Light Box Signs: Custom Light Boxes In Los Angeles And US Wide

All businesses require proper advertising to let customers know about them. Lighted box signs identify your brand and distinguish it among competitors. As one of the most powerful means of advertising, custom light box signs are a must-have for any business. 

Front Signs offers top-tier LED light box signs that provide excellent business positioning in LA and nationwide. A great variety of styles and illumination options allow us to create robust signs for every occasion. Bright colors on light boxes amplify your message, making them an eye-catching tool for business advertising.

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Types Of Light Box Signs Based On Location

Light box signs are made of highly durable materials that enable their use in any location. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, custom light box signs will provide a brilliant and lasting glow to your business.

The Melrose Vet light box signs with the company logo and slogan made of aluminum and acrylic
The Hollywood Cafe outdoor light box signs made of aluminum and acrylic for branding

Outdoor Light Box Signs

Having an attractive outdoor light box sign goes a long way in helping you reel in customers and stand out among competitors.

LED light box signs will give your business an edge all day and night. With their vibrant features, exterior light box signs will make your business impossible to miss.

Modern Animal indoor light box sign in blue color made of aluminum and acrylic

Indoor Light Box Signs

Give your interior branding special attention with a light box display as this is where customer experience is created. Having a branded interior adds to the tasteful look and reputation of your brand. An illuminated sign box is a great solution for displaying company logos indoors. Custom light box signs are UL certified so you can use them indoors without fear of any safety hazards.

Types Of LED Light Box Signs Based On Usage

LED light box signs can be put to use for everything from business promotion to event branding. Here are some of the most popular applications of lighted box signs to help you maximize your exposure. 

Krab Queenz led light box in a round shape and wall-blade style made of acrylic and aluminum
Hetzel Design office light box sign displaying the company name made of aluminum and acrylic

Office Light Box Signs

Custom light box signs are the perfect solution for office interior and exterior branding. Put up a light box logo sign at the entrance of the office or in the reception area to create brand identity. If you’re opening a new office, LED light box logo signs will play a vital role in its promotion. We can tailor-make lighted box signs to support your brand and corporate culture as needed.

Burger King restaurant light box sign in a round shape made of acrylic and aluminum

Restaurant Light Box Signs

Reel customers into your establishment with outdoor light box signs. Display the name of your restaurant on an exterior light box or refine your interior design with memorable decor. Large light box signs achieve professional branding wherever you place them. LED light box signs will guide customers in and charm them to stick around.

FamoChil storefront light box sign displaying the company logo made of acrylic and aluminum

Storefront Light Box Signs

Make your storefront appealing to customers with beautiful LED light boxes depicting the company logo. You can choose from various storefront lighted signs to increase customer traffic. We offer outdoor light box logo signs to help you spread the message to your target audience.

Ab & J Jewelry shopping center light box sign in an oval shape made of aluminum and acrylic

Shopping Center Light Box Signs

LED light boxes are the perfect tool to help your store stand out in a mall or plaza. Establish a prominent visual identity through a large light box sign to increase your store exposure at crowded shopping centers. One of the most common applications of cabinet signs in such settings is displaying store logos. They create an ideal identification point.

Annenberg event light box sign in big size with custom artwork made of acrylic and aluminum

Event Light Box Signs

If you’re planning an event and need branding ideas to make the day memorable for your guests, an LED light box display is your go-to solution. Custom LED light boxes are perfect for special occasions. Event light box signs can be custom made to match all your requirements. There is virtually no limit to the design features or dimensions of lighted box signs for events.

Southern California Medical Center light box sign in a big size made of acrylic and aluminum

Light Box Signs for Health Care Institutions

Illuminated sign boxes are often used for displaying the logo and contact information of various medical institutions. Whether used indoors or outdoors, LED box signs will depict your desired message both day and night.

Types of Light Box Signs Based on Mounting

Being a versatile type of signage, LED light boxes can be installed with various mounting options depending on your preferences. Whether you need free standing or flush-mounted advertising light boxes, we can make them.

Annenberg large light boxes in free standing style with artworks made of aluminum and acrylic
Nordstrom Local wall blade light box sign in black color made of aluminum and acrylic

Wall Blade Light Box Signs

One of the most popular mounting options for lighted box signs is the wall blade option. Usually, this type of mounting is used for a double-sided commercial light box sign to attract traffic from both sides. With a wall blade mounting option, the sign is attached to the wall using a metallic construction.

The Liquor Fountain store free standing light box sign made of aluminum and acrylic

Free Standing Light Box Signs

Looking for a unique signage solution for your business or event? Free standing lighted signs are the way to go. Free standing light box signs are separate constructions mounted directly onto the floor or ground. Stand out and make your mark in any setting with free standing lighted box signs. 

Southern California Medical Center wall mounted light box sign made of aluminum and acrylic

Wall Mounted Light Box Signs

This is the standard installation for commercial light box signs where the sign is directly mounted to the wall. As opposed to wall bladed mounting, a wall mounted illuminated sign box will show off only one side of the sign. You can get wall mounted LED light boxes for any location, for both interior or exterior purposes.

Baja Norte light box on a special construction in a big size made of aluminum and acrylic

Light Boxes on Special Constructions

Apart from all the aforementioned mounting options for commercial light box signs, we can also install them on special constructions. If the location is not suitable for regular mounting methods, we offer custom options to display your indoor or outdoor light box signs optimally.

Repair and Replacement Services for Light Box Signs

If you already have an old light box sign or cabinet sign that needs to be repaired or replaced, we’ve got you covered. Front Signs provides repair and replacement services for all types of signs.

Whether you need the lighting system fixed, the lexan face replaced or anything else, we can make it happen. Apart from repairing, we can completely replace your old one with a new custom light box sign.

promotional light box sign in a big size made of aluminum and acrylic during installation

Types of Light Box Signs Based on Illumination

Custom light box signs come in various configurations, including tailored cabinet signs with creative illumination. Below are some lighting options for LED box signs.

Gold's Gym light box logo sign in a round shape made of aluminum and acrylic
Sixt double-sided light box sign in red with the company name made of aluminum and acrylic

Double-Sided Light Box Signs

Increase the visibility of your business with double-sided LED light box signs. Illuminated from both sides, double-sided light up signs attract and optimize foot traffic to your business establishment. Double-sided commercial light box signs are a sound investment for any business and will pay off with an increase in customer flow.

Southern California Medical Center full-lit light box sign made of aluminum and acrylic

Standard Full-Lit Light Box Signs

This is the custom light box sign that can often be seen around the city. Standard LED light box signs are a classic means of outdoor advertising. They’ve been around for a long time and are still considered one of the most effective tools for branding. The back and sides of this box are made of aluminum, the front is made of lexan and backlit vinyl is used for transferring LED illumination.

The Stanton DTLA partial lit light box sign in a round shape made of aluminum and acrylic

Partly-Lit Light Box signs

With this option, only certain parts of the sign are illuminated. Usually, they’re used to light up the messages displayed on the box. In this case, the entire sign is made of aluminum and only the parts that need to be lit are made of lexan to transfer the light. This is ideal for highlighting the company name or logo.

The Liquor Fountain store inner and outer lighted box sign made of aluminum and acrylic

Inner and Outer Lighted Box Signs

This is one of the most unique lighting options for LED light box signs. The sign is illuminated not only from the inside but also the outside. You can make this custom led light box to your liking. This type of illumination makes the sign look brilliant and easy to see even from afar.

Groundwork Cold Brew Lounge dual lit light box sign made of aluminum and acrylic

Dual Lit Light Box Signs

If you're looking to highlight your business sign in the evening hours, then dual lit box signs are what you need. With this option, the sign is lit up from the front as well as the back, emphasizing it at night. Step up your business advertising game with custom light box signs and boost sales.

Annenberg custom light box signs with artwork graphics made of aluminum and acrylic

Custom Light Box Signs

We’re here to provide custom signage solutions and bring all your ideas to life, no matter how complex they may be. If you’re looking for a tailor-made advertising light box sign, we can take care of it. Custom light box signs will prove to be a major asset for your business branding.

LED Illumination

Custom light box signs are all equipped with energy-efficient LED lights that provide a ravishing glow at night. LED strips are applied to the inside of the aluminum box and the light is transferred through a lexan or acrylic face.

LED lights offer a number of advantages over regular bulbs, including lifespan and durability.

Bakery light box sign in a round shape made of acrylic, aluminum, and backlit vinyl

Services We Offer for Light Box Signs


3D Design

We provide advanced signage design services, whether you need help with your existing design or need a new one made from scratch. Our talented designers can create a 3D rendering of your light up sign box which enables you to view your future sign before production begins.



Apart from design and manufacturing, we offer signage installation services in LA and all across the USA. Our experts provide accurate onsite installation for even the most complex business signs.



To get an LED light box display, you may need to obtain a permit from the local municipality. We’re here to take the burden off you by offering sign permitting services. Our team will take care of the entire process for you.


Sign Painting

Here everything is customizable, from the design of your LED box sign to its colors and materials. We offer custom painting services with the Mathews Painting System, giving you a range of 80,000+ color shades and combinations to choose from.


  • 24/7 visibility: commercial light box signs provide non-stop promotion for your brand with bright LED illumination.
  • Professional appearance: whether used indoors or outdoors, custom light box signs establish a high-end look for the company.
  • Distinct brand identity: custom light box signs make your business recognizable with their striking designs.
  • Optimal range: illuminated day and night, outdoor light box signs grab attention instantly, even from afar.

Tattoo salon custom light box with light bulbs, made of aluminum and acrylic

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    Light Box Signs FAQs


    Can light box signs be used indoors?

    Absolutely! All our lighted signs are UL certified and in compliance with applicable safety standards. LED lit box signs can be installed indoors and outdoors without posing any hazards.

    What materials are used for making light box signs?

    Outdoor light box signs are made of some of the most durable materials in the signage industry. We use aluminum, lexan and backlit vinyl for making attractive cabinet signs. The back and sides of the sign are made of aluminum for safety purposes. The face is made of lexan and backlit vinyl to transfer LED light. Graphics are printed onto backlit vinyl and then applied to the lexan sheet. Upon customer request, we can also print the graphics directly onto the lexan.

    How are light box signs illuminated?

    For outdoor light box sign illumination, we use energy-efficient LEDs. They come in strips attached to the inside of the aluminum box and illuminated through a lexan face. There are various illumination options for LED light boxes, from dual lit to partial-lit and beyond. We can make outdoor light box signs with custom illumination according to your needs.

    Can I get light box face replacement?

    Yes. We offer repair and replacement services for custom light box signs. Whether you need to replace the entire sign or just the lexan face, we can make it happen. Our crew will arrive at the site and replace the light box face or otherwise in a quick and professional manner.

    Do you install light box signs?

    Yes. Alongside all the other services we offer, we also provide installation for all the signs we make. Our craftsmen can install your commercial light box signs in your desired location no matter the size and complexity of the design.

    What is the main use of LED light box signs?

    LED light box signs are one of the oldest and most popular types of outdoor advertising. Nowadays, LED light box signs can be used both indoors and outdoors for branding or decorative purposes. Often, businesses get outdoor light box signs to display the company logo on their building, in the office or during various events. LED light box signs are the perfect tool for effective business placement.

    What is the lifespan of LED light box signs?

    The longevity of a custom light box sign depends on the location where the sign is displayed. An LED light box sign displayed indoors will have a longer lifespan than one displayed outdoors. In either case, LED light box signs can serve your business for decades, depending on how well you take care of them. What’s great about LED light box signs is that you can keep the same box for many years while replacing parts and elements of the sign. For example, you can replace the face of the LED light box with new graphics. Custom light box signs are illuminated with LED bulbs, contributing to the durability of the sign. If you’re looking for a long-lasting business sign, LED light boxes are one of the best options available.