Channel Letters in Los Angeles and USA-Wide

Do you need to build a prestigious brand identity and boost customer flow? Channel letter signs are a first-rate sign design for organizations across all industries that want optimal exposure. The upscale appearance of custom channel letters capture the attention of prospective clients that pass by your venue, be it by day or night.

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Channel Letters Applications

Custom channel letters are commonly used as an exterior branding medium. They’re also popular for indoor applications where they create a unique and brilliant glow. Custom channel letters are used for an array of purposes as they are flexible in design, size and illumination. 

Seyhart channel letters in gold color displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic
Dandy indoor channel letters in different colors made of aluminum and acrylic

Indoor Channel Letters

When used indoors, custom channel letters add a professional touch to your brand. If you want to showcase your brand name or logo indoors, channel letter signs are a radiant solution. Whether illuminated or not, they can be integrated with all types of interior styles.

Ways Home Care & Health Agency outdoor channel letters made of aluminum and acrylic

Outdoor Channel Letters

Channel letter signs will set you apart from the visual noise in crowded business centers. They’re attention grabbing but also merge well with the facade of any building. Properly chosen custom channel letters will foster familiarity with your customers every time they see them in passing.

Krab Queenz restaurant channel letters displaying the brand name made of acrylic and aluminum

Restaurant & Hospitality Channel Letters

If you’re operating in the hospitality industry, your business highly depends on what customers associate it with. Custom channel letters will make a lasting impression and get people to come back to you. You can use a combination of custom channel letter signs for your indoor and outdoor branding to create a consistent theme.

Axon retail channel letters in white and red made of aluminum and acrylic for advertising

Mall & Retail Channel Letters

Do you want to make your storefront more appealing? Or do you need to fully brand a shopping mall? Channel letter signs will cover the full spectrum of your company’s needs. From outdoor LED channel letter signs mounted on buildings to indoor signs designed for stores, custom channel letters are widely used in the retail industry.

LA Times office channel letters made of opaque vinyl, aluminum, and acrylic for branding

Office & Company Channel Letters

Interior and exterior office and company signs help boost brand awareness and reflect your corporate philosophy. Channel letter signs are fully customizable and can serve promotional as well as decorative purposes. With a wide range of illumination and style options, you’ll easily find ones that suit your business best.

Ameriabank channel letters displaying the company name made of aluminum and acrylic

Bank & Large Institution Channel Letters

Gaining trust is pivotal to business success. Professional business signage will set you in the right direction. Ensure 24/7 visibility for your institution and build authority around your brand in one shot with custom channel letter signs. Full customization will allow you to get creative and break out of the standard corporate box.

Body Spa Salons self-care center channel letters in white made of aluminum and acrylic

Self-Care & Sports Complex Channel Letters

Beauty salons, gyms, spas and similar businesses in the wellness industry rely heavily on foot traffic and customer experience. This is why the appearance of the venue should be highly prioritized. Channel lit letters will allow you to create the right image for your brand. You can make use of both indoor and outdoor illuminated signage to polish your venue.

Illumination Options for Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters come with multiple illumination options. Energy-efficient LED bulbs are used to illuminate the letters and emphasize your unique logo or company name. Every part of our signs can be fully customized according to your style and requirements.

Urgent Care channel letter sign in red displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic
Orion Optical face lit channel letters made of aluminum and acrylic for brand visibility

Channel Letters With Face Illumination 

Also called front-lit channel letters, this type of signage has a lexan face to allow light to transmit forth. The sides and back of the sign are made of durable aluminum for durability and the desired lighting effects. Face-lit channel letters are widely used both indoors and outdoors. They ensure long distance visibility for your company logo and name by day and night.

Drury University edge lit channel letters and logo made of brushed aluminum and acrylic

Channel Letters With Side Illumination

Edge lit channel letters are another widely used type of illuminated signage. LED channel letters with translucent lexan sides create a halo effect around the letters. Fittingly, they’re also called halo-lit channel letters. Half side lit letters are another stylistic option you can consider when choosing your sign. Only half of the sides are illuminated in this design, giving them a chic veneer.

No Other Way Production indoor illuminated channel letters made of acrylic and aluminum

Back Illumination

Back-lit or reverse channel letters have a translucent back to allow light transmission while other parts are metallic and thus obscured. The opposite of front-lit channel letters, this type of custom channel letter signs are mounted away from the wall to create a lighted background, giving the letters a lustrous appearance. dual lit channel letters displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

Dual Illumination

Back and front illumination doubles signage visibility. As the name implies, in the case of dual illumination, only the sides/returns of channel letter signs are made of aluminum while the face and back are made of translucent lexan for the lighting effect. Back and front-lit channel letters will enhance the visibility of your logo or company name.

Ameriabank open face channel letters with the words Down Town made of aluminum and acrylic

Open Face Channel Letters

There are two options for open-face custom channel letters. The face is either not covered at all or has a clear lexan surface to allow the light bulbs or strips to be visible on the inside. A widely used type of custom channel letter signs with an open face is the cinema-style marquee letters. Neon lights can also be used for illuminating this type of sign.

Channel Letters Mounting Options

When it comes to mounting custom channel letter signs, there are three primary methods to go with. You can get custom channel letters on raceway, wireway or mounted directly onto the wall. The difference is between simplicity and aesthetics.

Tara's Himalayan Cuisine restaurant custom channel letter sign made of acrylic and aluminum
FamoChil channel letter sign fixed with direct mounting made of acrylic and aluminum

Direct Mounting

With the direct mounting option, also called flush mounting, each letter is individually mounted to the wall surface. Flush mounting requires more holes as compared to other mounting options. This is done to give the sign a neat finish with no visible hardware other than the lighted channel letters themselves. In case of back-illuminated custom channel letter signs, spacers are used to create a gap between the letters and the wall.

Renu channel letter sign in black fixed with raceway mounting made of aluminum and acrylic

Raceway Mounting

Custom channel letters on raceway are another common type of mounting used both indoors and outdoors. The raceway is a thin rectangular box behind the sign where all the wires and electronic components are housed. As the LED channel letters are mounted over the raceway, the installation process consumes less labor time and requires fewer drilled holes. The raceway is usually painted with the same color as the wall to merge with the building’s surface and not be visible from afar.

Encino Dental Smile channel letter sign with wireway mounting, made of aluminum and acrylic

Wireway Mounting

Similar to channel letters on raceway, the wireway houses all the wires, power supply and other electrical components. It’s generally oversized like a backdrop and becomes part of the custom channel letter signs design. It’s considered more aesthetically pleasing as it gives the letters a background and frame to stand against. Though the structure is more complicated than custom channel letters on raceway, it’s still simpler than direct mounting.

Act1 Talent custom channel letter sign with special constructions made of aluminum and acrylic

Special Constructions

The mounting options of LED channel letters have their pros and cons. You may need to check with your landlord and city council to know if there are any limitations and regulations you should follow. In any case, we provide fully customized constructions for channel letter signs to meet all of your requirements. Our professional team has the expertise and is fully equipped to create complex mounting constructions as permitted by law.

Channel Letters Styles

Apart from the illumination and mounting options, you should also determine whether you need trim cap or trimless channel letters. This will depend on the placement and distance from which the passersby see the signage along with other factors.

9 Round channel letters in red displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic
Lashify trimless channel letters in white color and large size made of aluminum and acrylic

Trimless Channel Letters

Trimless channel letters create a harmonious and exciting architectural display. They’re a more modern solution where no trim caps are used to attach the front surface of the letters to the sides. With trimless channel letters, the face and returns of the sign aren’t obscured by framing, allowing for the whole surface to be illuminated. This type of signage will give your venue a dazzling appearance with 24/7 visibility. 

Pilates trim cap channel letters in green and grey colors made of aluminum and acrylic

Trim Cap Channel Letters

A trim cap is a plastic molding that can often be seen on custom channel letter signs. The band is attached to the edges of the letters to connect the face to the sides. Trim caps provide a bold and prominent look to the sign by outlining the individual letters. Usually, the trim caps are painted the same color as the letters but you can choose different colors to give a unique look to your sign.



Advantages of Custom Channel Letters

  • 24/7 visibility even from afar
  • Custom designs, sizes and lighting
  • Outdoor and indoor applications
  • 5+ year lifespan with proper care
  • Multiple mounting options
TRKX channel letter sign in big size displaying the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

Services We Offer for Channel Letters


3D Signage Rendering

To let you get an idea of what your custom channel letter signs are going to look like, we offer signage design and 3D rendering services. Our team of experienced designers will create a detailed visualization of your sign. This way, you can see the model and its positioning so that you may decide on the final look before it goes on to the manufacturing phase.



Repair and Replacement

Channel letter signs require maintenance from time to time to look their best. We offer sign repair services in LA and neighboring areas regardless of the complexity of the issue. If you have an old sign that needs to be replaced, our team will take on all the hassle of removing and replacing it with a new one.


Signage Permitting

Obtaining a permit to use custom channel letter signs can be a confusing process. Our team is ready to get the job done for you and create custom channel letters in compliance with municipal law and requirements. Our sign permit service team will do the tedious paperwork and handle the entire process so you don’t have to. 


Manufacturing and Installation

Aside from manufacturing custom channel letters, Front Signs offers sign installation services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We’ll position your signs perfectly while making sure to stick to municipal regulations and landlord requirements. Our crew will get your sign installed both indoors and outdoors with speed and accuracy.


Custom Channel Letter Signs in California and Nationwide

Lighted channel letter signs give businesses the extra visibility they need to stand out amid crowded infrastructure.

We offer pan channel letters with a wide selection of illumination and mounting options, styles and applications. Here, each one of our manufactured custom channel letter signs are precision-crafted to your exact requirements.

When you work with us, your project is powered by the most advanced industry equipment and backed by the extensive experience of our craftsmen. This enables us to offer you the most sophisticated and personalized signage solutions in the industry - every single time!

For manufacturing illuminated channel letters, we use energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lights. This provides your custom channel letter signs with evenly dispersed and bright illumination. Typically, LED channel letters are illuminated with white light. However, we can also make custom channel letter signs with colored lights to match your exact vision.

The materials used for custom channel letter signs are most often lexan and aluminum. However, we offer creative and individual solutions upon request.

We are committed to quality and have a clear understanding of the impeccable standards that our customers have come to expect from us. Accordingly, we craft custom channel letter signs to meet and exceed all your expectations.

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Storefront Channel letters and logo for Mr. Dent

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    Channel Letters FAQs


    What type of illumination do you use for custom channel letters?

    For custom channel letters, we use energy-efficient LED strips. They’re attached to the interior of returns, allowing light to transfer through a translucent lexan sign face. LED channel letters are more cost-effective and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Also, LED lights leave 6 less tons of carbon footprint than regular bulbs, making them an eco-friendly option.

    What materials are used for making channel letter signs?

    Typically, channel letter signs are made of aluminum and lexan materials. However, we can customize the product to fully meet your needs and preferences.

    What are the illumination options for channel letter signs?

    Front-lit channel letters are one of the most wide-spread varieties of this signage type. Custom channel letters with side, back and double illumination are also highly sought-after across the industry. You’re free to go for more unique designs as we offer individualized options, too.  

    What mounting options are available for custom channel letter signs?

    The mounting options vary depending on your specifications. You can order custom channel letters on raceway or wireway for housing all the electrical components of the sign. LED channel letters can also be free flush-mounted, free standing or hanging. You may send us your special mounting requirements for consideration.

    What’s the difference between trim cap and trimless channel letters?

    The main difference between trimless and trim cap LED channel letters is in their appearance. The trim cap adds a frame around the letters while the other option leaves them with a cleaner look.

    What’s the depth of the sides/returns for custom channel letter signs?

    Regardless of whether you need back, side, dual or front-lit channel letters, the depth of the returns is custom made-to-order. It all depends on the size and design requirements of your sign.

    What sizes are available for custom channel letter signs?

    At Front Signs, we offer custom channel letters. This means you can order letters of any size as long as they’re within legal limits. No matter how big or small your channel letter requirements may be, we can manufacture them to your desired dimensions.