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Temporary Permits, Design Review, Building Instructor Permit

Being a full-service sign-making company, we not only create and deliver visual solutions but also ensure they are up to date and in compliance with your local ordinances, laws, codes and regulations.   

If you have decided to install an outdoor sign you should first of all get to know the laws and regulations established by your local municipality. It reviews the size, height, design, materials, construction, location, and illumination of signs within the city. This is meant to provide a healthier and a more coordinated view of the city at the same time decreasing the visual clutter.

Front Signs takes the responsibility of having all the necessary job done instead of you presenting you a trouble-free sign purchasing experience.

The services included in the permitting are the following:

  • Sign permits
  • Temporary permits
  • Zoning board of appeals
  • Design review
  • Permits to block the sidewalk
  • Building instructor permit

..and more. We will solve any problem you may face concerning your outdoor sign installation.


The signage laws and regulations differ from state to state and for sign installation you should be guided by the rules and regulations of your very state. The law defines all the criteria of outdoor advertising - from sign sizes and materials up to the message it delivers. The approval and issuance of Signage Permit is required prior to the sign being placed on the building or site.

Front Signs will do all the necessary work for you ensuring the compliance of your sign.

Trust your sign making and installation to us and have a worry-free sign purchasing experience!

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Permitting FAQs

Can I have my sign installed on the boulevard?

Generally almost all city councils do not permit signage installations on the property of the city. So, if it's possible - check the sign placement policies or contact our permitting service department for more detailed information.

Will my signs meet the sign and building codes in my area?

Each state has different outdoor signage requirements. Our Signage solutions are fabricated to meet the California’s city codes. However, we provide sign permit services if needed in case you have permit and installation assistance.