Monument Signs in Los Angeles and Across the USA

Monument signs offer bold features and can be tailor-made to customer specifications. Front Signs crafts all kinds of monument displays to bolster authority for corporate facilities, schools, malls, recreation centers, places of worship or multi-tenant properties in Los Angeles and US wide. From architectural to illuminated solutions, we offer a wide selection of styles to display any message for your venue.

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Common Applications

Modern monument signs are guideposts that attract people’s attention and garner their respect. They increase loyalty and establish a sense of permanence. Indicating your presence at the site by showcasing your logo signs, these solutions are ideal for large scale developments. Let’s check their most common applications.

bespoke monument sign
Lake View Townhomes apartment monument sign made of plywood, aluminum, and acrylic

Apartment Monument Signs

If you want to create an identity and unite tenants with a sense of belonging, use apartment monument signs. These solid-built constructions are an excellent way to make a positive impact on your residential community and their wellbeing. Apartment monument signs are usually seen at the entrances to apartment buildings with the name of the property. If you're feeling creative, turn your sign into a beacon for the neighborhood.

business entrance monument sign displaying the company name and logo outdoors

Business Entrance Monument Signs

Entry monument signs are a powerful tool for corporate buildings. These 3D signs for business communicate your message all day long and enhance your business exposure. These versatile tools offer a way to distinguish your corporate image and create a professional tone. Monument signs for business become a beacon of trust for your clients. Building monument signs are a sound investment that will keep your organization at the forefront of attention. 

shopping center monument sign displaying the name and logo of the center outdoors

Shopping Center Monument Signs

These signs are no less important for shopping malls than for business venues so they shouldn’t be overlooked. These modern monument signs get noticed from a distance and may include multiple slots for advertising. When installed outdoors, they display information and designate brand names operating within the premise. Interior signs function as directories for easy navigation in larger facilities and set a welcoming atmosphere.

church monument sign in blue color displaying the church logo outdoors

Church Monument Signs

When designated for places of worship, these signs offer useful information about upcoming events and service hours. Church monument signs can also serve as decorative elements that can support you with attracting new members to the congregation. Outdoor monument signs are often iconic symbols for the community. They commonly showcase the name of the church and display religious or even funny quotes that are interchangeable. They establish a prominent presence in the neighborhood and make it easy for people to get together.

Ouachita Baptist school monument sign in purple and white made of aluminum and acrylic

School Monument Signs

Building monument signs are a popular choice for educational institutions like high schools and universities. They make students and staff feel a sense of community while simultaneously helping visitors to identify the grounds. Such display boards include the institution’s name, announce important events and promote educational programs. These impressive signs promise to withstand extreme climate changes and will serve for many years to come. Count on our craftsmen to get your durable and attractive building monument signs.

Southern California Medical Center monument sign with a light box made of aluminum and acrylic

Medical Center Monument Signs

Getting lost in large-scale medical buildings is a common occurrence for visitors. It’s often challenging for people to find their way around without the proper signage. Putting the right information in visible places will help them understand where they are and create a sense of comfort. Architectural light box signs are typically set near a medical wing to showcase its function and guide guests toward their destination.

Villeta hotel monument sign in red and white displaying the brand name and logo

Hotel & Restaurant Monument Signs

The success of hotels and restaurants is based on customer satisfaction. If you’re in the hospitality sphere, entrance monument signs will help you to welcome and amaze guests at first sight. Custom signs for your establishment can be placed outdoors or indoors based on your needs. They may serve as menu boards, informational panels, decorative branding elements or navigational lobby signs. Contact our specialists to get a quote for your custom monument sign.

Types of Monument Signs

These signs come in a number of common styles and categories. They’re used as wayfinding, advertising, branding or informational structures. We offer a wide range of solutions from indoor and commercial to outdoor and lighted monument signs. Whether in the style of trade show displays or community center markers, they set the stage for successful interactions.

Castle & Cooke Aviation stone monument sign in a pylon style made of PVC
Shake Shack architectural monument sign displaying the company name and logo made of acrylic

Architectural Monument Signs

Architectural signage is perfect for outdoor applications. They’re tailored to enhance the look of a property, mark your brand and convey information to your audience. Grand structures such as hotels, amusement parks, shopping centers and hospitals are never truly complete without tailor crafted stone monument signs.

Annenberg illuminated monument signs with graphics made of aluminum, Lexan, and backlit vinyl

Illuminated Monument Signs

Commonly set in front of large venues, illuminated monument signs serve as the face of a property. They ensure lasting visibility, elevate the landscape and add an attractive display for recognition. With custom illuminated models, lighted monument signs are a strong tool for increasing customer flow and loyalty.

non-illuminated-monument-signs (2)

Non-Illuminated Monument Signs

If your premise closes at dusk and is located in a place that doesn’t get much foot or car traffic after hours, you may opt for a non-illuminated monument sign. During daylight hours, these commercial monument signs are as effective as lighted options. They set a professional, timely and inviting tone for your site.

Modern Animal multi-tenant monument sign in a pylon style made of acrylic and styrene

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Community monument signs are great for displaying multiple brand names. They can also showcase additional details such as contact information, business operating hours, company addresses and services that are offered within the venue. These multi-tenant monument signs serve as landmarks for people and give them a sense of assurance. They work perfectly for both multi-tenant buildings and facilities belonging to one company. 

Pinetree Community School green pylon sign in a monument sign style made of aluminum

Post & Panel Signs

Deliver greater impact with post and panel monument sign designs used in various applications. Ideal for commercial sites, these outdoor monument signs serve to identify stores, offices, restaurants, factories or other businesses. A post and panel sign may have colors and designs that match your theme to remind customers about your brand. Different material options are available. Contact us for a full spectrum of services.

Gas & Oil changeable monument sign displaying business services outdoors

Changeable Monument Signs

A changeable monument sign design offers another opportunity to promote your business, including seasonal or temporary offers. It grants you the option to change messages on a regular basis and showcase specials that run for a limited time. Modifiable monument displays for business are available in various styles to satisfy all your unique needs.

Magnolia Park custom monument sign in black made of aluminum and acrylic

Custom Monument Signs

Our custom options provide endless opportunities to get creative with your monument sign designs. They are effective for all kinds of applications, from stadium branding to event signs custom monument signs can be tailored to suit multiple architectural styles.  To keep the right balance, we’ll guide you toward the ideal combination.

Monument & Pylon Sign Similarities

Both signs are appropriate if you want to designate a large scale venue, capture attention, boost recognition and increase visitor flow. Available in a range of design options, both monument and pylon signs can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. They’re applicable for similar purposes including branding, wayfinding and information sharing. Illuminated features for both models offer 24-hour visibility. They can be made of various materials to match your brand and surroundings. 

Kershaw's Challenge Park monument sign made of aluminum versus an outdoor pylon sign

Monument & Pylon Sign Differences

The most obvious difference between the two models is their height. While vertical monument signs can be seen from a long distance, modern monument signs typically have displays at eye-level, rarely exceeding 5 feet. They’re set on the ground and may be made of heavier materials such as stone and concrete to blend in with architecture. Pylons are distinct for being much taller and have displays affixed to the top of long poles. They also differ by setting, purpose and authority.

Custom Sign Design Service 

Our contemporary monument signs are customized based on client needs. Whether you want a monument sign with an interchangeable display, an illuminated solution or anything in between, our experts have you covered. We can bring even your most sophisticated concepts to life so dream as big as you wish.

We offer signage design and 3D rendering services for custom monument signs. This way, you can visualize the final look of your project before sign manufacturing begins. We go over lifelike renderings together to ensure in advance that your monument sign will enhance your business venue. Contact us today to get the best custom monument sign with help from our talented graphic design team.

Drury University custom monument sign design in blue with the university name and logo

Materials Used for Manufacturing

We use multiple materials to customize your neighborhood monument signs, including the following:

Aluminum - Sturdy and durable aluminum monument signs are one of the most suitable options to withstand virtually all outdoor climate conditions. Metal monument signs have a sleek and modern feel and can be adapted for different designs.

Stone - Stone monument signs are very sturdy and provide an elegant appearance to any venue. They add a sense of stability and create a robust atmosphere. There’s no design too grandiose when it comes to your stone monument sign.

Wood - Choose wooden monument signs for a rustic look. Wooden signs provide a traditional charm and add brand value with their sustainable properties. Wooden monument signs can be tailor-made for cottage resorts, state parks and other developments.

Foam - Foam monument signs are constructed of a porous plastic mixture that can be made to look like other materials such as wood, concrete or brick. Foam core signs are more lightweight than other models, making them relatively portable.


Concrete - Like brick monument signs, concrete is also long-lasting and provides a classic look to your site. Able to withstand any weather condition, they’re typically installed at the entrance of corporate venues, public parks and other large establishments.

Lexan/Acrylic - Both are perfect material solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, offering high impact resistance.

Lexan and acrylic stand the test of time without losing their brilliant quality. We offer large format printing to cover them with graphics. They can also be thermoformed.


Prominence - The foremost benefit of a modern monument sign is establishing authority. With the right monument sign design, your property will garner respect and recognition.

Durability - Made of sturdy materials and common for exterior applications, monument displays are ultra resistant to atmospheric changes. They can last you a lifetime if needed.

Sophistication - Monument sign designs are versatile and made to complement your brand's image. They will leave a lasting impression and increase visitor flow.

Value - A monument sign is a cost-effective option if we compare its price to the value that it will provide over the years. It's a true landmark to distinguish your property.

National Museum building monument sign displaying the museum name outdoors

Other Services We Offer for Monument Signs


Sign Installation

We offer sign installation services to provide striking monument sign placement. Our expert crew will make sure that your project is set up with speed and accuracy to showcase your brand with superb, highly-visible designs.


Repair and Replacement

To retain the initial look of your monument sign for an extended time, some regular maintenance is required. We offer signage repair and sign replacement services to restore and upgrade custom monument signs based on your specific needs.


Professional Sign Permitting 

We offer sign permitting services in compliance with city codes in Los Angeles and across the US. We’re happy to do all the tedious paperwork on your behalf and get through the permitting process so you can rest without a hassle. 


Cutting and Engraving

We provide laser cutting and CNC engraving among other methods for your displays to achieve elaborate designs. Our team of professionals can create masterfully cut and engraved signs for luxurious branding and beyond.

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Light up signs help your business shine day and night whether displayed indoors or outdoors. Illumination is a key factor for drawing attention and making a lasting impression. We offer stunning designs to create an irresistible appeal for your brand.


Store signs contribute to business success by setting the right tone and aesthetic for the retail industry. Outdoor store signs capture the attention of passersby while indoor signs enhance customer experience and increase the chance of them making a purchase.  


Business signs are used in all industries for various purposes such as branding, decoration, promotions and information sharing. We provide a wide range of outdoor business signs in any shape, style, mounting and illumination option to suit your needs. 

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    Monument Signs FAQs


    What’s the ideal location for monument signs?

    They’re perfect for large properties such as apartment buildings, places of worship, public parks, convention centers, corporate buildings or educational campuses. These signs identify venues, create an impression and guide people’s flow.

    Is a special sign permit required for monument signs?

    Almost all outdoor signs require a sign permit based on property and municipality regulations. Front Signs can assist you in this process by obtaining the permit on your behalf. We’ll do a site survey to make sure your sign complies with all building codes and zoning ordinances.

    What’s the ideal size for a monument sign?

    We can customize virtually any size based on your requirements as long as it’s permitted by city code. There may be restrictions on size according to the area’s traffic, aesthetic and/or zoning ordinances. We’ll examine them and work with you to attain the best results.