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The most important element of any given retail or corporate identity is its signage. Well-positioned indoor and outdoor signage with the right visual appeal is all you need to reflect your brand character and attract favorable attention.

Having a permit for your signs, including logo signs, is the first and thus most important step towards achieving their goal.

If you want to put up a new sign or exchange the existing one for your business, you’ll likely need to obtain a sign permit. Sign permits ensure that all exterior as well as interior signage is constructed safely and doesn’t pose any danger to passersby, the streetscape or surrounding areas.

Therefore, before sign manufacturing and installation, we’ll make sure it’s compliant with local zoning ordinances and building codes. Depending on type and installation, you may need to get multiple permits for the sign.

At Front Signs, we help commercial, industrial and other business owners who are looking to get business sign permits in Los Angeles, CA and US wide. We make the job significantly faster, easier and less stressful so you can focus on other things. 

Permitting is a complicated process and that’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve been securing sign permits on behalf of our customers for over a decade. 

Our expert team handles the paperwork and inspection and coordinates the necessary permits for signs according to local building codes and ordinances - and they do it in no time! We know what a successful sign permit application entails and we know how to do it swiftly. Allow us to go through the detailed process of obtaining and submitting the paperwork so you can have a peace of mind. 

With our knowledge and expertise, we’ll make sure that no step is overlooked in this process and that all the supporting documentation for your permit for signs is filled out by the proper parties and approved by your local municipality.

Permit Process for Signs

Being a full-service sign making company, we not only create and deliver visual solutions but also obtain permits for your sign. We make sure all the papers are up-to-date and in compliance with your local building codes and zoning ordinances.   

The signage codes and regulations vary by city and property so each sign installation will be affected accordingly. Municipal laws define all the criteria for outdoor advertising - from sign size, positioning, electrical, material and hardware all the way up to the colors and message it delivers. Approval and issuance is required from the city development services department before a sign can be placed on a site or building.

If you have decided to install an outdoor sign, you should first of all get to know the building codes and zoning restrictions established by your local municipality. The ordinance reviews size, height, design, materials, construction, location and illumination specifications of a sign within city limits. These are intended to provide a safer and more coordinated plan of the city while simultaneously decreasing visual clutter.

If your property is rented or leased, you will also need to check with the property owner or manager about specific sign programs and requirements they may have. In such cases, our team will mediate between you and the city but it will be up to you to get in touch with the landlord or property manager to get signatures and other relevant documents and information. We will provide you with all the necessary paperwork to ease the process. 

At Front Signs, our comprehensive permitting services include:

  • Design review
  • Site surveys and inspection reports
  • Planning permission
  • Business sign permits
  • Temporary sign permits
  • Permanent sign permits
  • Zoning board of appeals documents
  • New construction permits
  • Permits to block the sidewalk
  • All other required paperwork

Trust your sign making, installation and permitting to us. We will solve any problems you might face concerning indoor or outdoor signage.


We fill out and submit a comprehensive permitting application for all types of custom signs. Our experts will confirm whether you need a sign permit, electrical permit or temporary license upon inspection. 

Most upright, altered or relocated exterior signage requires a sign permit unless it’s been specifically exempt. In the case of light up signs, we will obtain an additional electrical permit.

We handle business sign permits for a range of signs including but not limited to free-standing pylon signs, pole or monument signs, awning or building-mounted blades, light box signs and dimensional letter signage.

If you’d prefer to submit the application and obtain the permit for signs yourself, we can get the paperwork from the city on your behalf. In such cases, we’ll help you fill out all the necessary information required for sign permit approval.

Permanent sign permits

Permanent commercial sign permits may include a building inspection and review. All building mounted blade signs, free standing signs, billboard signs, ground signs or building signs (fascia signs) are subject to review by a zoning administrator. Overall structure, size, colors, materials and design elements will be taken into account and must comply with municipal law, zoning ordinances, local building codes and property requirements.

Temporary sign permits

Temporary signs and banners for things like construction, stadium branding, leasing, sales, rent periods, grand openings and corporate anniversaries must also uphold rules and regulations set by the property and local municipality. We’ll help you take care of these as well.

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    Permitting FAQs


    Will my signs satisfy the sign and building codes in my area?

    Each state has different outdoor signage requirements. Our signs are specifically fabricated to meet Los Angeles, CA city codes. However, we provide permitting assistance throughout the state as well as for businesses across the nation in case you need to obtain a permit for sign and installationi n another location.

    Can I have my sign installed on the boulevard?

    Generally, city councils do not issue permits for signage installation on city property. If possible, check the sign placement policies for your district or contact our permitting services department for more detailed information.

    Why do I need a sign permit?

    A permit for signs is required for most permanent and temporary signs to ensure that the size, design and location of the sign abides by local building codes and zoning ordinances. This way, the city can recognize that the signage has been properly assessed, managed and does not pose any hazard to passersby and general surroundings.

    Do I have to pay for getting a permit for signs?

    Yes. It costs money to submit permitting applications in most cases. We can include this charge in your overall quote if you’d like us to obtain the permit for you. For certain types of signs like electrical and wall signs on high rises, an inspection fee is also required.

    What will I need to submit with my permit request?

    We will ask you to fill out a general permitting application. Depending on the sign specifications, we will need to submit copies of your location, elevation plan, owner verification form, electrical wiring analysis and storefront and sign dimensions to the local municipality.

    What does the permit process for indoor and outdoor signs entail?

    Most of the business sign permits take into consideration size, position and installation specifications as the most important regulatory factors for a given sign. Your property requirements, location and whether or not your business is in a historical building will also play a crucial role in the process.

    Are there any signs that don’t require permitting?

    Signs on private property do not require permitting. Additionally, government signs, scoreboards, commemorative plaques, street numbers and national flags generally do not require permits under normal circumstances. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to check your local rules and regulations for verification.

    How long does it take to get a business sign permit?

    This depends on a number of factors, including the type of signage and whether your business is in a historical building or requires a special sign program. We will review your application and plans then confirm if they meet the city’s building code and zoning requirements within one to five business days.
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