Light Up Signs for Businesses in Los Angeles and USA-Wide

Light up signs are a magnificent way to showcase your message, be it day or night. Lighted signs offer a wide array of design styles, illumination options and other features to achieve your business goals. Displayed indoors or outdoors, custom light up signs will grab everyone’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

Front Signs is a sign making company which offers state-of-the-art custom light up signs for business promotions, advertising and beyond in Los Angeles and USA-wide. We create stunning business signs which give your organization an irresistible appeal.

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Applications for Light Up Signs

Custom light up signs are beneficial for businesses and institutions in all industries. From hotels to churches, any organization can elevate their appeal with lighted signs.

Custom light up signs, whether they’re used as logo signs or building signs, create iconic displays for your establishment and reel in passersby.

LA Times backlit sign displaying the brand name made of opaque vinyl, aluminum, and acrylic
No Other Way Production light up sign for business made of acrylic and aluminum

Light Up Office Signs

Custom lighted signs are widely used indoors. Office signs, when illuminated, take your branding to a whole new level. Light up signs for business, and especially a backlit logo sign will put your brand image front and center. Lighted signs spelling out your company name or motto are also attractive solutions.

Annenberg light up signs for business in a box shape made of aluminum, Lexan, and backlit vinyl

Light Up Event Signs

Different types and styles of freestanding custom light up signs make popular corporate event signage. If you want your brand to be the talk of an event, make sure to use custom lighted signs with trade show displays, stadium signage or another medium. They’ll be a dazzling centerpiece and pull people to your venue.

Famochil light up sign for business in white made of acrylic and aluminum

Light Up Service Signs

Custom lighted signs are especially popular in the services sector. Common examples are spa, theme park, hotel, cafe and bar light up signs. Restaurant signs are another example of displays that can be illuminated. Luminous displays boost brand recognition and increase customer flow. This sector relies heavily on foot traffic and high-end lighted signs to attract passersby.

Nordstrom Local light up sign for business made of aluminum and acrylic

Light Up Retail Signs

Store signs with lighting attract new customers and reinforce your brand identity. Light up signs for business venues in the retail sector are striking and help you stand out from the crowd. Establishments of all sizes use custom lighted signs to display their logo and brand name.

Ocean Express Wash light up sign for business made of Lexan for outdoor visibility

Light Up Street Signs

Light up signs for business advertising should be the foundation of your marketing strategy. Outdoor lighted signs showcasing your logo or brand name will emphasize your presence and amplify your message. Expand your reach using lighted signs and become a household name.

Types of Custom Light Up Signs

Custom light up signs for business settings come in a wide range of styles. Use lighted channel letters or backlit acrylic signage to represent your image with originality and good taste. Custom lighted signs offer a host of advantages and may be combined for complete branding.

TFC Pharmacy custom light up sign with the brand name and logo made of aluminum and acrylic
Ways illuminated letters displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

Illuminated Letters

Channel letters are among the most sought-after custom light up signs for branding. Lighted signs spelling out words and phrases help with promotions in various locations. Our team of experts produces light up signs with a clean aesthetic and custom features to suit your needs. These large light up letters are an elegant way to represent your brand name, slogan or any other message.

Sixt blade light up sign in a box shape and in red color made of aluminum and acrylic

Blade Light Up Signs

Blade-style lighted signs look ravishing when illuminated from both sides. Such custom light up signs are widely used to mark your location and direct foot traffic. A blade sign is a type of wall-mounted lighted signs which sticks out of the wall over store entrances. Light up signs for business venues in this style are a great wayfinding tool for passersby. Both front lit displays and custom backlit signs are perfect for maximizing visibility.

Bungalow Coffee light up sign in a wall blade-style made of aluminum and acrylic

Box Type Lighted Signs

Light box signs are enclosed structures made in various shapes with internal illumination. These light up signs are typically made of acrylic and aluminum. An acrylic light box is often used to display the company logo or brand name. It can also relay information. These light up signs can be freestanding, hanging or wall-mounted.

Nordstrom Local light up sign for business made of aluminum and acrylic

Push Through Light Up Signs

Push through signs are fabricated with a unique method, giving these custom lighted signs a striking appearance. A lighted acrylic sign containing text is ‘pushed’ out from a back panel which has the shape of the letters cut out. This adds a dimension to light up signs. These custom light up signs can showcase the company name, a logo or other designs.

MGM Resorts light up sign in marquee style aluminum displaying the brand name

Marquee Lighted Signs

Marquee signs have a vintage appearance with a modern twist. Big marquee letters draw attention to your brand wherever they’re placed. These custom light up signs for business venues have a retro cinema board look to give your brand image a nostalgic feel. Consider lighted signs to establish a unique appeal with marquee-style displays.

The Liquor Fountain Store light up sign for business in yellow made of aluminum and acrylic

Pylon Light Up Signs

Most frequently used outdoors, pylon signs are large light up signs that amplify any message. These freestanding custom light up signs showcase messages with personalized graphics. They’re perfect for single brands and business plazas alike. These lighted signs are unrivaled when it comes to capturing attention even on streets with high-speed traffic.

Act1 Talent custom light up sign with a big round construction made of aluminum and acrylic

Custom Light Up Signs

Every company needs a unique touch to distinguish their custom light up signs for business. We offer custom lighted signs that will personalize your brand image, making it instantly recognizable. Present your identity with class using custom light up signs. With us, you have full freedom when it comes to choosing materials, lighting, designs, mounting options and beyond to create fully custom signs.

Lighted Signs Illumination Options

Custom lighted signs come with a range of illumination options. The selection depends on factors like other existing sources of light in the area, mounting methods fit for the location, the visibility distance for the display and so on. From backlit metal signs to fully illuminated solutions, our team is capable of designing the best custom light up signs for business venues.

Seyhart business light up sign letters with reverse illumination made of aluminum and acrylic
Ameriabank light up signs with fully illuminated acrylic letters for interior design

Full Illumination

Custom lighted signs that have lighting which illuminates the entire display allow for maximum visibility. This option is available for different types of lighted displays. If mounted on a wall or backing panel, aluminum is used for the back of fully-lit displays to comply with building safety standards.

Orion Optical face illuminated letters displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

Face Illumination

Lighted signs with face illumination are widely used for their signature appearance. The display face is translucent and allows light to be emitted. The other parts are made of aluminum to create opacity and ensure durability. This option is widely used for custom light up signs that spell out words.

Drury University light up logo sign with side LED illumination made of aluminum and acrylic

Side Illumination

Side-lit light up signs make intricate and gleaming silhouette shapes. They’re also called halo-lit signs for the shining halo effect the lights cast. These displays can be mounted on walls or displayed against back panels.

Armani Exchange backlit sign displaying the brand name and logo made of aluminum and acrylic

Back Illumination

Reverse channel letters and similar displays are also popular types of lighted signs. The face and sides of these custom solutions are made of aluminum. The back is made of translucent materials. Outdoor backlit signs make your message glow.

Dandy brand light up sign letters with colorful dual illumination made of aluminum and acrylic

Dual Illumination

Lighted signs with the dual-lit feature are illuminated from the front and back. Only the sides of these light up signs are made of aluminum while the face and back are made of translucent materials. Dual-lit displays are a bright choice for branding. A strategically-placed wall logo  will convey your message with distinction.

Updrop brand business light up sign with edge illumination of an engraved text on acrylic

Edge Illumination

Edge-lit displays are made of thin, clear plastic sheets illuminated at the edges. Edge-lit displays can be set up in multiple ways such as by hanging, wall mounting or freestanding. Lighted signs are perfect for highlighting company names, logos and more.

Terrabite brand LED custom light up sign of the company name in aluminum and acrylic

Custom Illumination

We have extensive experience with lighted signs. Customized illumination options are made special for each project. We’ll ensure your displays are up to code and bring value to your branding. Besides LED illumination, we offer neon lighting and much more for lighted signs.

LED Illumination Specifications

Custom light up signs are a pinnacle of outdoor advertising. LED lighting offers many advantages that make these displays the best choice for successful campaigns. Choose any illuminated display and our sign making process will give you perfect results.

For starters, an illuminated logo with LED lighting is energy efficient and has a long lifespan. These displays are also more fire-safe as they emit much less heat than other lighting options. Lighted signs are applicable indoors and outdoors. Lastly, they can withstand most weather conditions.

The Suites Spot custom backlit sign with the brand name and logo made of aluminum and acrylic

Licensed Products and Services for Light Up Signs for Business

Our custom light up signs are licensed and comply with all safety regulations. We’ll make sure any display you choose meets nationally recognized standards and remains fully functional for as long as possible.

The premium quality and security of all our products including lighted signs are marked by our C-45 Sign Shop Contractors License and UL Certification.

We have an accomplished team that will ensure the safe and effective operation of your illuminated displays. Furthermore, we’ll tailor-craft each piece so that it satisfies your requirements.

Releve Studios light up signs of the backlit logo and brand name in aluminum letters

Materials for Lighted Signs

We use top-grade materials to craft our illuminated displays. The most common design combines aluminum and acrylic to create a classy look. The clear acrylic material achieves optimal luminosity. It provides bright, even lighting regardless of light source positioning. For big lighted signs, we use a translucent lexan material which comes in large rolls. It’s durable, flexible and ideal for crafting complex shapes.

Reverse light up channel letters material options presented with 3 overlaid sheets

Permitting for Lighted Signs

Often, you need to obtain special permission to install illuminated displays. This process requires a lot of time and paperwork. To help ease the burden for you, we offer sign permit services for all our products including lighted displays.

Each area has specific requirements for lighted signs. We’ll make sure to get your project approved, crafted and mounted in compliance with all safety regulations.

Reverse light up channel letters permitting service available

Design and 3D Rendering for Light Up Signs

Do you need an original illuminated display? Seeing what it can look like before manufacturing can help you make a better decision. We offer signage design and 3D rendering services for all our products. This way, you can ensure that every part of your project looks just like you envisioned it before production.

Twitch business light up sign in 3D rendering

Manufacturing and Installation for Lighted Signs

Once your project is designed and the proof is approved on your end, we proceed to manufacturing. All our products are tailor-made to meet your brand needs and the highest industry standards.

Finally, our team is happy to provide sign installation upon request. We do this according to specific property, city and state regulations. Our crew ensures a quick and professional service for all our product installations.

Southern California Med Center light up sign made of aluminum and acrylic during installation

Advantages of Lighted Signs

  • 24/7 message visibility 
  • Various display types
  • Customizable designs
  • Premium materials
  • Energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Classy appearance
BC Optometry light up sign for business made of aluminum and acrylic for storefront branding

Other Services We Provide for Custom Light Up Signs


Repair and Replacement

Signage repair and sign replacement services are a vital part of the shelf life for any project. If you have old custom lighted signs in need of repair or replacement, our expert team will get the job done in no time.


Cutting and Engraving

CNC cutting, laser engraving and similar methods are high-expertise aspects of our industry. We create our lighted signs using advanced software and machinery. We offer a multitude of services to ensure striking custom displays.


Large Format Printing

We offer large format printing services using premium UV-cured inks. This creates vivid and fade-resistant graphics that will last long without losing their appeal. The illustrations have an enduring and professional appearance.


Custom Sign Painting

To match your brand colors with precision, we offer sign painting services for custom light up signs. Often used for illuminated displays, the service is indispensable for crafting custom projects that satisfy your unique vision.

Latest Light Up Signs Projects

Jack's Restaurant and Bar light up sign with marquee style branding made of aluminum and dibond

Jask’s Restaurant and Bar Advertising Display 

An outstanding outdoor illuminated display in a marquee style for our clients at Jack's Restaurant and Bar. The bespoke display is made of premium-quality aluminum and dibond materials.

Amazon business light up sign made of acrylic and aluminum for interior wall branding

Amazon Custom Lit Sign

Outstanding illuminated display installed on the wall for interior branding made for one of Amazon offices. The custom display is made of top-quality acrylic and aluminum materials.

CVisualEvidence light up sign made of aluminum and acrylic for interior branding

CVisualEvidence Backlit Display

Outstanding push-through backlit display made for our clients at CVisualEvidence, LLC, installed indoors on an interior wall for branding. This bespoke display is made of durable aluminum and acrylic.

Metro Cities Fire Authority lighted sign in a custom shape made of aluminum and acrylic

Metro Cities Fire Authority Lit Display

Prominent light up sign mounted on the wall for decorative purposes made for our clients at Metro Cities Fire Authority. The custom product is made of high-quality aluminum and acrylic materials.

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Liftique reception area design with lighted accents for branding

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Ameriabank light up signs displaying the brand name and logo made of aluminum and acrylic

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Ticketmaster 3D sign with transparent letters placed outdoors allowing light to pass through

3D Signs for Business - Dimensional designs bring more attention to your venue. They make your message visible from afar and set you apart from the visual noise.

Outdoor Square Rotating Illuminated Sign
Making a Large Light Box Sign & Channel Letters
Photo Studio Light Box Blade Sign Production and Installation
Metal Welding Process for Large Light Box Signs

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    Light Up Signs & Letters FAQs


    What types of lighted signs are available at Front Signs?

    Custom illuminated displays are categorized based on their illumination features. We offer front, side, edge, dual, backlit and custom solutions.

    What are different types of custom light up signs used for?

    Illuminated displays are used both indoors and outdoors. Each type has its benefits and imparts a unique effect. The products are perfect for showcasing your logo, brand name or slogan.

    What’s the difference between neon and LED products?

    Both neon and LED displays have their audience and area of application. LEDs are more energy-efficient. They provide a brighter light whereas neon lights have a warmer glow and are easier on the eyes. Your selection depends on the image you’d like to create around your brand.