Custom Marquee Signs and Letters in Los Angeles and US Wide

Marquee signs and letters like cinema light boxes are a tried-and-true method of advertising and branding. Their retro look has captured the imagination of movie-goers and fans of dazzling displays worldwide. Front Signs offers custom marquee signs with shipping and installation in Los Angeles and across the USA.

No matter how the signage industry develops over time, custom marquee signs continue to be a popular choice because of their classic look. In the past, marquee signs were made with fluorescent light bulbs. As LED bulbs became more popular, sign makers started using them instead of fluorescent ones for a number of reasons.

For one, LED lights are more durable, which means less maintenance. Secondly, LED lights are eco-friendly and have a better impact on the environment. Lastly, they are more cost-effective than fluorescent bulbs so you can save on electricity bills and invest more back into your business.

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Marquee signs are also known as cinema boxes for a simple reason. Cinemas were the first establishments that began using large marquee letters. Over time, many other businesses such as restaurants, theaters, bars and other businesses started using light up marquee signs.

There are a few types of custom marquee signs that we offer. Whether you need light up marquee letters for company branding or decorative lobby signs, you can find them all here. We offer vintage to contemporary marquee signs made of top quality materials.

These lighted marquee signs provide a retro feel and can take us back to the olden days with their signature look. Get in touch with us and we can cover all your marquee signage related needs. If you already have a sign in mind, click the link to get an instant quote


Light up marquee letters have a timeless cinema sign look but there are a few styles that we like to distinguish. Here are the most popular types of marquee signs that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ouachita Baptist University marquee sign in a monumental style made of aluminum and acrylic
MGM Resorts marquee letters with LED lights spelling the brand name made of aluminum for design

Marquee Letters & Signs

These are the most popular types of retro signs with a unique look. You can get large marquee letters and signs for any occasion.

They’re ideal for interior branding, wedding celebrations, birthday parties and other festive events. Lighted marquee letters can come in custom styles and sizes.

Choose the marquee font that fits best with your requirements. Large marquee letters can be free standing, wall mounted or fixed onto special structures.

LED bulb framed letters are made of durable metallic materials but your custom sign making projects can be made of wood, too.

Tattoo store marquee sign with side light bulbs made of aluminum and acrylic for branding

Retro Marquee Signs

A great example of characteristic marquee signs are wall blade building signs or pylon signs with light bulbs on the sides.

These light bulbs attract attention in the street and showcase your message 24/7.

We can create all kinds of vintage marquee signs with your preferred design. We also offer large format printing to apply graphics to the displays.

Although the signs have a traditional appearance, they’re made with the latest technologies which assure a long lifespan. 

Adam Z Rice Memorial Theater marquee sign in a box shape made of acrylic and dibond

Cinema Marquee Boxes

Marquee boxes are different from regular lighted boxes with their bespoke appearance. Apart from the illuminated box, there is a frame with light bulbs around it that gives it the old cinema sign appeal.

Marquee boards are made of such durable materials as aluminum, dibond, acrylic and lexan. Custom marquee signs serve as perfect storefront signs that entice customers day and night. Their bright LED lights will be visible even from afar.

Rectangular-shaped marquee sign with illumination made of lexan and acrylic for announcements

Readerboard Marquee Signs

Looking for a sign with modifiable text? Readerboard marquee signs are exactly what you need. With LED marquee signs, you can update the message on the board as often as you wish. Marquee boards are perfect for establishments that want to attract customers from afar.

These include gas stations, drive-throughs, bars, beauty salons and the like. Often, small marquee boards are used for interior decor. Readerboard marquee signs come with interchangeable letters. You can remove the old and slide in new ones to display your desired message. 

Down Town marquee letters in a wall-mounted retro style made of aluminum for branding


Vintage marquee letters are becoming increasingly more fashionable for interior branding. Companies use retro marquee signs to create an olde worlde yet professional feel to their offices.

These flashing custom signs have stepped into people’s homes as well to complement interior design. LED marquee sign decor with interchangeable lettering is perfect for personalizing the design of your home.

Open face marquee letters in bright colors made of aluminum for decoration and branding


Add flair to special occasions with lighted theater marquee signs. These theater light up letters make ideal event signs for occasions like birthdays, weddings, celebrations, special ceremonies and others.

Marquee light up letters, be it stadium signage or trade show display, make any event more exceptional by adding a wow factor for guests to enjoy.

MGM Resorts marquee letters in a large size displaying the brand name on aluminum for branding


Large marquee letters work perfectly as indoor and outdoor logo signs. Custom light up marquee letters are a wise investment for any business that wants to get noticed. With their bright LED illumination, custom marquee signs for businesses will grab the attention of pedestrians and drivers alike. People will start to associate the unique look of your marquee sign with your brand and recognize it in a flash. For indoor branding, light up marquee letters can work as art installations, creating an exciting atmosphere.

The Liquor Fountain marquee sign displayed on a pole made of aluminum and acrylic for branding

Restaurants and Bars

Metal marquee letters with lights are often used by restaurant or bar owners to create a nostalgic ambiance. The traditional look of marquee bar signs makes interior design more warm and cozy.

Light up marquee letters will serve as both restaurant branding and interior decor with their brilliant appearance.

Harvest Bible Chapel marquee signs displaying symbols made of aluminum for outdoor design


Free standing marquee letters are a luxurious option for wedding venue decoration. Large marquee letters with lights can be used to display the initials of the bride and groom. Coupled with LED bulbs, custom marquee signs have the ability to captivate and leave viewers in awe. They’re sure to commemorate your special day with their luminous glow.  

Decorative marquee sign with flowers spelling out the word Love as photoshoot props


If you want to have a memorable and unique photoshoot with your loved ones, light up marquee letters will work as a ravishing background.

You can display any message you want on them with large marquee letters. These decorative marquee signs will recreate a nostalgic vibe for any creative set.


  • Retro look
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Visible day and night
  • Made of durable materials
  • Fully customizable
  • Unique design
Harvest Bible Chapel marquee signs with bright illumination made of aluminum for outdoor design

Services We Offer For Marquee Signs


3D Rendering

We have a team of professional designers ready to bring your most sophisticated marquee signage ideas to life. With the latest technology, we can create a 3D rendering of your future marquee sign. This practice allows you to see the real-life appearance of your sign before it’s manufactured. 



Apart from marquee sign design and manufacturing, we also offer sign installation services. Our craftsmen can install your custom marquee signs in any location, be it indoors or outdoors. We have all the hardware and equipment required for all types of marquee sign installation.


Repair and Maintenance

Our services don’t end with installation; we provide both signage maintenance as well as sign replacement services for all the signs that we make to retain their primary condition.

Also, if you have old marquee signs that are in need of repair, we handle that as well.



At Front Signs, light up marquee letters are fully customizable. We can tailor them to your exact needs. We offer premium painting services to provide the desired colors for your marquee letters. With our Matthews Paint Mixing System, we can paint movie marquee signs in 80,000 color shades. 

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9 Round fitness brand 3D logo sign with channel letters

Channel Letters

These are the classic choice for outdoor as well as indoor branding. Display your company name with illuminated letters and attract prospects day and night.


Light Box Signs

If you are looking for a stunning way to display your brand logo, lighted boxes are the best option. Made of top-quality aluminum and acrylic, these LED signs will showcase your logo 24/7.


3D Signs for Business

These are available in custom fonts and sizes. 3D letters and signs are not illuminated but if you’re looking for simple yet bold designs, these are the perfect match.

Annenberg Space for Photography custom 3D sign in the form of a lightbox

Light Up Signs

These custom illuminated signs are stunning for both business promotion and interior decor. Made of durable materials, LED illuminated signs will attract attention even from afar.

MGM Resorts Outdoor Marquee Letter Sign Lighting
Photo Studio Light Box Blade Sign Production and Installation

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    Marquee Signs FAQs


    How are custom marquee signs illuminated?

    Light up marquee letters are illuminated with LED light bulbs. In the past, fluorescent light bulbs were used for making light up marquee letters. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, LED bulbs have replaced traditional bulbs. LED lights have a lot of benefits such as energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    What materials are used for making custom marquee signs?

    The main materials for making light up marquee letters are high-quality aluminum, dibond, acrylic and lexan. Upon special request, we can even make wooden marquee letters.

    Can custom marquee signs be used indoors?

    Yes, there are indoor and outdoor marquee signs. All our illuminated signs are ULC certified, meaning that we can install them indoors as well. Indoor light up marquee letters are often used for branding and decoration.

    What is a marquee sign?

    Marquee light signs are vintage-looking displays that resemble old-fashioned cinema boxes. These theater marquee signs are used for company branding as well as decoration. Made of durable materials such as aluminum, dibond, acrylic and lexan, light up marquee signs and letters can withstand most weather conditions. With LED illumination, retro marquee letters are captivating even from afar.

    Where can I buy large marquee letters?

    We offer custom marquee letters made of top-quality materials in all shapes and sizes. If you would like to order large light up marquee letters from Front Signs, get a quote here.

    What sizes are available for light up marquee letters?

    There are no specific sizes for light up marquee letters. You can order custom marquee letters with your desired dimensions. No matter how big the letters, we can make the sign and install it in the ideal location.

    Can I get my old marquee sign repaired?

    Yes, you can. We offer signage repair and maintenance services for light up marquee letters. Whether your old sign needs to be fixed or you just want it to be restored to its original glory, we can take care of it for you.

    Do marquee signs require a special permit?

    As marquee signs are illuminated and often installed on building facades, you may need a permit for them depending on your municipality. Most signage codes and regulations vary by city and state. If yours requires a permit for marquee sign installation, then yes, you will need to obtain a sign permit. Luckily, we offer permitting services so you can entrust us with the burden of the process and we’ll handle it for you.