Signage Repair Services in Los Angeles

Front Signs, a prominent sign making company based in Los Angeles, can prepare a signage maintenance program suitable to your budget and needs. Whether it’s our product or not, our signage maintenance and repair crew will leave your displays looking brand new. We’ll fix up your business signs to ensure longevity and appeal.

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Full Signage Repair and Maintenance Services

In addition to our sign manufacturing services, we also provide end-to-end signage maintenance services. These including business and commercial sign repair, preventative and general sign maintenance, weather/vandalism damage repair, color enhancement, signage maintenance for LED displays, sign replacement and custom sign services upon request.

New Road commercial sign repair of an outdoor business display made of aluminum for branding

Signage Maintenance in Different Stages

Visual communication tools such as 3D signs will go unnoticed or even deter customers if they’re non-operational, damaged or in disarray. Poor signage maintenance can lead to dull paint or dim LED lights on your logo signs or trade show displays. A letter lost or the entire design going dark could mean loss of customers and a decreased return on your investment.

Our expert technicians diagnose and establish a signage maintenance plan specific to your needs. You can choose from the following sign maintenance programs:

  • General sign maintenance
  • Preventative sign maintenance
  • Emergency sign maintenance
Tonal signage repair of a pool event display made of aluminum and acrylic for branding
New Image Dental signage repair of a pink display made of aluminum and acrylic for branding

Sign Face and Sign Board Repair Services

Our in-house technicians handle sign maintenance projects of all types, regardless of  manufacturer, materials and size. We have extensive experience as a sign repair company, offering fast and cost-effective business sign repair services throughout LA county. 

Our expert technicians are trained to diagnose and fix large as well as minor problems to make sure your product is functioning at full force. Whether it’s structural or electric signage repair for corporate event signage and beyond, we have you covered. Our team has the skills and resources to excel in every aspect of commercial sign repair, for both indoor and outdoor sign repair.

Timeless led sign repair of the brand name display made of aluminum, acrylic and lexan

Other Damaged Signage Part Repair Services

Our specialists are ready for on-site signage maintenance and commercial sign repair, whether you need them for high rise signs, lobby signs or anything else. We provide superior signage repair services that can tackle displays of any type and in any condition.

Our sign repair and maintenance technicians take care of any damage, give the existing visual a lift and return it to its former glory. Our turnkey business sign repair services include missing or unsecured trim repair, bent frame repair, weather/vandalism damage repair, certified electrical fixes and many more custom repair services.

Commercial Sign Repair Services by Display Type

There are a few types of signage repair services you should consider. You can turn to us with all kinds of commercial sign repair issues. We take care of everything from stadium signage to large format printing. Below, you can find popular business sign repair options we offer.

Honda commercial sign repair of the blue storefront brand name made of acrylic and aluminum
Olympic Hotel outdoor sign repair of the blue display made of aluminum and acrylic

Outdoor Building Sign Repair

Due to long exposure to changing weather conditions, outdoor signs begin to crack and discolor. Especially when high up on the facade, outdoor building signs can become a public safety hazard without regular signage repair. With our outdoor sign repair services, we’ll bring back or maintain the initial look of any product in a timely manner. 

MGM Resort marquee signage repair of the large display made of aluminum for event promotion

LED and Marquee Sign Repair

Light up signs for business are staple marketing tools that sometimes require LED signage repair. Our LED sign repair services are a phone call away from inspection and component repair. If you’re having trouble with your marquee signs or channel letters and want to upgrade to a modern system, we provide LED signage repair. We also offer fast-paced solutions for emergency situations.

Annenberg monument sign repair of a lit solar-powered display made of aluminum, lexan and vinyl

Monument, Pylon and Pole Sign Repair

Here at Front Signs, we also offer monument sign repair and pylon sign repair services. If you need a check up for monument signs and pylon signs due to fading colors, material cracks, electrical issues and so on, our crew will detect the damage and fix it in no time. We have the resources to work on sign repair and maintenance for tall and large-scale displays.

Quality Equipment Rentals metal sign restoration of a tall display with a crane supporting it

Metal and Other Rigid Material Sign Restoration

High-quality metal and aluminum signs will stay in good shape and retain their prime look for years with regular maintenance. Rigid materials including acrylic signs will also endure with proper care. However, there comes a time when signage repair, including metal sign restoration, becomes inevitable. We provide sign repair and new sign design services for all types of rigid materials. Upgrade your brand displays to keep up with the latest trends. 

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    Signage Repair FAQs


    We have a product that needs signage repair but it was made by another company. Can you fix it?

    Yes, we provide all types of sign repair services regardless of who made them. We also offer sign installation services in case in case you're upgrading to a new display.

    Do you offer legal services alongside signage maintenance and repair?

    We offer sign permitting services which are mandated for outdoor products with lighting. We’ll take care of the tedious paperwork required for obtaining city permits. We can also set-up, alter or relocate displays as needed.