Custom Building Signs in Los Angeles and US Wide

Spark interest among passersby and guide them to your business with phenomenal building signs. Front Signs provides iconic business building signs to mark your business location and reel in clients in Los Angeles and across the USA.

Place your brand at the center of attention with custom building signs showcasing your company name and logo. We offer a large selection of building signs and custom solutions to help you reach your branding goals.

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Types of Commercial Building Signs

The term “building sign” refers to all kinds of signage that goes on a building, be it displays that are pin-mounted, flush-mounted, illuminated or not. There are numerous types of signs used for branding the outside of a building to satisfy your business needs.

Nordstrom Local commercial building sign with white letters made of aluminum and acrylic
JP Sportswear exterior building top sign displaying the brand name and logo made of aluminum

Building Top Signs

Spotlight your building and mark your establishment with prominent custom signage. Your company name displayed on top of the building increases your chances of reaching your audience from far and wide. We provide everything from design and manufacturing to installation of high rise office building signs at any height. Large commercial building signs are the most effective solution to getting your business noticed in the city.

Lashify exterior building letters displaying the brand name made of acrylic and aluminum

Building Letters

Brand your building facade, placing the emphasis principally upon the entrance with the name and logo of your company displayed with striking building letters. Apart from the entrance, letter signs can be displayed on other strategic parts of the building to create brand authority. We offer a wide selection of building letters made of durable materials with or without illumination.

Orion Optical illuminated building sign made of aluminum and acrylic

Illuminated Building Signs

Inspire a feeling of innovation and novelty upon first impression of your storefront with light up signs on the building. Illuminated building signs create an effective spotlight for your storefront. If your goal is non-stop brand promotion, then lighted building signs are the best solution. They’re lit up with LED bulbs to provide energy-efficient and highly effective business advertising.

Tailwashers business building sign in a round shape made of aluminum and acrylic

Building Logo Signs

Let everyone know about your business and what it stands for with your company logo adorning the building. Logo signs are one of the most important branding mediums and are a must for gaining recognition in crowded city centers. You can get your 3D logo signs displayed on top of the building, above the entrance and anywhere else on the building that gets good visibility.

Bungalow Coffee Shop exterior building sign in a round shape made of aluminum and acrylic

Building Blade Signs

If you're looking for a classical solution for business advertising, then building blade signs are the way to go. A blade sign is designed to stick out of the wall to provide double-sided visibility and guide customers to your establishment. Blade signs can be made of various durable materials and be either illuminated or non-illuminated depending on your requirements.

California Pizza Kitchen custom outdoor building signs in surfboard shapes made of aluminum

Custom Building Signs

Reap all the benefits of building signs with completely custom solutions regardless of complexity. Front Signs provides building signs tailored to your unique vision so you can reach your audience easily and effectively. Our building signs can be customized and made from all kinds of materials with personalized designs to ensure you stand out among competitors.

Building Signs to Brand Your Property

Building signs are a versatile branding solution for various businesses. No matter what industry you’re in, a building sign is a go-to tool for gaining recognition outdoors. Combined with other outdoor solutions like pylon signs they'll add a lot of value to your branding efforts. Here we’ve selected some of the most common branding applications for building signs.

Bluesalt outdoor building signage with 3d brand name letters made of aluminum and acrylic
Raymond & Sons office building sign displaying the brand name made of aluminum

Office Building Signs

Building signs create the first impression of your business so be sure to select tasteful designs. Building name signage helps passersby become aware of your company and the industry it belongs to. Without proper signage, it’ll be a nondescript building that doesn’t stand out in any way. Office building signs. accompanied with lobby signs, help your business create a professional image for clients and employees.

Soprano exterior restaurant building sign with branded letters made of aluminum and acrylic

Restaurant Building Signs

Customers will be continuously exposed to your restaurant with the help of a memorable building sign that displays your logo. The right building signs help keep your business in the minds of new and old patrons, working as a silent salesperson for your business. There are a number of restaurant signs you can choose from. Contact us and our experts will offer you the best solution.

Lashify exterior building sign in a neon style made of aluminum

Retail Store Building Signs

Capture the attention of passersby and direct them to your store with alluring building wall signs. Building store signs are a guaranteed tool for all kinds of brick and mortar businesses to exude a trustworthy image and reputation. Whether you want to showcase the name of your mall or promote a campaign, outdoor building signage is an outstanding solution.

Ameriabank business building sign in a high-rise style made of aluminum and acrylic

Bank Building Signs

If you're looking for a long-lasting and highly effective marketing solution then business building signs are exactly what you need. Bank building signs are beneficial for businesses wanting to increase credibility among customers. Exterior signs for buildings help increase brand prominence and spread the right message for all kinds of financial institutions.

Southern California Medical Center business building sign made of aluminum and acrylic

Hospital Exterior Building Signs

Often, hospitals and medical institutions display their name on the facade of the building with light box signs or reverse channel letters. Building logo signs help visitors easily locate the hospital building which is vital for such institutions. We offer various outdoor building signs for hospitals, all made of premium materials that are sure to stand the test of time.

Building Sign Benefits

  • Create brand prominence
  • Designate your establishment
  • Make your property easy to locate
  • Let your business stand apart
  • Maximize your audience reach
  • Attract customers day and night
  • Gain reputation and credibility
Cocktail Lounge building letters displaying the brand name made of aluminum

Full-Cycle Building Sign Services

Front Signs is a one-stop sign shop where you can count on all the required services related to the signage industry. We’re here to guide you through the entire process from sign design, permitting, sign manufacturing, installation and even the maintenance of building signs.

Commercial Building Sign Design

Our team can provide stunning design solutions for industrial building signage. With the help of cutting-edge 3D signage rendering technology, our designers can show you the final sign before production begins. This helps cut time for the production process and ensure your satisfaction of the design.

building sign design

Permitting Service for Building Signs

For outside building sign installation, you may need to get a sign permit from your local municipality. Our experts will take care of the entire process and obtain a permit on your behalf. It’s a tedious process, so we make sure you get the best experience by taking care of all the necessary paperwork.

building sign permitting

Building Sign Installation Service

After building sign fabrication, our team offers professional sign installation services. We have all the required skills, tools and equipment to install all building signs. Our craftsmen can provide quick and professional installation of custom exterior building signs in Los Angeles and across the USA.

business building sign installation process

Repair or Replacement of Building Signs

Besides manufacturing and installation of company signs for buildings, we also offer building sign repair and replacement services. If you have old exterior or interior building signs that need to be replaced, our experts are ready to take them on. We can even repair your old building signs to prolong their lifespan and give them a fresh look.

Maxferd lighted building sign's repair and replacement process

Large Format Printing for Building Signs

We provide custom large format printing services for outdoor building signs with the latest EFI VUTEK innovative printing technology. We use a UV curing system that results in sun-resistant graphics to ensure a long lifespan for your exterior or interior building signage. Our full color-match printing service will bring your vision of building banners and other large displays to life with precision.

large format printing process

Building Sign Materials

Our building signs have a long lifespan thanks to sturdy materials such as aluminum, dibond, acrylic, lexan, PVC, wood, plywood and beyond. The materials used for making building signs, event signs and stadium branding solutions vary due to their distinct functions. Outdoor building signs for business are manufactured to withstand time and all kinds of weather conditions. We ensure sturdy designs that will represent your business establishment for a lifetime.

Reverse channel letters material options presented with 3 overlaid sheets

Latest Building Signs Projects

Ice house building sign in the custom shape of falling ice made of aluminum and acrylic

Ice House Creative Branding

Prominent building sign installed on the top made for our clients at Ice House. The custom display is made of highly durable quality acrylic and aluminum materials.

La Fondita exterior building sign in black with a colorful decor made of aluminum for branding

La Fondita Exterior Branding 

An exquisite restaurant display crafted for our clients at La Fondita and mounted on the facade for exterior branding and design. The custom display is made of premium-quality aluminum material.

The Brothers Sushi building sign displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

The Brothers Sushi Restaurant Display

A stylish restaurant display featuring aluminum backlit and acrylic non-lit letters made for our clients at The Brothers Sushi and mounted on a building facade. The bespoke signage is made of top-quality aluminum and acrylic.

Sound Cadence Studios building sign displaying brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

Sound Cadence Studios Branding

An outstanding outdoor display featuring brand name on an aluminum box made for our clients at Sound Cadence Studios. The bespoke signage is made of high-quality durable aluminum and acrylic.

Related Products

Solutize brand high rise sign on top of a building

Business Signs - Highlight your business and create recognizable landmarks with bespoke signage solutions. We offer a wide selection of business signage to meet all of your advertising needs.

'Castle & Cooke Aviation' free-standing item in blue and white

Monument Signs - Emphasize your brand message and identity outdoors with prominent free standing signs. Made of premium materials, monument displays will serve your business for years to come.

custom light up sign

Light Up Signs - Illuminate your business day and night with spectacular signage solutions. These are the perfect tool for showcasing your company name and logo during evening hours.

9 Round brand channel letter style building sign

Channel Letters - Promote your brand effectively with elegant lighted letters displaying the company name. Illuminated with LED bulbs, they make for eco and budget friendly advertising tools.

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    Building Signs FAQs


    What types of building signs do you offer?

    At Front Signs, you can find a large selection of outdoor building signs for every type of business. Whether you need a light box to display your logo or channel letters for depicting the name of your company, we have it all. We offer custom solutions for outdoor building signage to satisfy even your most unique needs and visions.

    Do I need permission for building sign installation?

    Yes, you will likely need to get permission to install business signs on building facades. Our team is ready to help you out and obtain sign permits from state municipalities. We’re here to tackle all the paperwork and ease the process of getting a building sign for your business.