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Front Signs is a prominent signage company operating across Los Angeles and the USA. We’ve adorned numerous trade show exhibits with a deluxe selection of stands and displays. We offer quality products and end-to-end services for branding, advertising and decor. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about our trade show displays.

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Trade Show Booth Solutions

A key element of corporate events is the design of your trade show booth. Almost eighty percent of event guests visit a trade show booth based on how it looks. Our trade show booth solutions are designed with striking visual appeal to entice customers to your brand.

We provide a full spectrum of trade show banners and pop displays to make your exhibition a success. Collaborating with our experienced team for business signs will put your business ahead at any convention.

Seven Oil trade show booth solutions made of PVC, wood, acrylic, and opaque vinyl

Modular Trade Show Displays

For fully customized trade fairs, a modular display is one of the best possible options to leave a lasting impression. A modular trade show booth is made up of custom pieces that may be switched around to create new combinations. Modular displays are adaptable and can be reused constantly for years to come. If you're looking for a partner to assist you in building and installing bespoke modular exhibition systems, contact us for a free quote and consultation.

illuminated trade show displays

Types of Exhibition Booth Displays

Custom trade show displays have a range of design possibilities. We provide all types of trade show displays with various installation options. They may be hung from a ceiling, affixed to walls or set on the ground to express unique characteristics for your custom trade show booth. Below, check out the most popular types of trade show supplies to make your brand shine at any event!

Studio 9 exhibition booth display with the brand name, logo, and plant decors

Banner Displays

Trade show banners have a wide spectrum of styles and are used for custom applications. Our custom vinyl banners will look stunning at any trade show booth and serve as your silent salespeople. Our trade show banners are printed with the highest-quality UV cured inks and promise to serve your goals for years to come.

Boohoo trade show banner display in pink made of vinyl
Lazer Lounge retractable banners in a promotional style made of vinyl

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are self-supporting and lightweight solutions perfect for displaying all kinds of messages. Due to their sleek design, retractable banners will put your brand at high exposure and communicate your products in a stylish manner. Also known as roll-up banners, these solutions require minimal effort to install. Another key advantage of custom pull-up banners is that they’re lightweight and easy to transport.

Lamborghini custom pop-up banners in white displaying the brand name made of fabric

Custom Pop-Up Banners

Our pop-up banners maximize your company’s impact with innovative designs.  The pop-up trade show displays we offer are printed with UV cured inks to ensure color clarity for a long time. Like roll-up banners, these portable trade show displays are easy to customize. One of the biggest advantages of pop-up displays is that you can use interchangeable visuals to make your exhibitions "pop" without having to buy new hardware.

Mercedes Benz vertical X trade show banner stands in black made of vinyl

Vertical X Trade Show Banner Stands

These trade show banners showcase wide format graphics mainly intended for product presentation. They’re portable trade show displays with an adjusting design which you can modify for various occasions. Its name comes from the X-shaped mechanism in the back that pulls your banner material tight from it’s corners.

It's also a popular choice among those who already have a banner and are looking for a stand to display it on. We offer various X-stands that can be adjusted to fit different banner sizes. Our banner stands are frequently used for trade shows, expos, presentations, events, shows, stadium branding and day-to-day corporate operations. They show off your designs in a stunning manner with minimal effort to set up and break down.

Boohoo step and repeat banner made of vinyl for event branding

Step and Repeat Banners

Our step and repeat banners are a great marketing method for creating an appealing trade show atmosphere. A branded step and repeat backdrop with a repeating pattern of the company’s logo is the best place for a group of people to take selfies. These are an excellent promotional tool when shared on social media.

Step and repeat banners are ideal for seasonal promotions, conventions, presentations and advertising campaigns. Our step and repeat banners are adjustable in height and width. Use a step and repeat backdrop to enhance brand recognition and invite attention to your trade show booth. Graphics for step and repeat banners are UV resistant and if installed outdoors, can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

POS/POP Displays

Point-of-purchase displays are used for advertising and promoting products. Generally installed next to checkout isles, POP displays can take on a variety of forms to spotlight specific products. POP displays can have illuminated solutions like light box signs to capture the attention of buyers. They may also be in the form of ground-level applications to entice those looking down at their phones. These POP displays are stationed strategically so that clients who have already been captivated by your booth may discover products to purchase.

Popular Types of POP Displays

Many vendor shops use a type of POP display embracing the ‘store within a store’ concept. This is where a vendor establishes an area that sets its product aside from others within a retail store. Instead of just placing products on shelves, you may use these point-of-purchase displays to draw more attention to a certain product.

Free standing displays are another stand-alone type of POP display that draws attention to specific items. There are several possibilities to be creative with its presentation. Perpendicular pylon signs are a variety that help promote your business by calling out to a larger audience from a further distance.

Dump bins and end caps are also stand-alone POP displays placed within or at the back of a store. These POP displays usually contain small, individually wrapped items like sweets. These point-of-purchase displays allow customers to inspect and select the advertised goods individually.

book store POP display with different books

POP Displays vs POS Displays

The main difference between point-of-purchase displays and point-of-sale displays is the area of their placement. POP displays are set in places where consumers make decisions to buy, while POS or point-of-sale displays are found in places where buyers make the purchase - such as the checkout aisle. Point-of-purchase displays can be found anywhere around your trade show booth to promote a product or sale. In contrast, point-of-sale displays are used to make sales and transactions in designated areas.

NixonG POP display versus a POS display
The National Football League trade show backdrop with black and white graphics made of PVC

Trade Show Backdrop

We provide lightweight PVC backdrops that are simple to set up, break down, pack and store. A trade show backdrop is one of the most effective methods of reaching out to your target audience. By installing an effective PVC backdrop, you’ll present your visual identity and make a good first impression.

Rocket hanging trade show displays with the brand name and logo

Hanging Displays

Hanging structures may take on a range of forms and display branding elements to represent your company’s image. Exhibitors may utilize hanging structures to showcase their brand's presence in a distinct and eye-catching manner. The majority of them are portable and may be adapted to any environment.

RSF trade show floor graphics in white displaying the brand name and logo

Trade Show Floor Graphics

Floor decals with adhesives are designed to promote, direct and advertise. They’re made easy to apply with a "peel and stick" method. They capture the attention of people looking down and make use of an unexpected surface. These graphics are a complementary element to the overall design of a trade show display. They effectively showcase brand names, logos or express brand values in a creative way.

Techinfinity custom trade show signs displaying the brand name, logo, and promotional graphics

Custom Trade Show Signs

Custom trade show displays are created to adapt to an exhibitor's specific design requirements. Although fully customized trade show exhibits require more expenditure, they have a better possibility of attracting people to your booth. If you need custom solutions for your trade show exhibits, turn to our specialists. They’ll satisfy even your most sophisticated needs and deliver the best quality.

Main Uses for Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays are used for various purposes. They establish a high-impact presence and can be designed to suit different settings and aesthetics. Let’s check the most common applications for trade show displays.

Axon illuminated trade show signs made of aluminum and acrylic for promotion at the expo

Expos and Presentations

Expos provide opportunities for visitors to meet and greet exhibitors. They create a lively atmosphere, showcase the brand’s personality and boost authority within an industry. Trade show displays during expos and presentations are crucial for inviting attention and building consumer relations. This type of event signs make a bold statement during expos, presentations, business exhibitions and other special events.

Lush trade show sign in blue displaying the brand name and logo


Corporate trade show exhibits are a perfect setting for creative signage and various kinds of presentations. Design your most engaging, out-of-the-box displays to entice guests and stand out from the sea of booths and industry competitors. We craft a wide spectrum of lobby signs that will highlight your brand’s culture during conferences. They’re ready to showcase your company and its values in the best possible light.

Lamborghini product launch display with 3d brand name letters made of aluminum and wood

Product Launches and Premieres 

Most of the time, clients get a taste of new products at a product launch. If you want to make these gatherings effective, well-branded interior signs will create a memorable impression of your special deals. Premieres are used to kick off movies and related products with a noteworthy start. Trade show exhibits offer an excellent platform to promote these special deals in style.

Summer Fridays community event displays with custom designs made of PVC

Community Events 

Community activities attract large crowds of people and potential clients. For these events, having a custom trade show booth is an excellent way to introduce your business to the public. Such special occasions include fundraisers, holiday celebrations and many other functions. They offer an opportunity to display specific trade show signs to make the most out of any gathering.

Purposes of Trade Show Signs

Trade show signs serve tons of purposes. They’re a great way to advertise your products, enhance brand recognition, streamline navigation and beyond. Here are some of the most important features these solutions offer during special events.

Davidoff trade show sign with white brand name letters made of wood, acrylic, and aluminum
Global Blockchain trade show booth displaying the brand name and logo for branding

Trade Show Booths for Branding

Designing a custom trade show booth is an excellent way to show off what kinds of products and services you provide. Visitors to a trade fair are exposed to hundreds of companies, each of them with the goal to win over sponsors and customers. Creative light up signs not only illuminate your trade show booth but also provide stunning, decorative vibes.

colorful wayfinding expo displays in a large size fixed to the windows

Wayfinding Expo Displays

If you want to enhance your company’s reputation then be helpful and guide your visitors. By installing wayfinding signage around your premise, you’ll provide useful information for people to find their way through crowds and other booths. Branded custom signs raise awareness and encourage prospects to collaborate with a brand that cares about their needs.

Bicycle trade show stand in a huge size with illumination

Trade Show Stands for Promoting

A good exhibition stand should inform people about your business and the products and services you provide. Most significantly, it should emphasize the unique advantages your brand has to offer. Exhibition booths are a fantastic way to convey your message to potential customers. They distinguish the reasons for selecting your company over competitors. 

Benefits of Trade Show Displays

  • Perfect for visual appeal
  • Practical for frequent usage
  • Easy to set up and break down
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent for brand exposure
Summer Fridays custom trade show display with flower decorations made of PVC

Materials Used for Trade Show Displays

We use high-quality materials to create custom trade show displays. The specifications vary based on the requirements for each trade show booth.

Aluminum, wood, acrylic and vinyl are the most commonly used materials in our trade show signs. Aluminum signs are versatile and non-corrosive solutions. They’re an ideal choice for informative and promotional purposes in outdoor settings. Wooden signs grant a warm and natural feeling to an exhibition area. Acrylic signs add a touch of class to your business whether you’re using them for branding or decoration. All of the various mediums may be fully customized and used in combination.

different materials for trade show displays

Services We Offer for Trade Show Displays



Manufacturing and Installation

Our sign manufacturing and installation services are carried out by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. We have all the resources and knowledge for the design and installation of effective trade show booths and displays in Los Angeles and around the US.


Large Format Printing

We provide large format printing services with UV curable, high-quality inks and digital printers. The vibrant colors of our trade show supplies will be preserved for years to come. Contact us and we’ll bring your grandest exhibition displays to life.


Design & 3D Rendering

To help you visualize the final product, we offer sign design and 3D rendering services. We’ll create realistic models of trade show signs and place them in their digital surroundings. You’ll know exactly what your booth will look like before production.


Cutting and Engraving

We provide cutting and engraving services for all kinds of soft and rigid signage designs like vinyl and acrylic. Using high-quality materials and cutting-edge equipment, our expert sign makers create unique trade show displays in any style and size.

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Event Signage

Event signs are crucial for all occasions. Whether you want to engage the crowd, offer instructions or increase brand awareness, personalized event signage is the way to go. We offer creative designs to match your grandest visions.


3D Signs and Letters 

3D signs for business generate excellent company placement in both indoor and outdoor locations. Front Signs uses state-of-the-art technology to craft striking 3D signs to express your business identity with premium materials.


Channel Letters 

Channel letters are an excellent tool to establish a reputable brand identity and increase customer flow. The signs have an elegant appearance and can be illuminated to attract attention to your store at any time of day or night.


Store Signs

Store signs influence the buying decisions of your customers. We offer bespoke shop signs available with a variety of lighting, size and mounting options. To attract and retain clients, call us to get your personalized store signs now.

The Installation Process of a Light Box for “Light the Barricades” Interactive Art Exhibition
The Process of Making the
Extreme Park decoration with aluminum signs

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    Trade Show Displays FAQs


    Why should I get a trade show display?

    Trade show displays are an excellent marketing tool for establishing your brand, attracting new leads and expanding your reach. An effective trade show display will pay for itself by boosting leads and making your business a highlight at events.

    How should I design a trade show booth?

    First, choose designs that will suit your brand's identity, including your logo and colors. You must also consider your company's budget and the goal you want to achieve with a trade show display. Look through the various styles available in our catalog and select your favorites. Contact us for a free quote and consultation. We offer design, 3D rendering and end-to-end services for expo stands and displays.

    Are exhibition stands simple to construct?

    Yes, they’re especially designed for quick and easy installation as well as break down. Many of our exhibition booth stands use self-supporting and roll-up mechanisms. For complex sets and displays, we do offer installation services.