Business Interior Signs In Los Angeles and Across the USA

Interior signs are an integral part of any business or personal space. While all organizations need branding and decoration, there are regulatory interior building signage types that are mandated by law. 

Interior design should resonate with your organization, telling a story and conveying the messages you desire. Personalized interior business signs are a bold way to distinguish your company.

Front Signs offers a full range of interior signs to meet and exceed all of your expectations. 

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Interior Signage Types

There are countless sign designs used for interior branding and decoration. They vary according to style, dimension, illumination, placement, usage and so on. Below, we’ve listed the major interior signage types you should consider. Note that you may also order custom interior signs for trade show display booths and other specific purposes not listed below.

Kinds of Signs Used Indoors

Can’t think of a specific signage type you want for the interior of your building? Here are the favorites used to achieve various goals. Each of them can be personalized with different design, illumination and material configurations. 

Blueflame Medical interior business sign with 3D letters made of aluminum for office branding
11 Ravens interior logo sign in a black color made of acrylic for corporate branding

Interior Logo Signs

Indoor business signs that feature your logo signs are a must for every organization. They make up a fundamental part of interior branding to create a professional atmosphere. Interior logo signage can vary from illuminated signs to wall graphics depending on space, design theme and your taste. The materials used for the signage will also differ to best suit your company image and creative needs.  

Halo Downtown LA Restaurant interior graphics displaying foods custom-made of opaque vinyl

Interior Graphics

Two-dimensional interior graphics take up little to no space and don’t require mounting in the case of decals. Adhesive graphics can be applied to any smooth surface. Graphic prints can be applied to a variety of mediums like vinyl, canvas or styrene to display images and quotes of any kind. They’re perfect for branding, decorating or conveying your message in any indoor venue. 

Ways Compliance Center 3D Interior sign & letters in white color made of brushed aluminum

3D Interior Signs & Letters

3D signs for business have a bold and captivating look. They’re most frequently used to represent the name or logo of an organization but can be made for decorative purposes as well. From indoor hanging signs like 3D wall letters to free standing solutions, they all look great. The materials used for their construction vary from aluminum to PVC.

Conference room interior nameplate sign displaying the room's name made of acrylic

Nameplates & Door Interior Signs

These signs display company names, room numbers, employee titles and designate spaces such as conference rooms. They’re a must in large public buildings to help visitors find their way around. Interior door signs can complement your corporate design and showcase your company in style.

Ameriabank custom interior signs with decorative structures made of aluminum and opaque vinyl

Custom Interior Signs

If you need extraordinary signage, Front Signs is here to bring your bravest ideas to life. Equipped with cutting edge technologies, our team of professionals is capable of producing even the most sophisticated signage solutions for your organization. You’re free to choose any design and material combinations you can imagine for your interior signs

Ameriabank decorative indoor signs custom-made of PVC for interior wall designing

Decorative Indoor Signs

Decorations are responsible for setting the right atmosphere. There’s an unspoken rule that professional establishments should keep their indoor decorations to a minimum. However, our interior business signs will fully integrate with your venue to enhance your brand image. Decorative signage can be represented in any style, dimensions, lighting and materials. 

Liftique interior signage in a wall-mount style with acrylic and aluminum intended for branding

Informative Signs

Informative interior business signs will save you a lot of time and bolster trust among your customers and visitors. They’ll help you showcase vital information about your organization, from operating hours to service terms. Welcoming your visitors with a tastefully designed and decorated reception area will set a trustworthy image for your establishment. 

Complete Interior Branding

Different parts of any interior space should fully complement each other. Even if you decide to go with varying themes in separate rooms, there should remain a sense of consistency with your overall brand image. We offer interior branding services with expertly crafted signage solutions for a complete makeover. 

Ameriabank interior branding signs with custom decorations made of acrylic and opaque vinyl
Ticketmaster interior signage in white spelling the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

Office & Company Interior Branding

Office and company interior branding with indoor business signs starts at the reception desk and goes all the way through to the lobby, meeting rooms and more. Signage mediums and design combinations for satisfying all your needs are unlimited. We’ll guide you through every stage of the production process, from choosing the right interior business signs to their ideal installation options.

White Elephant restaurant interior branding sign with hanging 3D sign letters made of aluminum

Hospitality Interior Branding

Whether you need decorative, informational or branding signs for any sector of the hospitality industry, we’ve got you covered. Purposefully chosen interior signs will increase your prominence and gain you the loyalty of customers. We offer branding, decorative and informational interior building signage solutions to create a memorable image for your enterprise.

Armani Exchange retail interior branding decorative signs made of acrylic and clear vinyl

Mall & Retail Interior Branding

Commercial interior signage is an indispensable part of any mall or retail interior. While pylon signs promote the overall venue, channel letters are a favorite for highlighting individual brands. Interior directory signs and decorative displays are another widely utilized signage medium for shopping malls. We’ll bolster your reputation with a full range of mall and retail signage made of durable materials that suit your needs.

Ameriabank interior branding logo sign and brand name 3D letters made of acrylic

Financial Institution Interior Branding

Banks and financial institutions need to build trust and authority to gain customers. Interior signs are a bold way to create a reputable image and attract prospects. We offer a range of signs that will successfully promote your name and services. Incorporating different types of custom interior signage into your branding efforts will impress clients and keep them coming back.

Flow House Sports Complex interior branding sign with surf graphics made of opaque vinyl

Sports Complex Interior Branding

There are a handful of commercial interior signage mediums used to promote and decorate self-care centers like salons and gyms that will attract prospective customers. Just like stadium branding displays, these are often meant to motivate your visitors and encourage them to come back with enthusiasm. Full indoor branding enhances customer experience and ensures long-term memberships for mutual benefit.

Regulatory & Safety Interior Signs

Regardless of the industry you’re a part of, there are a few types of signs that are mandatory. Some of them may be used as temporary event signs, others are must-have permanents. Regulatory and safety interior building signage is often required by law.

regulatory interior sign made of brushed aluminum for lobby wayfinding
Erewhon interior wayfinding signage made of opaque vinyl for directing to the elevator

Interior Wayfinding Signage

It’s advisable to have indoor wayfinding signs in any large establishment to help your visitors navigate more easily. These include door signage to mark different rooms, directory signs to let your visitors know where to find the department they need and so on. Interior directional signage can be made with varying depths and mounting options.

Square-shaped interior signs with black warning notes made of brushed aluminum

Building Safety Signs 

Safety signs are actually required by law in virtually all municipalities within the US. These include fire exit, no smoking, staff only and occupational hazard signs. These indoor building signs are often made of reflective materials or they’re illuminated to make them visible under all conditions. Specifications for these signs can be made according to local building codes.

Transparent interior signage in a free standing style made of acrylic for virus protection

Indoor Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards will ensure a safe environment indoors. They’re fully customizable and have multiple mounting options to meet your specific needs. Indoor sneeze guards are used in both public institutions and private offices. We offer direct printing to make sure they’re fully integrated with the overall design of your space. 

custom indoor social distancing signs in black and white made of opaque vinyl for safety

Indoor Social Distancing Signs

Social distancing notes are now vital to creating a safe environment for staff and customers. They’re usually represented as adhesive graphics on the floor and used as store signs and displays in checkout lines, reception areas and elsewhere. There are multiple variations of social distancing signs to choose from.

Illumination Options for Interior Signs

Illumination can make or break the appearance of your interior signs. This doesn’t necessarily mean you only need light up signs for business. In fact, the right combination of both illuminated and non-illuminated custom interior signs is the key to successful branding.

No Other Way Productions backlit interior sign made of aluminum and acrylic for branding
Lagree 213 illuminated interior sign made of aluminum and acrylic for indoor branding

Illuminated Interior Signs

We offer a range of illumination options from cinema style marquee interior building signage to custom light box signs for indoor use. We use LED technology for lighting which allows for more sustainable and energy-saving illumination. The glowing part of the signage is made of translucent materials, most often acrylic, and can be either directly printed or covered with backlit adhesive graphics.  

Hazani Plastic Surgery non-illuminated interior sign with a mirroring effect made of acrylic

Non-Illuminated Interior Signs

There is a wide spectrum of non-illuminated options available for interior signs. Having no internal illumination, these custom signs are easier to maintain and don’t require an energy expenditure․ However, they give you more flexibility of design and can fully compete with illuminated interior building signage as you most likely have other lighting sources indoors.

Materials for Interior Signs

There is a limitless range of materials used for commercial interior signage manufacturing. Both soft and rigid materials are used in the sign making process to meet your requirements based on location, design, lighting and everything in between.

different signage materials on the table
Gold's Gym metal interior logo sign in a round shape made of brushed aluminum

Metal Interior Signs

Metal signs are durable and have a long lifespan․ With an elegant look, metal interior signs will give your brand a trustworthy image. Another advantage is that they go well with a lot of interior styles. We offer direct printing, cutting and engraving for metal interior business signs to fully meet your requirements.

Dalma Garden Mall wooden interior sign with custom-cut layers in a wave shape for designing

Wooden Interior Signs

Wood is an all-time classic for custom interior signs. It’s a sturdy material that will give your interior a cozy and elegant feel. Printed, etched or engraved, wooden interior signs are used both for branding and decorating purposes. We offer solid wood and plywood for custom indoor signs.

Kotel Investments interior signs displaying the brand name and logo made of acrylic

Plastic Interior Signs

Plastic is widely used in the signage industry. It’s light-weight, durable and highly versatile. Different types of plastic are used to make a large spectrum of custom interior signs from illuminated displays to interior graphics. Some types of plastic, like PVC and vinyl, are relatively sustainable due to recyclable properties. 

elegant foam core interior sign displaying the word Wine made of ultra board

Foam Core Interior Signs

Foam core materials are light-weight, durable and inexpensive. They consist of several layers which give the materials their sturdiness. Gator board, ultra board and foam board are perfect for making interior business signs. They make for creative and budget-friendly commercial interior signage

Interior Signage Solutions for Organizations in CA and Nationwide

Interior signs are essential in any building. They’re a sound investment for your organization that can’t be overlooked. Use interior space to build your brand’s reputation and create an uplifting environment for your employees and visitors alike.

At Front Signs, you can find a wide array of custom interior signage types. We’ll help you through every stage, from choosing the right materials to delivering the signs. We also offer permitting, installation and maintenance services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Our experience and top-grade equipment enable us to tackle any project involving interior business signs with confidence. We can fulfill your most challenging requirements and meet the tightest deadlines.

Once you partner with us, you’ll be assigned an account manager to keep you up-to-date on the production process and provide full assistance with your vision. Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated team member who will ensure the successful and timely delivery of your project.


Advantages of Working With Us

  • Fully customizable signage mediums
  • Complete branding for all types of interior premises
  • Wide spectrum of materials to meet your needs
  • Availability of both illuminated and non-illuminated signs
  • Multiple services available in LA and surrounding areas
  • Expert craftsmanship and personalized attention
Education Workers United custom interior sign with colorful 3D sign letters made of acrylic

Services We Offer for Interior Signs


Design and 3D Rendering 

It’s always a good idea to see what the final model of your project will look like before it goes on to the manufacturing phase. Our team of experienced designers will get the job done. We offer 3D design and rendering services for custom interior signs so you know exactly what to expect.


Large Format Printing

We offer large format printing using premium quality UV-cured inks. Our printers provide vibrant and long-lasting colors applicable to virtually all custom interior signage materials. With 80,000+ customized color shades, you can be sure that your sign will look exactly as you’ve envisioned it.


Cutting and Engraving

We offer CNC cutting, laser engraving and other techniques for custom interior signs. With the cutting-edge equipment we have at our disposal, our professionals can create signs in all shapes, styles, sizes and depths. These methods are applied for a wide range of both rigid and soft materials.


Sign Installation

We offer professional sign installation services in Los Angeles for all types of indoor signs. Whether you need indoor wall signs or graphics, our professional installers will do the job with speed and precision. We also provide signage repair and sign replacement services for your old sign.

Latest Interior Signs Projects

Uni Express Inc interior sign with the company name and logo made of acrylic for branding

Uni Express Inc Interior Display 

A distinctive office display with the company name and logo manufactured for our clients at Uni Express Inc and attached to the lobby wall. The bespoke product is made of top-quality acrylic material.

Kaluga Premium Insurance Solutions interior business sign made of lexan and aluminum

Kaluga Premium Interior Branding

Striking custom interior sign attached to the wooden wall for branding, made for our clients at Kaluga Premium Insurance Solutions. The bespoke display is made of premium-quality lexan and aluminum materials.

Best Formulations interior business sign displaying company name and logo made of acrylic

Best Formulations Interior Branding

An acrylic branding display with black-red dimensional elements made for our clients at Best Formulations and mounted on the interior wall. This simple non-illuminated display is made of premium-quality acrylic.

New York Film Academy interior sign displaying the brand name and logo made of acrylic

New York Film Academy Interior Display

Outstanding interior sign with the company name and logo on the wall made for our clients at New York Film Academy. The bespoke product is made of top-quality acrylic material.

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Custom Decals - Brand, decorate or provide vital information on walls, windows, floors and other smooth surfaces with custom decals. They’re a highly effective tool to showcase graphics, quotes or anything else. The stickers are UV-printed with colorful graphics to capture attention without taking up any space.


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Personalised Sign Manufacturing process
Ameria City The interior decoration of the 4 floors of Ameriabank
Interior design provision for sports complex

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    Interior Signs FAQs


    Why do I need interior business signs?

    Indoor business signs help convey the right message to your prospects and shape the overall image of your organization. There are interior signs that every brand can benefit from.

    What types of indoor business signs do you offer?

    We offer a wide array of indoor signs made of high-grade materials. From logo signs to interior graphics, we provide everything you’ll want and need. You can get interior business signs for every purpose here, whether promotional or decorative. Order completely customized internal signage with your desired aesthetic.

    What is the best material for custom interior signs?

    There are a number of top-quality materials perfect for indoor use. All the materials that we offer for indoor signage are designed to last for long periods of time. Whether it be wood, PVC, acrylic, aluminum, foam board, vinyl or anything else, the materials can be applied for all types of custom interior signs.

    Do I need to get a permit for interior business signs?

    Usually, custom interior signs do not require permits, unlike outdoor signs. But in the rare cases that you would need any special permits, we offer permitting services as well. Contact us and we will discuss all the details.

    Can I get illuminated interior signage?

    Yes. We offer all types of lighted signage solutions for interior branding. Don’t worry about any hazards as all our signs are UL certified and made according to safety guidelines.