Pylon Signs: Available in Los Angeles and Across the USA

Pylon signs by Front Signs stand taller than other sign options. We offer premium quality plaza signs and operate locally in California as well as across the USA. Pylon signs can stand high above a business building on poles unlike monument signs which are shorter ground signs usually constructed of wood or masonry.

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Pylon Signage Designs

It will be our pleasure to craft custom pylon sign designs that express your brand vision. Our modern pylon signs will inform all passersby about your business, no matter how fast they may be walking or driving by.

Professionally designed custom signs speak volumes about your brand and bring in the right audience from far and wide. Get tailor-made designs by highlighting all the features you find important for your location, be it height, illumination, neon coloring or anything else you can imagine.

Our business headquarters are in Los Angeles but we service all surrounding areas as well as the continental US upon request.

outdoor pylon sign design with multiple brand names made of Lexan and opaque vinyl

Types of Pylon Signs

Plaza signs have several classifications based on their placement, installation and illumination.

Our custom crafted pylon signs will act as a medium on which you can display one or more logo signs. In addition to branding, they can serve other purposes as well, depending on their type.

You’re free to design your own pylon signs according to your requirements.

Annenberg plaza signage displaying art graphics made of aluminum, Lexan, and backlit vinyl

Types based on indoor or outdoor placement 

Pylon signs are situated in spots where they’re most noticeable, whether indoors or outdoors. Gigantic pylon signs will receive extra attention and captivate more buyers but only if they’re optimally positioned for their type and location.

Greater Ebenezer outdoor pylon sign displaying the church name made of aluminum and acrylic

Outdoor applications for pylon signs

When used outside, the design of pylon signs magnifies your brand name. Outdoor pylon signs are made of solid materials to withstand the test of time and environmental conditions. Just like building signs, they’re made to last and will represent your business for many years to come. Complement them with indoor signs such as trade show displays to get the most of your branding.

Evocabank indoor pylon sign in a smartphone shape made of Dibond, acrylic, and PVC

Indoor applications for pylon signs

Pylon signs make a bold statement when installed inside a premise. With an indoor pylon sign design such as ones in the style of lobby signs, you’ll boost confidence towards your products and level up your brand authority. With interior placement, your plaza signs will become a hotspot for traffic and establish a lively atmosphere for the surrounding areas.

Types based on illumination

Cahuenga Veterinary Hospital led pylon sign with internal light made of aluminum and acrylic

Internal illumination: These kinds of pylon signs are sustainable and inexpensive. LED pylon signs boost your green profile and add a progressive touch to your brand. 

With internally lighted plaza signs, people will get information about your business even during non-operational hours. These 3D signs for business will familiarize passersby with your brand, thus increasing trust and ultimately, sales.

The Liquor Fountain externally illuminated pylon sign

External illumination: Many businesses add exterior lighting to pylon signs.

They’re usually attached to the outside frames of plaza signs to enhance their visibility.

If you decide to opt for this variant, you can rest assured that your sign will look brilliant twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Hummingbird Nest pylon sign without illumination with a welcoming message made of Dibond

Without illumination: There is also a high demand for non-illuminated pylon signs.

These types of plaza signs showcase business signage during the day without overwhelming the surroundings.

They go out of sight during evening hours, opting for a subtle presence sometimes mandated by law. 


Types based on mounting options

single-poled plaza sign with directional information made of aluminum and acrylic

Single-poled: The standard single-pole plaza signs bring your enterprise to new heights in a relatively affordable manner.

This kind of pylon sign shapes a distinct character for your enterprise and is best suited for elevated use in both hidden and prominent areas. 

twin-poled pylon sign displaying company services made of aluminum and acrylic for advertising

Twin-poled: Double-poled structures secure more stability for larger pylon signs.

The twin-poled plaza signs are extremely sturdy so they’re the preferred method for mounting huge pylon signs. 

Stratus Group covered-pole plaza signage with the brand name made of aluminum and acrylic

Covered-pole: If you’re interested in making your plaza signs feel more modern and serviceable, dress them up with special covers.

This will add a sense of style, conceal the poles and add more space for useful information. 


Common Applications of Pylon Signs

Front Signs, an industry leader in sign making based in Burbank, Los Angeles, produces dazzling pylon signs for projects like mall, hotel, gas station, business plaza and stadium branding.

Due to their impressive height and freestanding design, these signs will increase the prominence of your brand regardless of the size and location of your establishment. 

Lake View Townhomes pylon sign with the business name made of plywood, aluminum, and acrylic
commercial center pylon sign displaying multiple brand names made of acrylic and aluminum

Pylon signs for commercial centers

Pylon signs in grand shopping malls act as store signs to showcase company names both outdoors and indoors in order to increase their presence. Big pylon signs alert shoppers by boldly displaying the business name on a huge panel. With large format printing you can get any design applied to your pylon signs.

industrial area plaza sign displaying multiple brand names made of Lexan and opaque vinyl

Plaza signs for industrial areas

Brands install plaza signs in crowded or obscure places like industrial zones to double up their exposure and revenue. In industrial and manufacturing areas, plaza signs let suppliers and prospective customers know who you are and where you operate. 

production site pylon sign displaying multiple business services for the companies' promotion

Pylon signs for production sites

You can create a welcoming tone with pylon signs and invite your guests on the right foot starting from the entrance. Custom plaza signs are an excellent tool for corporations that are tucked out of sight. They have a positive impact on navigation and increase efficiency at production sites. 

Comparison of Monument & Pylon Signs

Both monument and pylon sign are intended as large-scale venue designators. Available in a range of design options and materials, they’re applicable for similar purposes including branding, wayfinding and information sharing. They are both often used as event signs to show the venue floormap. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, they’ll capture attention, boost brand recognition and increase visitor flow. Thanks to custom illumination features, both models guarantee 24-hour visibility.

The most noticable differences between the two signs are their height and installation options. Monument signs are comparatively short and available in two forms: vertical models that can be seen from a long distance and modern eye-level models placed on the ground, rarely exceeding 5 feet. They may be made of heavier materials such as stone and concrete to blend in with the surrounding architecture whereas pylons are typically made of lighter mediums such as PVC and an aluminum post for elevation.

Outdoor pylon sign versus Kershaw's Challenging Park monument sign made of aluminum

Benefits of Pylon Signs


Castle & Cooke Aviation pylon sign design in blue and white colors made of PVC

Distinct identity

An outstanding pylon sign will elevate your brand message and identity with its familiar presence. Classical pylon signs reinforce connections in the minds of new as well as old audiences. They establish a permanent marker for your brand’s location, making you look enduring and reliable.

Aluminum pylon sign with the park's name placed near the play yard

Easy maintenance

Pylon signs are an enduring way to stand apart from the crowd, even when installed in the midst of other retailers. They’re easy to maintain and will keep their radiant look with minimal effort on your part. Updating information or replacing a display from the panel is a piece of cake for our professional crew.

Outdoor single-pole pylon sign displaying school's name and logo

Long-term usage 

The materials used for fabricating a pylon sign are highly durable and versatile. Due to their sturdiness, pylon signs are able to withstand fluctuations in climate and maintain their robust appeal. Even with decorative elements on them, plaza signs will retain their fresh look for a long time.


Outdoor pylon sign for Arena Badminton & Sports Club


Pylon signs are a worthwhile investment for advertising one or many enterprises at once. Multiple businesses operating out of one center can use plaza signs jointly to inform guests of the services available in the area. By installing a pylon sign once, your venue will reap rewards for a long time to come. Get a free quote & consultation on the best pylon sign design for your business plaza.

Southern California Medical Center pylon sign in white color made of aluminum and acrylic

Pylon signs grant professionalism

The versatile pylon sign design raises your chances of being spotted by drivers and newcomers to your site. Pylon signs are often donned in bright colors to depict your brand in striking fashion.  By establishing a high standard for your business, plaza signs urge people to make important decisions in favor of your services.

Familias Unidas Centro De Consejeria plaza sign tailor-made of acrylic and opaque vinyl

Pylon sign designs can be tailor-made

Unique design features take pylon signs a step above the competition. You’re limited only by your imagination when choosing your custom pylon sign design. By leveraging pylon branding with personal style, you’ll bring inspiration to the area and bolster innovation in line with functionality. 

outdoor pylon sign in an elegant style with multiple brand names made of aluminum and acrylic

Pylon signs are versatile and elegant

Attractive pylon sign designs persuade prospective clients to enter your store. Elegant pylon signs prompt passersby to look out for new stores. Pylon signs come with customizable height, illumination and materials. Their versatility makes it possible to cater your services to a wider audience. 

Services We Provide



Sign Installation

Our company offers professional sign installation services for all types of pylon signs. Let us know if you're looking to set up bespoke plaza signs that will offer you a competitive edge and accentuate your brand identity. Not only will we craft the product, but we'll install it for you, too.


Placement Permitting 

We provide permitting services for pylon signs in accordance with local laws. Our experts will pick up the paperwork, fill out the corresponding forms and process the payments. You can rest assured that getting municipal permits for plaza signs will not cause any concerns.


Repair and Replacement 

We provide quality signage repair as well as sign replacement services to help you avoid unplanned maintenance expenses connected to pylon signs. If your signs are damaged, our experts will help you fix them. They'll make your personalized pylon signs look professional for years.


Superlative Cutting 

Laser cutting is an important element of our pylon sign-making process. Our expert craftsmen can develop unique designs for pylon signs using advanced equipment. We can realize the most complicated ideas to guarantee that your company is presented in a professional manner.

Latest Pylon Signs Projects


Smiles West pylon sign displaying information about the company made of backlit vinyl

Smiles West Outdoor Branding

Outdoor display face replacement by our professional technicians for our clients at Smiles West. The backlit banner is made of high-quality backlit vinyl material.

Jack's Restaurant and Bar pylon sign with marquee style branding made of aluminum and dibond

Jack’s Restaurant and Bar Advertising Display 

An outstanding pylon display with marquee style company name letters manufactured for our clients at Jack's Restaurant and Bar and installed outdoors. The bespoke display is made of premium-quality aluminum and dibond materials.

Ethan Charles Design pylon sign displaying multiple brand names made of lexan

Ethan Charles Design Pylon Display

Personalized acrylic display showcasing the brand name set up outdoors and made for our clients at Ethan Charles Design. The custom display is made of premium-quality lexan material.

Fletcher Family Medical Center pylon sign displaying company name made of lexan

Fletcher Family Medical Center Pylon Display

An eye-catching pylon display made for our clients at Fletcher Family Medical Center and installed outdoors for informative purposes. The face of the exceptional display is made of high-quality lexan and features vinyl printed graphics.

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MGM Resorts logo with marquee style illumination

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The Installation Process of a Light Box for “Light the Barricades” Interactive Art Exhibition
MGM Resorts Outdoor Marquee Letter Sign Lighting

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    Pylon Signs FAQs


    What are pylon signs?

    Pylon signs are sturdy stand-alone display structures that can be equipped with internal or external illumination. When installed outdoors, plaza signs bring more visibility to a property. Pylon signs can also be installed inside commercial buildings to create presence and guide customers towards your place of business.

    What are plaza signs used for?

    Pylon signs establish prominence and increase exposure in crowded and obscure places alike. Plaza signs can be found inside or in front of corporate and commercial centers to designate all the offices and stores that are located at the venue. Pylon sign design is effectively used for displaying business sights in industrial areas, retail stores in town centers,  outlets near highways and so on.

    Does pylon signage enhance awareness?

    Many businesses spend millions of dollars to increase brand awareness. Meanwhile, plaza signs are an affordable option for the task. A pylon sign may be a simple structure but its large-scale design and considerable height leave no doubt that your brand name will be seen and cover a lot of distance. Just imagine how many people will take note of your poised plaza sign during heavy traffic.

    What’s the best location for installing pylon signs?

    Often viewed from car windows on the streets of Los Angeles and across the US, pylon signs are the number one way to get noticed from afar. Their placement is generally selected according to the direction of traffic. To be more visible, pylon signs are positioned to face streets with heavy congestion, both for foot and car traffic. The most optimal use for plaza sign panels is in large commercial and corporate centers. In such settings, they can showcase multiple business names at the same time. Plaza signs function to let everyone passing in the area know which businesses are in their vicinity.

    How do you install huge pylon signs?

    For sizable plaza signs, professional installers will require the assistance of a crane truck to position them into place. Our team will complete the rest of the process with special tools, hardware and equipment. They’re known for speed and precision so you’ll have your signs installed without any extra hassle.

    I’ve never bought pylon signs before – where do I start?

    Our customer support team, designers, fabricators, installers and even maintenance professionals are at your disposal. We can get to work on a new plaza sign project for you right away. We’ll be glad to offer a free consultation and guide you towards the perfect pylon sign design. Contact us and get ready for our crew to exceed your expectations.