even roll the sign and save it until the next use. The material is lightweight – ideal for travelling and special architectural uses.

Are the graphics printed on the Reflective Metal sign?

Unlike other materials and actual products, Reflective Aluminum is just cut precisely to your Custom requirements and attached to the Aluminum or Dibon surface.

What is the estimate lifespan of Reflective Aluminum signs?

The sign as it is has a lifespan of 5 and more years. However, depending on the location and the level of violence and high winds – this can affect the look and durability of the sign.

Is Reflective Sign enough durable for outdoor use?

Surely! reflective Aluminum consists of Dibond or Aluminum and reflective Vinyl – Aluminum as the most durable industrial material and Vinyl as a sun and fade resistant material – come quite handy for outdoor use. The signs will definitely withstand the different weather conditions.


Are your reflective aluminum signs single sided or double sided?

Usually, Reflective road Signs are one sided as they are attached from a pole or back to another road sign. However, if you Custom require double sided Reflective Aluminum, our professional team can surely fabricate it.

What is a reflective aluminum sign?

Reflective Aluminum sign is an most commonly used tool for Road signage. Due to the reflective features of the vinyl, it’s the ideal solution to use for traffic, yard and real estate signage.

Reflective Aluminum sign is the preferred choice in the locations and areas where visibility is crucial.

What mechanisms do you use to hang signs?

The Custom signs can be hung with hooks or ropes or attached to the frame with zip ties or bungee. You can hang the sign on beautiful metallic supporters or you can hang it straight from the ceiling.

What is the best material for Yard Signs?

Being an outdoor sign, yard signs require relatively durable and weather-resistant materials such as aluminum for long-term usages, PVC and coroplast for mid-term usages and more affordable prices. The lightweight and affordable price of coroplast or corrugated plastic make it one of the most popular materials for yard signs if you don’t plan on spending too much money on real estate bandit signage. For more information get in touch with our specialists

Are Sign Stakes Sold Separately?

When you order a bandit sign the stakes come with it. If you don’t need the stake, just let us know about it.

What are the sizes of Yard Signs?

The sizes of our signs are customized and you can order signs in any size and shape.

Can I get a photo printed on Wood?

You can get anything printed on wood. Send us the photo that you want to see on the sign and we will directly print it on wood. Besides direct printing, we offer photo engraving on wood as well. This is also an elegant option.

Can I get double-sided Wooden Signs?

Yes, we offer both one and two-sided wooden signs. You can either get direct printing, painted on both sides.

What shapes and sizes can Wooden Signs have and how do you achieve it?

We offer wooden displays in various shapes and sizes. For that, we use CNC milling, that cuts and engraves wood and not only. The mill gives the material its shape by quickly moving and rotating across the material and engraves even tiny details.

Can I get a Wooden Sign in any shape?

Yes, we can cut wooden signs in any shape. Just give us your desired sign design and we will make it exactly the way you want it. Only in case your design is too complicated, contact us to discuss the details.

Can Wooden Signs be used outdoors?

You can use wooden signage outdoors, but as wood is a natural material and it should be kept dry, it lasts longer when used indoors.

What is the lifespan of Custom decals?

We suggest high quality Custom Decals the average lifespan of which is 4 years. The material is vinyl that is applied smoothly without any bubbles and lasts quite long. That’s why vinyl floor decals are getting so widespread. Even the bad weather conditions cannot harm them. So use floor decals and let people follow you!

Where to use Custom decals?

The most common usages are advertisement in malls, sale announcements, direction signs in big areas, wedding hall decorations, exit signs and others that can cross your mind. The most popular ones are still dance floor decals, garage decals, gym decals, wedding decals, 3D decals. It gives some liveliness to a glass or windows of home, school, business or any institution you name.
Any store we enter has some kind of a sticker telling us the opening hours, sales and promotions.

How to decorate home with Custom Decals?

A family tree – These are one of the most commonly used types of house decorations. You can order the stickers in any size with your family member’s names or pictures on it.

Pictures collage – Another beautiful way to decorate the walls in your house is with the help of collages with your family’s pictures. The collages can be of any size. And every time you will look at the pictures you will be filled with warm memories.

Children’s room decoration – You can use wall decals for kids to decorate the bedroom of your children. With all the bright colors that decals offer you can create a fun atmosphere in your child’s room. You can have certain themed stickers or just some cartoon characters.

Quotes –These are one of the most common types of decoration in offices. Most often these are some inspirational wall decal quotes to motivate the staff. Scientifically it is proven that reading motivational quotes help to increase productivity.

How to decorate Office with Custom Decals?

Brand’s name and logo – Offices often use vinyl decals to have their logo or the name of the brand on the wall, window, etc.

Office themed designAn alternative use that you can give to decals is a themed design. All brands have their own colors. You can have wall decorations in that colors to represent your brand’s theme. For example, if you have an IT company then the decorations can be in that theme, for example you can have a light bulb indicating an idea. Or if it is a lawyers’ office you can have for instance money or the judge’s hammer on the wall.

Full wall graphics – In most offices especially if the office is in one color, only one wall contains all the decorations. So you can order wall decals for the entire wall with any graphics you desire.

What are the areas of application of Custom decals?

Modern wall decals can be used both indoors and outdoors. For indoors they are mostly used for decorative purposes. With wall decals you can give a creative design to your house and office. These peel and stick decals can be also used for indicating direction. These sticker indicators can be found in shopping malls, offices and in any other huge buildings.

The main attraction is that they also draw attention towards your business establishment let it be a restaurant, pub, café, bakery or a souvenir shop.


Will window decal damage my window?

No, custom storefront window advertising decals are harmless promotional and decorative means that are easily removed. They will provide the amazing look to your window and peel off easily when you don’t need them any longer. The fact that they are so widely used in outdoor advertising is the best proof that they don’t damage anything and are highly effective.

Will window decals create privacy?

Yes they can. Frosted decals applied on glasses and windows give them etched effect which blocks the view of the inner part. This is why they are highly used in offices, meeting and conference room designs, etc.


Will window decals block my view?

There are different kinds of custom window decals for various usages. Clear window decals are transparent vinyl that provide visibility of the printed graphics yet don’t block the view. Opaque window decals are used for decorations and window vinyl lettering with any custom message. Perforated decals also called see-thru decals will provide one-way visibility for you allowing you see outside yet avoiding curious glances from the passers-by. Frosted decals, on the other hand, obscure the view but still let the sunshine in.

How can I use Window decals?

Custom window stickers are a great idea to highlight any product, service or personal territory. It creates a unique look without compromising style. Home windows – if you have a room with windows, it means custom glass decals can be applied to that surface. Stickers for occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter are quite handy to create that special event mood. Office windows – interior layout will stand out more if window stickers are used. You can use window labels to publicize events, sales and promotions. Other business and private institution windows – Fantastic idea for any window facing business to utilize window decals. Different industry representatives like restaurants, pubs, cafes, bakeries, shops, banks choose custom window decals to highlight business logo, sales, wifi zone, decorate for and keep their customers informed about promotions, etc. Car window – used as an advertisement on wheels or just a personalized touch, car window decals are highly used and loved.

What is a window decal?

It’s a type of a promotional and decorative temporary tool. Window decal types include clear, perforated, frosted, opaque vinyl, and static cling. Each and every one of these has a specific usage and purpose.

Can I remove the wall decal?

As long as you are not going to use it, yes you can remove the wall decal. Our personalized wall decals are removable, ready to be peeled off once you are done with them. However, the wall decor stickers might leave a frame spot, which means the rest of the wall is bleached by sunlight or dirt, so might be a shade difference after long-term usage. Just wash the area with soapy water to get rid of all residue.

What are the important conditions for wall mural installation?

There is not much you should know about wall sticker installation. Yet there are some rules you should strictly follow. First of all, make sure that the wall is smooth and even. Not even a little textured part should be there for bubble-free installation and long-term usage of your decal. Before applying, make sure that the wall is dust-free and dry.

Can I apply wall decals on wallpapers?

Not recommended. The problem is mostly connected with the wallpaper. If you try to remove the decal the wallpaper can also be peeled off so at first, you should make sure if the wallpaper is installed well enough. Other than that, you can apply the decals on wallpapers as long as they are not textured (at all).

Can I apply wall decals on damaged walls?

For better installation, we recommend using the wall decals on new, smooth and painted walls. In this case, your decal will have a longer lifespan and reliable application. So, it is not recommended to use full wall decals on damaged walls.

How strong are wall decals?

Wall murals are made of vinyl material the back glue of which is comparatively less sticky to prevent the damaging of the wall yet strong enough to stick to the wall firmly not being removed by itself.

What are the common wall stickers?

Vinyl wall signs are meant both for interior decoration and office branding. Most common office branding decals are company name, logo, services and contact information. Custom text wall decals – also known as wall quotes – are very popular. For home personalization and decoration butterflies, family trees and quotes are the favorites of our customers.

What is a wall Decal?

Wall decals are stickers meant for wall application only. Their special structure allows them to be used for wall decorations without damaging them. They provide either full coverage of the wall – accent wall … or cover a particular part of it – giving an interesting design with lettering, logo or custom graphics.

What materials can I apply vinyl lettering to?

Vinyl letters can be applied to almost any material. The most important criteria is that the material must be clean, dry and smooth. These can be aluminum, acrylic, walls, glasses and windows. The materials not very suitable for vinyls are fabric, not polished wood and canvas.

Is vinyl lettering weatherproof?

Yes, vinyl letters are weatherproof. They are meant for outdoor and indoors usage and can withstand different weather conditions – wind, rain and sun. You can use vinyl lettering for outdoor windows, cars, doors and be sure that your sign look fresh for a long time.

How can I line up the letters equally?

You do not have to worry about lining up the letters and here’s why. Vinyl lettering expect from the backtape have an additional transfer tape. This tape is removed only after the letters are applied to the surface meant for it. So the letters will be applied on the surface without any efforts.

Will my banner come with hems and grommets?

Hems and Grommets come with the Vinyl banner as a standard finish. Grommets are placed at the corners of the banner – directly on the hems to provide the best hanging convenience to you.

In case you don’t want grommets, we also offer ople pocket finish and also provide all the necessary accessories for hanging of your choice – hanging kits, bungee cords, zip ties, etc.

Is the Vinyl Banner Fade-resistant?

Front Signs use UV inks for digital printing which are simultaneously dried with the help of the UV curing system. The drying process makes the inks ultraviolet resistant, and the exposure under direct sunlight do not discolor then but vice versa.

Is Vinyl Banner used to celebrate a party or any other event?

With your personalized graphics, pictures and decorative ornaments Vinyl banner will be the decorative topping of any party. Moreover, it draw in the attention of all the selfie lovers and camera-addicts.

Can Vinyl Banners be used to decorate my venue?

With Front Signs you can create your custom design of your banner in the highest quality possible. Apart from its advertising feature, Vinyl banner comes as a great finding to decorate the interior and exterior of their business venue.

Is Vinyl Banner an efficient means of advertising?

The ideal banner will effectively showcase your message across your target audience. The banner is digitally printed in full color with the highest resolution possible.
As statistics show, the cost per view – with its minimum investment and the impact it leaves on people –   of Vinyl banner is much lower than other means of OOH (Out of Home) Advertising.
Hence, the perfect Vinyl banner has readability and message hierarchy – two important factors which make it a fantastic solution to draw more foot traffic. With contrast colors and large fonts, simple message, location predetermined – you can have the best, cost-effective ads ever!

Specifically, what is an Island Display?

Island display or hybrid display is the “Queen” of trade shows. Situated in the center of the venue, it helps to draw all the attention and collect the most foot traffic. Being a creative mix of trade show backdrops and products such as roll up banner, telescopic backdrop and pop up displays – and trade show supplies like decorative kiosks, shelving, it’s a highly-effective promotional tool.

Island Display is totally custom-made signage booth with one-and-only design and concept. It adds selling power with its visual presentation. Creates more expensive exhibit design and conveys your leadership position in the industry.

What are the advantages of Banner Stands?

Here are the main advantages of each type of banner stand (real quick):

Pop up stand sign is very popular because it is a large format portable display yet very easy to transfer.  You can carry it with you and easily set it up within minutes – no assistance required.

Custom Retractable banners don’t take much space that’s why you can take them with you from place to place in a carry bag.

Telescopic banners leave a professional appeal with a simple metallic construction. The metallic poles attached to the steel base with screws make the banner steadily fixed in its place.

X banner has a higher accent on the graphics and is ideal for official events – such as expos, trade show, etc. The construction has a tripod base, which is ideal for securely placing it on flat surfaces.

What Stand Signs are used during a Trade show?

Here are the types of expo stands and displays we offer here at Front Signs:

Banner stands: telescopic backdrop, pop-up banners, X-frame banner and roll up banners.

Stands and displays: cutouts, backdrop holder stands, decorative displays, etc.

For raising the effectiveness of your trade show or event, for making the exhibition booth more eye-pleasing, you can use any of these displays ideal for both outdoor and indoor usage.

If you’re getting ready for a trade show, this complete checklist for trade show preparations, D-Day and post-event activities will be a timely help, check it out.

Which are the materials used to create Stand Signs?

Taking into account the weather conditions in LA, these particular types of stand signs require appropriate materials – vinyl or fabric banner for graphics, and Aluminum base for the custom stand.

How effective is Telescopic backdrop Stand?

Backdrop stands attract everyone: tourists, visitors and friends towards your venue. People of all age groups will love the idea of having a picture in front of the logo wall or decoration display. The name and the logo of your company printed on the banner will appear in people’s photos which later will be uploaded to social media and this way your brand will get lots of passive advertisement… for free!

Can I use Stands to promote my new product?

Using a banner stand is a tricky way to make your product or service more noticeable in public places. Moreover, these display stands can be a cost-effective tool to draw more traffic towards your business, by promoting seasonal offers, informing about the newly opened shops and more.

What are popular Stand Sign themes and where can I use them?

Personalized themed cutouts are the perfect décorative solution for parties, weddings, anniversaries, athletic and musical events, etc. Get a custom life-size standee of your favorite character or animal to entertain your guests! Such stands are great for children’s celebrations as well. Such standees serve as a great background for taking photographs. You can order cutouts or regular stands with your personal pictures that can serve as a home or other interior decoration. Hollywood-blockbuster-themed cutouts with beloved characters, actors, and pop stars will catch the attention of all the selfie-lovers. Cheer with a famous celebrity, politician or world-famous singer.


What is a Telescopic Banner?

Custom Step and Repeat banners or also known as Red Carpet backdrops are widely used for any concert, gala opening and other major events. Restaurant, clubs or pubs also use them at monthly events and to promote special offers. Brands can display their logos on a Telescopic stand in various shows to raise brand awareness. Step and repeat stands are also used during state or family holidays and celebrations for selfie lovers and fun memories.

What is a Pop-up Display?

Pop-up consists of a single Graphics tensioned on a metalic frame; a great alternative to Roll-up Retractable banner, ideal for any marketing needs. With its compact size, hassle-free installation, pop up display is a perfect solution for trade shows, conferences and other events. Custom printed large format banner is stretched over the structure to be displayed both indoor and outdoor. Once the panels are installed they look solid and are very effective for informing, decorating and advertising. They are a perfect solution if you need to get more attention for your business or at promotional events. Pop up displays are also known as Press Wall Pop-up displays or Fabric pop up banners.

What are the general types of Banner Stands?

Types of trade show displays include Retractable or Roll up banner stand, step and repeat banners, X banner stands and Pop up Backdrop stands.

Do the Street signs vary from one country to another?

Street signs vary depending on the country – the cultural and geographical location highly influences this fact., to learn more about this check out our blog “The Difference Between Road Signs Around The World”.

Can I get a stop sign in a different color?

Usually, stop signs are red octagon shaped with a white text on them on a red background. If you are going to put the sign in the street then it probably should be red and white. But if you want to get a traffic stop sign in a different color then, you should have it approved by DOT (Department of Transportation). As for personal use street sign can be made in any custom color you want.

What color should the Street Sign be?

We offer street signs in every color. But there are certain types of street signs that need to have a specific color. The usual colors for street signs are red, white, black, green, blue and yellow.

How heavy are Traffic Signs?

The weight of the traffic sign depends on the material of the sign. But overall these signs are made of aluminum, which is slightly heavy to withstand weather changes and high winds.

What shapes can Street Signs have?

You can order street signs in any shape you want. But usually the street signs are in the following shapes: circle, triangle, square and rectangular, etc

What is the difference between Standard and Reflective Street Signs?

The difference between standard and reflective street signs is that reflective road signs are visible at night. Thus the drivers will be able to notice them. Standard ones can be visible only under the daylight. All the traffic signs should be reflective, but if you need a decorative street sign – then it’s not necessary to have it with reflective.

How do I store A-frame Signs?

A-frame signs fold flat, and don’t take too much space. To use these signs repeatedly, we recommend to store them in a dry location. Just fold your signicade up and store in an upright position, where legs will still support the base construction. It’s just easy to store them lying down, just be careful not to place anything on the Plasticade Graphic area. Thus, you will not damage the sign and you will have no problem to use it again and again.

Are A-frame Signs easy to display?

Due to their compact size, you can put the sandwich sign in the streets and underground parking, on the pavements or even on the grass. A-frame displays won’t take a lot of space or disturb the passers-by. There is even a handle provided to make the Plasticade sign transportation easier.

How can I use the Chalkboard Signs to its best?

Tip1: Posts can be straightforward, to the point with a good humor or sarcasm to give a confident impression and receive curious glances.

Tip2: Leave some blank space around the text, add a border around the message for better and faster readability.

Tip3: You can use chalkboard display to let your clients and potential customs know about the special deals or that you have discounts or lower priced products for them.

What is the difference between A-frame and Chalkboard Signs?

Plastic A-frame signs or sidewalk signs are made of plastic and are double-sided. They are lightweight and give neat and professional look.

Chalkboard signs, on the other hand, have wooden frame. Wooden chalkboards have retro style and are mainly used in pubs, bars or fancy restaurants. The main difference is that you can change the graphics of sandwich board sign. In case of Chalkboard signage you erase and create another promotion with chalk.

A-frame board can have the chalkboard effect printed on vinyl whereas chalkboard signs, if necessary, can be decorated daily, offering for example today’s menu or depict a humorous massage.

Where can I use A-frame Signs?

A-board sign has other areas of applications for many industries and establishments.  Insurance agents, banks and financial institutions, hotels or motels can use A-frame display to inform about the monthly events and put general information about their brand. Moreover, Ice cream shops, Gym or fitness centers can use Sandwich boards with a daily basis or even put some humorous quote and design to attract customers.

Sometimes, A-frame is also used as yard signage.

What is the difference between Static and Opaque Cling?

The main difference between these two is that opaque static cling has white color base whereas clear static cling has a transparent base. Both are very common but serve different taste and purpose. Opaque cling with white background can provide great contrast for logos. With covering the full surface of a window, you can even use opaque static cling to block the view from outside in a creative way, change the film anytime and save money!

What is Opaque Static Cling?

Opaque static clings are made of special type of vinyl material with a white film and used for various cases including temporary window signage, artistic home window and glass decals. The opaque static clings beautify your front door or car window and soften rays of the sun providing a little bit of privacy. Front Signs offers this type of decals for making company or school logos, parking signs, storefronts. The cling can be placed on the inner side of the glass and face outside. We suggest window white clings as it is eco-friendly, safe, free from outside vandalism and a long-lasting and quality investment.

What Is Clear Static cling? Where to use it?

Clear static cling has multiple usages – meaning you can remove and reuse the sticker with no sign of sticky residue. We provide clear static clings in any size and contour required. We use fade resistant UV inks to give a quality product with long term use. It’s great for special occasions like seasonal sales, decorations and promotions, storefront information and virtually all types of window advertisement.

What is Static Cling?

Static clings are decals – except the part of glue and stickiness. It’s a heavily plasticized vinyl which sticks to glossy surfaces.

Static clings are used to reflect your brand and stand out with its two beautiful Clear and Opaque types. Use clear static clings to transform plain and old looking window into a visually appealing and eye-catchy artwork. Opaque static clings have color background on the rear side after the design is printed on it. They have matte finish and have exceptional look and feel. The main advantage of Static clings over the clear decals is that they are reusable and serve longer.

Do you contour cut the Stickers?

Yes. Based on your requirements and taste, we can custom cut the stickers: Die cut– contour cutting is the first option. It gives a neat look to any image or message it conveys.   Halo cut–leaving outline for your sticker, this creates a unique look and feel. For a deep impression, you can go for outline cut stickers.

Where can a Safety Sign be displayed?

Safety signs are displayed in all areas where there is a chance of danger. Safety signs can often be seen at schools, hospitals, laboratories, pool areas and many other places.

Which type of information do the Safety Signs provide in the airport?

Having safety signs in the airport is very important. These signs can be helpful both for the airport workers and for the visitors. The most common airport safety signs are:

-Unauthorized persons Keep out

-Wear Ear Protection

-Control Access zone

-Aircraft Operating area

-Electrical Hazard signs , etc.

What are the different shapes and colors used for Safety Signs? How can I understand their meanings?

There are 4 types of safety signs and each of these signs is made in one color. These signs are blue mandatory signs, red, black and white prohibition signs, yellow warning/hazard signs and green and red emergency signs. Mandatory signs are blue, prohibition signs are red, hazard signs are yellow and emergency signs are green and red. People already know when they see a yellow sign from afar that it is a warning sign. The pictographic on each sign is made so simple that everyone can understand the meaning of that sign. In case if you struggle to understand some signs you can read our blog “The Language of Safety Signs”. Discover the differences of various types and how color, shape or text affect us. There is also an interactive quiz at the end.

How important are the Laboratory Safety Signs?

Safety signs are not only important for the lab workers, but these signs are more important for the outsiders who visit the lab on a daily basis.

People who work in the laboratory already know the safety rules, therefore these signs are not of a high importance for them. But for ones that first visit laboratory should be able to notice these signs to prevent unpleasant accidents.

What are Safety Signs?

Safety signs are a means of communication that gives information and instructions about the safety of people. These signs have a pictographic or a text on them informing about the possible danger. They are fixed in a visible area where they can be noticed easily.

There are the following types of safety signs: Hazard signs, prohibition signs, emergency signs and mandatory signs.

What is a retractable roll up banner?

Roller Banner displays stand up from the ground and hold a customizable graphic of your choice with vibrant colors to grab the attention of clients. Business representatives utilize the roll up sign in trade shows to promote their services and what not!

What are the typical uses of Backlit Signs?

Many businesses use Backlit signs as a promotional tool. Backlit letters have appealing look day and night. For this reason, Backlit signs are used as exterior signage to boost hotels, shopping malls, movie theaters, retail and business establishments and alike.

What are Back-lit Letter Signs?

Back-Lit Letters or Reverse light up letters have face and sides, and a translucent clear back. The back has individually cut letters which emit light from the back side of the sign. Unlike the Front-lit channel letter signs, Back-lit dimensional signage only glows on the reverse side. For illumination, we use LED bulbs, which are are very popular with bars, clubs and other professional services.

Can I drill holes on my real estate bandit sign?

It foremost depends on the material and the style of the sign.

Most of our realtor signs made of Coroplast do not require drilled holes as they come with H or Spider stakes. In case of other rigid materials like wood or PVC – the style and your custom requirements determine the need for drills.

If not sure, contact our support team to keep you more informed on this topic!

What to do to prevent the realtor sign from being stolen?

You can screw the sign stake to a post or lock it with a zip tie. If not, store the sign for the night time. Thus, you can decrease the chances of the stealing of the sign.

What’s included with each real estate post?

The real estate sign comes with all necessary installation accessories or tool, if appropriate. Depending on the type of sign you can get hanging clips, caps, hanging hooks, zip ties, etc.

Can I have my sign installed on the boulevard?

Generally almost all city councils do not permit signage installations on the property of the city. So, if it’s possible – check the sign placement policies or contact our permitting service department for more detailed information.

How do you install huge Pylon Signs?

If the sign is too big, we will need the help of a crane truck to put the sign in its place. And our professional craftsmen at Front Signs will continue the process with special tools and equipment.

What is the best location to install Pylon Signs?

Usually, Pylon signs are installed next to busy highways, motorways and roads. The main aim of an outdoor advertisement is to make as many people notice the sign as possible. So it is recommended to install your sign on the side of the road to make it more visible. In this case, plaza signs are perfect as everyone passing in that area will notice the sign, even from afar.

What is the difference between Pylon and Monument Signs?

The main difference between pylon and monument signs is the height. Pylon signs are much taller than monument signs. These signs are best for shopping malls, and business centers as they can have the names of many businesses that rent their venue, while monument signs usually have the name of only one company.

Does a Pylon signage really help in increasing brand awareness?

The Pylon sign is the best type of advertisement to increase brand awareness. These freestanding plaza signs can be seen from across the road and will catch the attention of drivers and passersby. Pylon signs are the most effective types of outdoor signage. Imagine how many people can see your LED lighted Pylon plaza signage when it is located next to a busy road.

What Can You Use Pylon Signs For?

Pylon signs are perfect for outdoor advertising, as they provide high visibility. These signs can be found in front of shopping centers, business centers, next to highways, etc. Business centers use Standalone plaza signs to mention all the offices that are located there. Same is with shopping malls. You can have any information you want on Plaza signs.

What are the alternative materials for PVC?

For Outdoor applications, Acrylic, Aluminum are ideal alternatives to PVC. For Interior purposes, we suggest you choose soft materials such as Foamboard, Gatorboard, ultraboard, etc. To get more information about other materials like PVC, check out our blog on the comparison of PVC, Foamboard and Gatorboard signs.

Can Vinyl Lettering be applied to PVC?

Yes, Vinyl custom letterings can easily be applied to PVC. If you do not want your message to be directly printed on your sign, we can use Vinyl Letterings.

Can I use both sides of PVC material?

Yes, PVC boards can be printed single or double sided. The prints from two sides make your sign visible in high traffic and grab attention.

Can PVC be used outdoors?

Yes, PVC is usually used indoors but you can use it outdoors for short-term applications. Compared with Foam board and Gator board that are like PVC in appearance, PVC is more durable and can be used outdoors for quite a long time.

What does PVC stand for?

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It is synthetic plastic polymer and comes in different forms depending on the added plasticizers.

How do I determine the design and layout of a Push through letter signs?

Front Signs will work with you to design and create Pushed thru letter sign that ideally depicts your business. Our professional designers will apply years of experience in the creation and development of your product, which showcase your business at its best.

Are the perforated decals car wash resistant?

Yes! The adhesive should hold high pressure.

What is the estimated lifespan of the perforated decals?

On average, they’ll need to be replaced every 3 years or so. Afterward, the vinyl adhesive can leave a residue or peel off with extra efforts.

What should my signage say to communicate my company branding?

There are different types of signs, banners, stands and letter displays – but with one thing in common.
The message should be long enough to tell the customers what to expect from them and short enough to trigger their interest!
With  a clear message – professional designed display will be able to get you noticed.

Why do I need a office sign for my business?

Firstly, its it form of advertising. The office needs a good introduction to give its employees, employers, visitors and all those who come-and-go a corporate identity!
Secondly, exposure and measurable visibility. If the business is without a sign, it’s a  sign of no business.

Is there cost effective type of Office sign for all?

Front Signs offers more than 50 different types of signs and visual solutions to small and large corporates. For each and every one of our projects – we never created the same branding, and not all the sign types work best for all businesses.
To create brand awareness – we mix and match the signs specifically to your business and location.

As we have individual cases, we can’t measure their interior branding effectiveness with other corporate.
Otherwise, our goal is to select the right types – style and create right impression!

How to make a lasting impression with Office signs?

Office signs personalize corporate identity and create a specific glow to your interior. Corporate signage include  like door signs to restroom signs, window decals to banner stand. Having a bespoken solutions which truly depict your brand and create instant recognition.

How should I store my banner so it lasts longer?

To prolong the longevity of the Mesh banner, we suggest you roll with the back side of the printed graphics. Dry and cool location can be the best place to store the banner.

Why not to fold, as the inks can stick to each other if located under the heat for too long.

How long will the banners last?

All our banners – Vinyl, Mesh or fabric – can last from 2-5 years without fading. The conditions and the proper care, of course prolong the lifespan of the banner.

Do you make double-sided mesh banners?

Yes! We make double sided banners in case of custom orders.

Both one-sided and double sided mesh banners are printed separately and after which the printer can be sewn together to get a double-sided banner.

If you don’t want two sewn banners – we have a double Vinyl banner, which allows printing on both of the sides.

Is hem and grommets (metal eyelets) included on the banners?

Of course! depending on the size of the banner and the target location of installation- the grommets are accordingly placed – pre-spaced and hemmed.

In case, you’ll have specific preferences for the grommet placement – just let our designers know.

Can I change the message on the Menu Boards?

If you want to change the message on the sign you can order changeable menu boards. With these signs, you can easily change a separate line on the board. Also, you can get magnet menu boards or chalkboard menus. With chalkboard menus everything is apparent, you write it, wipe it off and then write again. As for the magnet boards, you can get separate lines or a new menu sheet and stick it to the existing magnet board.

What type of information should I have on Menu Boards?

Usually, these menu boards have the same information as the usual menus have.But you can have only a few special dishes mentioned on the board. Often these menu boards, chalkboards mostly, are used to inform about a special promotion on that specific day. For instance, “Buy 2 beers get the 3rd for free”.

Do Menu Boards help to boost sales in restaurants?

When someone reads all these dish names they get curious and want to try them especially if the picture of the dish is also displayed on it. This works best with new additions to the menu or with the special dish of the day. Normally, people might not pay attention to these items on the regular menu, but this way they will immediately notice them.

Also, menu boards cut the time of ordering. With regular full menus people take too long to decide what to order, this creates long queues. But with menu boards they have several options to choose from and this saves a lot of time for both customers and workers.

What type of Menu Boards should I choose?

We offer different types of Menu Board signs. You can choose the one that suits your business best. For instance, if you have a bar you can get chalkboard menu boards and hang them on the wall or put in front of the entrance. If you want something more eye-catching you can get illuminated menu board panels.

How should I take care of my magnet sign?

If the magnet print is meant for indoor and personal usages it won’t require any special care. the only kind of magnet that needs some care is car advertising magnet. You should mind that car magnets can partly lose their adhesiveness in some cases such as hot weather conditions, during car wash and other situations where additional force is applied.

Are magnets good for permanent advertising?

Magnets are highly adhesive and can stick to your car yet some weather conditions can decrease the adhesiveness of the magnet. Taking this into consideration, we suggest car decals which are a perfect substitute of magnets.
They stick to car safely and can’t be removed and reapplied. Only once you need them they will be removed with some help with a little sharp object.

Do car magnets stick to all kinds of cars?

We use highly adhesive magnets that will stick to all the cars only if they are made of ferromagnetic materials (materials tend to tighten with magnet). The magnet won’t stick to materials that have fiberglass or plastic doors or have been damaged and recovered with something different than metal.

Can I order magnets that don’t have the standard shape?

Yes you can. We create magnet prints at any shape and size according to your desired design. We suggest standard, overline, outline and rounded cutting services that can provide you with personalized magnets in any style.

How thick are your magnets?

Our magnets are only 0.030″ thick which means more practicality and elegance They won’t take much space neither on your fridge nor car. With this thickness you can have custom  advertising magnets that will be a pleasant decor for each place they will be applied.

Can different materials be combined to make lobby sign?

Usually, we don’t work with only one material when offering interior branding solutions. We create lobby signs from mixed and trendy combinations of materials to achieve the desired reflection of your brand and style.

You can choose the materials or our professional designers will assist in this process to reach our mutual goal – which creates one magnificent, harmonious interior to fall in love with. For example, we can combine wall decals, 3D wooden letters and PVC accent wall to create a dynamic and modern interior for IT companies and alike. OR use Aluminum sign to convey the image of loyalty and trust and acrylic plaques or prints to create a stable but elegant interior for professional establishments and so on and so forth.

Why do I need Lobby signs?

Lobby sign is uniquely designed and custom tailored to fit your physical space and brand – so its important that you create the good first impression – and this is not just words. Imagine your visitors – employees, guests, partners, vendors or just individuals entering your building – and the interior must “speak” to them – so create good – if not immense impression on them all.

What is a lobby sign?

Lobby sign is the collective name for interior branding signage of the reception area. The signage can be fabricated from materials and combinations of materials to best depict the company brand and style.

Lobby interior signs are the key indicator of your organization personality and professionalism.

Why choose led lighting for your lightbox sign?

Led lighting has become the number one choice for almost all modern illuminated signs including light box cabinets. LED lighting has mass advantages over other types of bulb as its – has longer lifespan – around 1/5th more hours as compared to fluorescent bulbs and 30% more energy efficient and less costly. The lighting system does not require constant maintenance, has low voltage and serves over several years.

Usage of the LED signs vary greatly. However, with the flexible design, color options, pixel pitch and density and your marketing goals – LED lighting do bring out the richness and luxury of your future sign.

What colors of Lightbox Signs can I get?

We can print on a white plexiglass sheet in any color you desire, as the signs are all customized. Also, we offer plastic to metal sheets in different colors and finishes to create the one-of-a-kind artwork for your business.

Can I use a Lightbox in the house?

Yes, you can use light boxes in home interior as well. Usually, people get cinema light boxes as a means of decoration as you can have anything written on these signs. Often people get their names or some kind of a quote to hang it on a wall or put it on a working desk.

Can I change the light bulb when it burns?

No, you can’t change it yourself. When one small bulb in the LED stripe burns, our professional craftsmen will come and change them within working hours.

How are Light Boxes made?

To make a light box we use the combinations of aluminum returns and back with acrylic or Lexan face. To depict the logo on the sign, we use UV inks for direct printing on acrylic or Lexan. The ink is dried with ultraviolet rays during the printing, which makes the printed graphics sun and fade resistant. Besides printing, we offer vinyl letterings to write anything you want on the lightbox sign.

What is the Best Plaque for office?

Plaques depict name and the title of the worker, number of the room in universities, offices or hotels. Plaques are also used as department and faculty directory, Directional Signs.   Brushed Aluminum or engraved plaques create a professional and solid look. For an inviting interior Signs, you can use Curved Signs with clean and curved lines. The panels are easy to update and move the modules. Highlight your Interior Signage with aesthetically cohesive look of the Curved Signs. Highly in-demand Sign with versatile design and usage purposes, Message Sign can inform that the meeting is in progress or vacant. Can tell that the room is in use or available, etc. An effective way to personalize the workspace of your employees is with the Cubicle Signs. Cubicle Aluminum Signs come in as a handy tool to design the office. It will also be easier for the customers to find their agent if needed.

How can I decorate the stairs?

The underestimated part of home or office, stairs can have a family quote vinyl sticker or be designed with engraved pieces of wood. Imagination has no limits, so do the solutions and the small details that can help you personalize your stairs as well.

Why do I need an Illuminated Sign?

Using illuminated sign depends on the purpose of your sign. The main question that you should ask yourself is “Do I need my sign to be visible at night – provide better visual presence, etc?”. If the answer is yes, then you should get an illuminated sign.

What’s the difference between Neon and LED illuminated Signs?

Both LED and Neon Custom Signs have their audience and areas of applications.

LEDs are more energy efficient than Neon light boxes or Channel letters. Visibly there is also a difference between the two. LEDs provide a brighter light, while Neon lights have a warmer light, are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Neon bulb is used to add a romantic feel to the location. Also, LEDs are cheaper than Neon lights. If you are looking for a more modern sign then you can choose a LED light box. But if you need a retro looking sign then Neon light boxes are perfect for that. The choice depends on the overall design and interior layout.

What are Marquee Letters?

It’s an individually cut letter sign with chasing lights or irregularly flashing illumination. Marquee letters or Letter lights gain more and more popularity. From A-Z, Marquee letters have mass usage for business establishments as well as home decorations. Marquee Letter signs are even seen at weddings and birthday celebrations.

What are Front and Back lit letter signs?

Front and back lit signs contain the benefits of both types of illumination. Illuminated from both sides, the signs create a totally incomparable look and feel. Front and Back-lit letters have a beautiful and eye-catching effect to boost your business.

Should I get backlighting for my lobby sign?

If you want an illuminated sign – there are lots of styles and installation finishes to choose from. Each one of the illuminated signs – Halo-lit and Reverse-lit, or Dual and push thru letter signs have a unique light effect and stunning glow to create a bold and adequate look.

What are the manufacturing specs of Halo Lit Letters?

Letter size and depth: customized
Style: Individually – internally lit letters and logo
Font: plethora of styles available
Mounting: Directly onto the wall
Usage: outdoor and indoor
Materials: Aluminum base, Acrylic face

What is the Difference between Push Through Letters and Halo Channel Letters?

Both halo lit signs and push thru letters are cabinet signs. The difference is in the fabrication technique and hence the illumination.
Halo Lit Letters are internally lit signs with Aluminum face and Acrylic sides, which creates edge lit illumination.
Push thru letters are stencil cut letters with Acrylic face – this the the whole lit Push thru letters OR The push thru cabinet sign can have Aluminum sided and clear Acrylic face – hence push thru front-lit letters.

What are use cases for Gator Board Signs?

Gatorboard is a cost-effective and affordable sign-to-have for small and medium businesses. Gatorboard prints usually come with matte finish and are used for menu boards, conference and event displays, tradeshows and even job and craft fair exhibitions.

Can be ideal choice for promotional and kiosk displays.

Can you custom cut gatorboard?

Yes, our digital cutting machine allows us give different shapes to any material – let it be gatorboard, PVC, foamboard, etc. This means that you are free to design any type of sign for your business or personal use.

Can I have double printing on Gatorboard?

Yes, Front Signs can print your graphics on both sides of the gatorboard. You can have the same graphics on both sides or have different designs on the sides of your sign. This will add extra visibility to your sign from different sides.

What’s the difference between Gator board and PVC?

PVC is foamed polyvinyl chloride and gatorboard is polystyrene. PVC can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, yet gatorboard is less durable and has shorter exterior lifespan. We have a whole blog post dedicated to the comparison of these two materials and plus foamboard.

Can I use Gatorboard outdoors?

Not recommended. Gatorboard is a durable material meant for long-term indoor usages yet harsh weather conditions and sun rays may be harmful for it when used outdoors. Though short term applications in good weather conditions will not harm the display. Anyway for longer usages and better look of your sign – keep gatorboard for interior promotions and decorations.

Can one see through frosted decals from the inside?

No, the main advantage of frosted decals is that they don’t let the unwanted glances transpass the glass. They block the view yet let the daylight pass the glass providing the necessary illumination for the working atmosphere.

Do frosted decals come in different colors?

Yes. Originally being greyish, frosted decals can be custom printed and take any color your design suggests. High quality UV inks provide the vividness of colors and fade resistance of your graphics. There are more than 80 colors to get the custom color of your design and provide the exactness of your design.

Is Frosted window film suitable for bathrooms?

If your bathroom consists of glass doors or windows, frosted decals can be the means you need for adding some privacy there. You can have some thematic graphics there or just use some standard frosted decals just for blocking the view.

Where are frosted decals used?

Because of their non-transparent nature, frosted decals are widely used on glasslike materials when privacy is necessary. These projects are mostly conference and meeting rooms, different office rooms or departments separated from each other with glass doors, etc. Frosted decals make the glass non transparent at the same time depicting some personalized graphics.

What means are there to make the glass obscure?

Front Signs suggests you one of the best and visually pleasing ways of making your glass obscure. Frosted decals are the tool that will give feel of privacy at the same time provide pleasant environment in your place.

What is the original color of foam boards?

The default colors of our foam board material are white and black. This means that the parts without any graphics will remain with the default color of the material – so choose the one which you think will best showcase your design and mood. Also mind that the sides of the sign may remain unpainted, so take that fact into consideration too.

Do you print double sided on foam board?

Yes. We are happy to inform you that we provide you with double sided printing on foam boards. This is an incredible way of increasing sales, getting more visible and drawing the attention of more potential customers.

Can I have drilled holes on my foam board sign?

No. Foam board is a soft material and any hard work on it can cause the deformation of your sign. Drilled holes work well on rigid materials such as aluminum, acrylic, wood, etc. Other than these materials drilled holes are not recommended and you can think of other alternatives for your sign installation such as velcro, hanging strips, wires and ropes, etc.

Is there any difference between foam board and gatorboard?

Foam board is a material with foam core and paper veneers. Gatorboard is a material with polystyrene core. This means that gatorboard is more durable. Yet they both are used indoors and have a professional look. For more detailed information read our post on the comparison of the two alike material characteristics.

Can I use foam board in outdoor applications?

Yes. Being a soft material accustomed to stable temperatures Foam board will serve you longer if you use it indoors. This will allow you to use the sign longer and with a fresher look.  Yet short-term exterior applications are also permissible

How can I take care of my foam board sign?

Here are some tips that will help you keep your foam board sign in the ideal condition:

Keep the sign environment at 68°F – 75°F (20°C – 24°C)

Keep the sign at a relative humidity between 45-50%.

Store or put it on flat surfaces.

Try to keep the foam board away from exterior doors and windows for stable temperature.

Where can I use floor decals?

Floor decals are very versatile. You can use them both for decorations and advertising. If you need to raise some interest in your building 3D floor graphics are an amazing tool of it. You can also decorate the floors of your wedding hall, celebration area or the entrance of any building with a welcoming message.  

For promotions, you can have “sale” messages printed on floor decals and install it in front of your store or in the street – for directing people to you. This will work fine also with some informational message telling people that you are in the place where the floor decal shows to them.

Are floor decals easily removable?

Floor decals are strong enough to stick to the floor and not to peel off until you do it yourself. Yet they are easy to remove. Just peel a little part of it off with a sharp object and peel the rest with hand. The vinyl will be removed easily. In case of some residues that may be caused because of long term application, just use some soapy water with a cloth and you are done.

Are floor decals durable?

Yes, they are. Floor graphics are made of a special kind of vinyl that is durable and can withstand foot traffic up to one year. They are perfect for short-term promotions and can be easily removed once the promotion is over.

In what shapes can I have my floor decals?

Floor decals are custom advertising or decorative means that can take any shape you want. Give us the design you have in mind and we will bring your image to life. We would like to mention that the most common shape of floor graphics is footsteps. As floor stickers are mainly meant for showing directions, this is the very shape that can clearly deliver your message.

What is a floor decal?

Floor Decals are of special kind of Vinyl.  More durable and lasting. Can serve up to 1 year with constant foot traffic. Floor decals are made in any size you will need. They are very convenient for your store, especially if it is hiding somewhere to bring people to you.

Where can I use the fabric banner?

The fabric banners come as a visually stunning medium ideal to variety of applications. The latest trend is however, the trade show advertising in a form of tablecloth or hanging banner., photo ops, or stage scenes.

Will the fabric banner wrinkle resistant?

You don’t need to worry about the wrinkling if used and stored according to our guidelines. Not to lose the initial warm look and flowing quality of the graphics, you can fold it lightly and keep in a dry place.

Is fabric thicker than vinyl?

There is a difference between the thickness and also the weigh. The fabric banner is 0.03” while Vinyl is 0.02” thick, while the weight of the fabric banner is 0.9oz and Vinyl 12oz.

How do I hang my cloth banner?

Fabric banners come with grommet or pole pocket finish, which allows to hang your banner from variety of accessories. You can use zip ties, or bungee cords to fix the graphics. Moreover, to fasten the banner you can use nylon ropes or hanging clips.

Can I include logo or custom message on my banner?

Absolutely! You can add your logos or custom graphics and messaging. In case you need help, Our designers are ready to consult and offer only the best fit for your special quote.

Who uses a fabric banner?

Institutions like schools churches and alike, use Fabric banner over the Vinyl as its more eco-friendly and has more traditional and vintage feel. Fabric banners have beautiful matte finish, which is perfect to prevent lights from reflecting. Hence, Fabric banner is widely used for holiday and event celebrations to highlight the festive vibes and what not!

What is the care of Custom Signs?

Different types of signs require different care. Custom signs are used in numerous industries and institutions. Made of such durable materials as Acrylic, Aluminum and PVC, wholesale Channel letters don’t require much care. They are long lasting and have long lifespan outdoor or indoor. Proper care will keep the exceptional color density and give clarity and sharpness to the display.

Usually, you can just take the dust off your sign. If you have an outdoor signage such as Pylon sign, you can wash it to take the dirt off. But if you have wooden signs, then you can just wipe it with a dry cloth, as wooden signs need to be kept dry.Avoid using chemical liquids or a scrub not to damage the surface.

Which is the best material combination for offices?

To find the best choice among the variety of interior office signs – to match layout and design of your business – can be tricky. With different materials to work with, we recommend highly popular and different combinations in our blog post about material combinations. You can even visit our showroom to get firsthand experience on how to build a sign for your business establishment.

What type of Directional Signs do you offer?

In business centers where the use of space can vary, Interchangeable Tenant Signs can be used. For more minimalist look, you can use Hanging Wayfinding Signs to direct them towards the departments, restrooms, etc. Custom under-awning Interior signs also can be used when the traffic space is limited.

What is a Directional Sign?

Directional or wayfinding signs show directions, thus need to be as simple as possible not to cause any confusion among the visitors.



Are there any creative signage solutions for home interior design?

Wall Decals and Wall Signs are a nice way to spice up your home layout. The customized PVC, Wall Artwork, Canvas prints add personality to your home. Furthermore, Wall Blade Sign is a highly unique way to show room location. The vintage or any other style of Blade Sign will highlight your delicate taste. It can be a decorative wayfinding Sign, room or department name Sign. The nice alternative can be hanging door Signs. Canvas prints can depict a family trip, artwork or landscape. Canvas Collage and Wall Cluster create one dynamic picture or just depict the picture of your favorite city. Wooden Signs with inspirational quotes or large 3D Letters on the walls of the hallway create a classy and elegant look. The Established Signs will always remind you of that beautiful day of your life that gave a start to your family.

Which material should I choose for my personalized sign?

We offer a variety of materials for custom signs. Some types of signs are made of certain types of materials. When making an order, we offer you types of materials based on the type of the sign you choose.

What information should my sign have on it?

Actually, you can have anything written on your Customized Sign you want your customers to notice. It can be the name or the logo of your brand, some information about your business type, operating hours, etc. You can get decorative Signs with motivational quotes, etc.

What is the most effective Custom Sign for my business?

Sign effectiveness depends on what type of business you own and services you offer, also business location and other factors. For a restaurant business, you can get personalized menu boards, a light box with the name of your restaurant. If you have a big company you can get channel letters to fix them on top of your building. For business centers, you can order pylon sign with the names of all the companies that do business in your venue. Contact us and we will offer signage solutions for every type of businesses.

Why do I need a Custom Sign for my business?

There are many reasons, but we are going to mention only some of them. Business signs are very effective for the marketing of your brand. A sign – custom tailored to fit YOUR business – is the best way to draw attention and leads. And finally, it is proven that signs increase the brand awareness and sales.

Where else can I use coroplast signs?

Coroplast signs are good for construction sites so as to inform or direct the passers-by of potential danger. Wall signage is another popular application – the name and the logo of the establishment can be printed on the material and fixed on the facade of the building. Business, educational or corporate establishments to display various messages.

What message Should My Coroplast Sign have?

The messaging can contain from a simple design to creative – juicy to intrigue your potential clients. Corrugated plastic signs are used to announce upcoming events, direct, provide temporary advertising of restaurant specials and so much more. So, depending on the purpose and the location, Coro signs can be used at any size and color. If you are not sure, contact our dear Rose for more information.

Why use coroplast signs?

Coroplast is a lightweight, cost-effective material for short-term and long-term both for exterior and interior uses. The coroplast signs can be the solution to many of your next projects. It’s flexible and adaptable enough, which makes it the ideal choice for realtors, advertisers, individuals and so on and so forth. Its advertising dollars for its effective visual presence and variety of solutions.

What is Coroplast?

Coroplast is the brand name for the corrugated plastic material. It’s a board made of thin polypropylene substrate. It’s the durable version of cardboard – with its zig-zagged layers in between two thin plastic sheets. The material is impact resistant and ideal for temporary and mid-term outdoor applications.

Will my signs meet the sign and building codes in my area?

Each state has different outdoor signage requirements. Our Signage solutions are fabricated to meet the California’s city codes. However, we provide sign permit services if needed in case you have permit and installation assistance.

What size and shape of illuminated Letters do you recommend?

Illuminated wholesale letters are seen from big distances. Their sizes usually vary from 12” to 24”. However, the sizes are customized and the sign is made according to your requirements. Illuminated letter shapes are given in accordance with your design.

If you are not sure about your sign sizes and shape, please, contact our customer service team. Let our professionals help you with their knowledge and experience.

What are Front-lit Channel Letter Signs?

Face-lit Dimensional letters are the most common type of build up letter signs. The letters emit light from the front of the sign, through an Acrylic face, hence the name. Signs are easily visible from afar. Front lit or standard light up letters are created mostly with Acrylic or similar translucent material like Lexan. This style creates 180-degree bright illumination. Institutions that can benefit from Face lit logo signs are medical and dental offices, spas, beauty salon, boutiques and even ice cream shops, and why not restaurants, food points, stores and any other business establishment.

How long do vehicle graphics last?

The average lifespan of vinyl wraps is 5 years. A well cared vinyl can serve even longer. This all depends in what conditions the car is kept, in which condition the car was before applying the wrap, etc. But mainly the vehicle wraps are meant for long-term usage and are one of the most long-lasting types of outdoor advertising.

Do you wrap anything other than car?

Yes, apart from cars we wrap other vehicles as well such as boats, motorbikes, ships and whatnot. Our professional craftsmen are able to wrap every kind of vehicle with high professionalism.

How should I take care of my wrapped vehicle?

We advise you to hand wash the car for longevity and the fresh look of your wrap. Pressure washers may harm the wrap so try to avoid them. Washing the car with a soft cloth will be enough.

Will the wrap damage my paint?

Generally, wraps do not damage the car paint unless there were some damaged parts on it before or vehicle was too old. The most possible inconvenience caused by the wrap can be the case that when you remove the film from a part of the car after a long time, the color under the wrap and the other parts of the vehicle may differ.

Are car wraps applied to windows?

Yes, when wrapping the vehicle windows are also included in the process. Yet there may be some differences in the material. For car wrapping, we use high-quality films that provide super fixation on the car material. For windows, we have some other options depending on your needs. For high visibility we can offer clear decal, for one way visibility – perforated decals, if you don’t have a problem with window blocking, so opaque and frosted decals are what you need.

What is a car wrap?

Vehicle wraps are extremely cost effective advertising medium of high performance and large impression.

The digitally printed car vinyl can have literally any photo or graphics on any painted or glossy part of the vehicle.

What is the best way to install the canvas?

Firstly, it depends on the finish – the canvas prints either come with pole pockets, frames or without frames. So accordingly, canvases can be hung from a pole, zip ties or other accessories. For framed artworks, we provide hanging kits or command strips to direct mount them to the wall.

How do I clean the canvas?

If the canvas gets dusty, just clean it with a soft and dry piece of cloth. We do not recommend deeper cleaning. All in all, canvas prints are generally very durable, smudge & fingerprint resistant and require low maintenance.

How long will the canvas last?

The canvas prints have a lifetime guarantee as the material can last decades indoors without losing the vividness of the initial color.

Can I spread my image across multiple canvases of different sizes?

Definitely! We have a plethora of layouts and canvas configurations. Get a quote now and enjoy the canvas wall clusters!

What if I want my canvas framed?

Our support team will discuss the frame edge options, of which you are free to choose the one your heart is content with. After that, the graphics printed on canvas will be hand-stretched to the frame.

Which type of frame will my canvas be stretched around?

We use sturdy wooden bars, which are made to suit your custom frame size.

Can you remove blemishes from pictures?

Yes, minor blemishes can be removed by our designers. Get in contact with our professionals and discuss your custom requirements.

Why should I use canvas prints?

Canvas prints are an ideal way to display the finest images with the best quality possible. The prints have artistic creativity –  incredible rich color and deepness. The canvas artworks are the eco-friendly and affordable means for fine art – photography exhibitions or interior decorations, that each and every one of our customers chooses.


Can Dibond have a Brushed finish?

Dibond is a Polyethylene core enclosed by two sheets of Aluminum. Thus Dibond Aluminum can have mill, matte and, of course, brushed finish.

Will the print fade or scratch?

The Aluminum is not an easy material to scratch. Moreover, the inks are fade resistant and highly durable. However, the sign comes UV laminated which serves as an extra protecting layer for both sun rays and scratches.

Can I have double sided printing on brushed aluminum?

Usually Brushed Aluminum signs have one sided prints as they are fixed onto the wall with standoffs, command strips, etc.  

We offer Custom Brushed Aluminum signs, which means you can order any sign with your custom requirements. Thus, your brushed metal sign can have double or one sided prints.

How do I know which surface looks best Aluminum mill or brushed?

Aluminum standard mill material looks like a vibrant – full color printed – brilliant artwork with a deep matte and semi-glossy finish.

In case of Brushed aluminum, the clear parts of the sign have artsy Brushed Aluminum background. Both have a metallic look and highly solid touch of professional branding.

Can I remove my backlit decals?

Backlit decals – like our other decals such as clear, opaque, frosted and perforated – are removable. Yet this doesn’t mean that they will easily remove after some time of application. Our decals are highly adhesive and stay to the advertising means as long as it is necessary. You can easily remove your backlit decal with something sharp without harming the surface. In case of any difficulties use hair dryer or turn to our professionals.

What is the original color of backlit decals?

Backlit decals are originally opaque but it doesn’t mean that your printed graphics will have anything white on them. The white background makes the print more vivid and is seen only on the places when printing is missing. If you have any problem with this just tell us what color you need the unprinted parts to be and we will get the very graphics you had in mind.

Can I have my backlit decals with the shapes I want?

Backlit decals are too versatile. They can be cut at any shape you will choose. Any detailed and complicated image and shape can be cut from this wonderful material. The vinyl plotter cutting machine is capable of giving any shape to the decal. Printing option widens the possibilities of getting any design available.

Where can I use backlit decals?

Backlit decals are an amazing way to make your message more visible and deliver it to a broader audience. They can be stuck to transparent materials and being lighted from behind become more visible. The most common usages are lightbox signs, lighted signs, menu displays and window advertising.

What materials can I use backlit decals with?

As backlit decals need light from behind to trespass through them, a transparent material is a must for their base. These kinds of materials are acrylic and lexan. Their transparent nature is the necessary condition for light transmission. They make the graphics printed on the decals brighter and clearer.

What is the Standard Aluminum sheet thickness?

We offer Aluminum panel sheets with common 0.032” and 0.040”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2” thicknesses. However, there are other available thicknesses in case you have special needs and requirements.

Are color Aluminum sheets available to the signage industry?

Front Signs offers the Standard white, bright silver, black and gold colors of the Aluminum sheets. Also, we offer painting services, which means we can offer Aluminum signs with any color you require.

Aluminum or Dibond: Which one should I use for my outdoor sign?

Aluminum and Dibond materials are durable and portable for outdoor usage. Dibond is a bit lightweight material compared to Standard Aluminum panel. Both Custom Aluminum and Dibond Signs give more resilient and industrial yet simple look.

What is the difference between Aluminum Mill, Brushed and Reflective Signs? Where can I use each of them?

We offer Mill, Brushed, Glossy, Matte finishes for Aluminum signs. All three serve different purposes.
Read the specifications of each of the signs and areas of applications at our blog post Standard VS Brushed VS Reflective Aluminum  and choose the one based on your establishment layout and brand style.

What are outdoor Aluminum Signs used for?

With the solid look, Aluminum metal signs have unending options of realization. Many companies choose Aluminum Channel signs as they are durable, rust and corrosion resistant and versatile in usage. Health, Dining, and other business establishments use Aluminum Logo signs, Directional signs, Safety signs, Pylon signs and many more.

What are some common Signs made of Aluminum?

Aluminum Logo signs, name plaques and interior decorative artworks are the most popular signs our customers entrust us with. Not speaking of Channel Letters and Lightboxes, where Aluminum back and side constructions are required by law.

What are Aluminum signs?

Aluminum is strong, extremely naturally resistant to rot and corrosion metal. Compared to other metals, it is lightweight and makes the perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor branding signage.

This a resilient material which looks great after years, comes with smooth polished finish and great print quality.

Are the edges of Acrylic polished or not?

We can provide you with Acrylic with your desired edge finish. There are two options either the edges have a raw-cut finish or they are polished.

What colors of Acrylic are available?

One of the types of Acrylic is colored Acrylic and we offer the following colors: blue, green, yellow, red, black and white. But in case if you need a custom color, we offer painting services as well. You can get Acrylic painted in 80.000 various color shades.

How to drill holes in an Acrylic sheet without cracking it?

Well, the main reason that the material cracks is the amount of pressure you apply while drilling it. You can try to put another material under the Acrylic, eg. wood, so the drill exiting the Acrylic will continue drilling. This way the pressure will not crack the material.

Can an Acrylic sheet be easily scratched?

The answer can be a little controversial because to say that Acrylic cannot be scratched would be a lie. However, it is not easy to scratch an Acrylic, you have to put some pressure on it. But it is recommended to cover it with something, so it will not get scratched from other objects.

Does Acrylic turn yellow from the sun?

Sunlight and its ultraviolet rays can have some effect on different plastics and Acrylic is not an exception. After being exposed to direct sunlight for a long period, Acrylic might turn a little yellow. But this does not affect its durability.

What types of Letter signs are there for Interior design?

We offer non-illuminated and lit letter signage. You can create create dimensions and brand style with 3D office signs and exterior building logo signs. Furthermore, push thru letters create mind-blowing dimensions whilst used indoors and outdoors.

Letter signs can be backlit, front-lit or both. All the types of illuminated letters welcome and create an exceptional impact on the visitors: guests, workers and clients. Reverse lit letters create special glow which is so appealing. Whereas, front lit build up letters perfectly merge with surroundings and stress the logo and create a warm feel.

What types of Letter Signs are available?

Generally, Front Signs offers front-lit channel letters, backlit or reverse letter signs, Halo lit letters, push thru letters, other types of illuminated signs like Front/backlit or Dual letters, whole lit, side lit and etc. For impactful design and branding, we also offer non-illuminated signs. 

Which are the best materials for 3D Letters?

You won’t be surprised to know that acrylic is very suitable and popular material for 3D letters for its transparent and translucent finishes. A feature that allows the light to pass through it, thus make the ideal illumination for dimensional signs. Alternative can be lexan material. On the other hand, aluminum is the other most popular material for dimensional letters. It is also extremely durable and weather-resistant. For internal Usage – you can use any types of material in our disposal to create outstanding brand presence.

What are Dimensional or 3D Letters?

Sign letters are volumetric signs that have height and width and also depth that adds an element of dimension to a flat sign and makes it visible from different angles. These Individual, non-illuminated letters mounted on the flat surface provide extra visibility. Made of durable materials, 3D signs serve as Logo and/or company name signs, interior dimensional graphics, and so on. It’s a great promotional and decorative tool.

Dimensional signs contain letters, images, numbers and symbols – aligned and secured to be mounted on the target surface.

What’s the difference between Acrylic and Lexan?

The difference between Acrylic and Lexan is that the latter is lighter and more damage resistant. Also, plexiglass sheet has a standard size, while Lexan comes in a roll and can be cut to any size. This means that we can create any size and shape of a custom sign with a whole list of Lexan material. Thus, lexan is ideal to create any custom size light boxes and Channel Letter signs. Acrylic signs are equally used for exterior and interior applications.