Aluminum Signs: Custom Metal Business Signs in Los Angeles and US Wide

Aluminum signs pique curiosity and add a rustic touch to any venue. Metal signs have a bold industrial appearance and convey your message with professionalism. 

If you’re looking for custom aluminum signs in Burbank, CA or anywhere across the US, then contact us at Front Signs. We’re a local sign company offering all-inclusive services. Our experts will design, produce, install and maintain metal signs based on your individual needs.

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Types of Custom Metal Signs

Metal signs are durable and flexible in usage which makes them an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor purposes. They can be designed in various styles to set a desired tone throughout your establishment. We provide sign manufacturing serevices for top-quality aluminum signs of all kinds.

Lamborghini custom metal logo signs made of dibond displayed at the business outdoor venue
Ways Compliance Center custom metal logo sign and 3d letters made of brushed aluminum

Custom Metal Logo Signs

A creative aluminum logo sign can be integrated into the company’s branding to add  a sense of power and permanence. Custom metal logo signs can elicit a positive association with your enterprise and help to identify your trademark. Custom metal logo signs add a professional tone and personalize your space.

Custom metal logo signs will help your business look distinct and stand out from the rest. With the right design, your custom metal logo signs will reflect who you are and what you’re doing.

Whether you’ve just launched, relocated or want to redesign your business space,  custom metal logo signs will create an eye-catching display to elevate any space.

Aluminum logo signs are available with a matte, glossy or dry-erase finish. They can also be customized with precision cutting, engraving and UV-cured inks. Aluminum logo signs crafted by our experts will speak volumes on your behalf.

Manor Marmiz 3d aluminum letters displaying the company name on a brick wall

Aluminum Letters


Aluminum letters add an elegance and refinement to space design. Different styles, including 3D metal letters, will accentuate your message.

Utilizing an assortment of metal signs enhances visual appeal and creates a cohesive brand image.

Aluminum letters can be fabricated according to custom styles, shapes and sizes.

Tastefully designed aluminum letters will decorate your premise and build a cultured image of your company. Combined with light box signs they'll make a great branding tool.

If you have any questions regarding aluminum cut-out signs, contact us for a free consultation.

Baker McKenzie aluminum nameplate sign with a brushed finish

Aluminum Nameplates & Plaques

Our custom aluminum signs are appropriate for all corporate venues.

They’re often used to display company names, job titles and designate spaces such as meeting halls.

This type of aluminum sign showcases the distinguishing features of a company and presents them in a unique and dignified light.

Custom aluminum signs magnify your authority in the eyes of clients and create a professional atmosphere for your establishment.

The Suites Spot illuminated aluminum sign displaying the company name and logo

Illuminated Aluminum Signs

We offer a wide spectrum of illuminated custom metal signs available for all kinds of applications. We use energy-efficient LED technology for light up signs for business which is more sustainable compared to incandescent or fluorescent options. With illuminated custom metal business signs, your company’s name will be on 24/7 display.

Illuminated outdoor metal signs are a popular solution for both large buildings and cozy storefronts. These aluminum advertising signs will showcase your brand all day and night, increasing customer flow regardless of time or season.

All our small to large custom metal signs are backlit to create a glowing halo around the naturally gleaming material. We also provide mixed media aluminum signs that integrate lexan and acrylic into the design along with a broader spectrum of lighting effects.

Ameriabank aluminum decor signs custom-made in an airplane theme for interior design

Aluminum Decor Signs

Decorative elements are known to inspire staff and clients alike. Metal signs for business can also be used as decor to set a positive atmosphere and depict your brand philosophy.

Decorative custom aluminum signs spruce up mundane business settings and create a sophisticated vibe.

Our team can help you design decorative dibond signs and install them with maximum efficacy.

You’re free to personalize your custom metal signs according to your needs.

Ameriabank engraved aluminum sign displaying the world map for interior design

Engraved Aluminum Signs

Whether you need to inform visitors or set up a refined atmosphere inside your building, engraved aluminum signs are the right choice.

We offer engraved metal signs to meet your most particular requirements. Whatever the purpose of your custom aluminum signs is, we'll be happy to make the most of the project to suit the specific needs of your company.

We utilize plotters, computerized cutters, CNC machines and laser mill operators to create engraved aluminum signs with extreme accuracy.

Pinetree Community School custom aluminum pylon sign in green color and big size

Custom Aluminum Signs

Equipped with the latest technologies, Front Signs will create stunning custom aluminum signs for your business no matter how complex the concept.

The sleek aesthetic of custom metal signs enhances the overall appeal of any space.

Custom outdoor metal signs such as pylon signs will generate interest in your enterprise. Indoor custom metal signs will connect with your visitors for a long time to come.

Aluminum Signs Based on Placement

Custom metal signs can be placed both indoors and outdoors. They add quality and an expert touch to any space. Whether you want them to be used as interior or exterior building signs, we’re here to make your custom metal signs stand out amongst the competition.

New Road aluminum channel letter sign in a big size displaying the company name and logo
JP Sportswear outdoor metal sign displaying the company logo and name made of aluminum

Outdoor Metal Signs

Outdoor metal signs are a superb supplement to any building. They guarantee a wonderful first impression and become a vital part of your brand’s character. Outdoor aluminum signs will expose your enterprise and get you noticed even in remote places.

Aluminum is a perfect choice for outdoor applications due to its ability to withstand extreme weather changes. This feature guarantees that your outdoor aluminum signs will serve you for a long time anywhere you place them. Outdoor metal signs can be made in any style to serve a variety of purposes. These include a blade sign for stores and other business venues, stadium signage, etc.

Grand Venue interior metal sign displaying the company's logo made of aluminum

Interior Metal Signs

Interior metal signs can be used to present your name, welcome your guests and impart important information. This robust element sends a message of assurance and sets a tone of permanence. By installing metal signs for business in the lobby or office space, you’ll establish your firm’s authority and bolster customer confidence.

Dibond signs at the entrance and corridors can streamline navigation, mark exits and designate spaces. These custom metal business signs improve the overall mood and interior design with a contemporary appeal.

Aluminum Signs Based on Installation

Proper signage positioning is vital to getting noticed. With careful placement, your custom signs will convey your desired message to the right crowd. We offer different kinds of custom metal business signs according to their installation method. It can be a pin mounted sign, a version with standoffs, or any other.

Coda light-up aluminum sign in a big size displaying the company name for outdoor branding
White Elephant hanging aluminum sign displaying the company name for restaurant branding

Hanging Aluminum Signs

Hanging aluminum signs are one of the finest styles of signage available. High-quality metal signs boost your brand recognition and enhance your space with unique features.

Custom aluminum signs help companies introduce their brand and improve foot traffic. When hung above the entrance to an establishment, these dibond signs increase your exposure to both drivers and pedestrians. Custom aluminum signs which are elevated will be more likely to get noticed and garner attention from a distance.

Outdoor aluminum signs may streamline navigation, feature relevant information or spell out your motto. Hanging aluminum signs inside buildings also make excellent wayfinders by displaying names of employees or departments.

Blueflame Medical wall-mounted aluminum signs with brand name 3d letters for office branding

Wall-Mounted Aluminum Signs

This type of custom metal signage advertises your company’s name with a clean and firm mounting method. Outdoor metal signs maintain their sophisticated look even under severe weather conditions. Used for branding, informative or promotional purposes, outdoor metal signs are popular among all industries.

When installed indoors, custom aluminum signs provide a modern visual to your brand identity. Custom metal signs don’t require much care and can stand the test of time with sturdy and non-corrosive properties.

Whatever your creative metal sign vision may be, we’re ready to produce it for you.

Continental Apartments freestanding aluminum sign displaying real estate information

Freestanding Aluminum Signs

Incorporating custom aluminum signs in your overall layout will ensure that your enterprise is put on the map. The height and placement of a freestanding design make your sign extra pronounced. When installed outside, these striking solutions can be put in key places to optimise their visibility. These outdoor metal signs are self-supporting, giving you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a spot for them.

The freestanding nature and classic monolith design of the custom aluminum signs makes them simple but engaging. We’ll be happy to consult you so that you may determine the best variant of custom metal signs for your needs.

custom aluminum sign with standoffs, made of dibond

Aluminum Signs With Standoffs

These small to large custom metal signs are budget-friendly and able to convey any kind of information. They’re an excellent solution for all types of establishments, from corporate offices to retail stores. Standoff displays preserve a gap between the wall to add dimension to your sign.

These custom metal signs are the preferred option for logos, directory boards, reception signs and identification plaques. You can also use metal signs with standoffs for a menu in an eatery or an art piece in a gallery.

Custom metal business signs are available in a range of designs and features. You can start creating the perfect aluminium standoffs for your needs by defining their goal, shape and size.

Applications of Custom Aluminum Signs

Increase the effectiveness of your goal with the help of custom aluminum signs that are classy and enduring. There are countless ways to use aluminum signs, with opportunities to customize them based on your specific requirements. Here are the most common applications for custom aluminum signs.

Woodley custom aluminum sign with brand name letters for outdoor branding
Gli Logistics business aluminum sign with brand name 3d letters for outdoor branding

Business Aluminum Signs

We provide a number of aluminum business signs that will meet your visual and communication needs. Our metal signs for business can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings. We can craft all types of custom metal business signs so you can pick one that fully satisfies your needs.

Outdoor aluminum signs for business are commonly used as regulatory signs. Popular options include trespassing, speed limit, parking or loitering signs seen across the country. Outdoor metal signs are extremely durable and able to withstand all types of weather.

Custom metal business signs installed indoors can also be applied as logo, directory, nameplate, restroom or navigational signs. Whether you want bold letters or freestanding aluminum business signs for your enterprise, they can be customized with your preferred designs.

real estate aluminum sign with leasing information made of dibond for outdoor display

Real Estate Aluminum Signs

Custom aluminum signs for use in the real estate market are a premium choice as they’re strong, lightweight and distinct. These aluminum business signs are relatively budget-friendly and exude a sophisticated image. Most importantly, they offer high functionality and clarity of information in a distinguished medium. Outdoor aluminum signs never degenerate their qualities and maintain a fresh look over time.

You can order single or double-sided outdoor metal signs to provide visibility from two prominent angles. Dibond signs are easy to take down, move and reinstall in another location once their mission is completed. Contact our specialists to get a free consultation on metal signs for business.

Lamborghini event metal sign with brand name 3d letters in yellow made of aluminum

Event & Trade Show Metal Signs

Events and trade shows are temporary so you have a limited time to make an impression.

To reach your goal, you need engaging signage in strategic areas to spread your company’s message.

Outdoor metal signs will be a hit with attendees, magnetizing them to your booth. Dibond signs installed as freestanding or hanging features will help you communicate with class and originality.

Custom metal signs promote your event in a solid form, enhancing your offline as well as online presence with their unique aesthetic.

If you still have doubts about which type of corporate event signage or trade show display to choose, contact us today.

Kitchen Design Group restaurant metal sign with brand name 3d letters made of aluminum

Restaurant & Hospitality Metal Signs

Restaurants gain success largely thanks to effective signage. Metal signs for business promotion will give your restaurant a polished look and entice customers in. Dibond signs for restaurants create character and a cool ambiance.

Outdoor metal signs for restaurants will proudly display your brand name, logo and even present your menu on a silver platter. Outdoor aluminum signs for the storefront can also display your business hours and special offers.

Aluminum business signs inside the restaurant can play a regulatory role by displaying exits, encouraging hand washing etiquette and designating restrooms. Moreover, backlit metal signs can be used stylistically to enhance overall branding with decorative elements.

safety metal signs in yellow displaying warning messages made of brushed aluminum

Safety & Regulatory Metal Signs

Small to large custom metal signs about safety rules and regulations are a vital aspect of any workplace or public environment. These dibond signs prevent accidents and loss of personal property.

It’s your duty to keep clients and workers updated about safety laws and location-specific rules by installing the appropriate indoor and outdoor aluminum signs. With custom outdoor metal signs, you can warn people of potential hazards, give safety precautions, mark fire extinguishers, point to exits and make it easy for them to find their destination.

Indoor and outdoor metal signs are vital for all corporate buildings, offices, public institutions and so on. Many of them are mandated by law and building codes to ensure safety. We’ll help prepare your company for all conditions with corresponding information on small to large custom metal signs.

Puparazzi Pet Resort & Spa storefront metal sign with brand name 3d letters made of aluminum

Storefront & Building Metal Signs

A rising trend for modern retailers is the use of chic outdoor aluminum signs on their store’s facade. Storefront dibond signs let your clients know who you are, convey values about your brand and represent your message in a stylish manner.

Custom outdoor metal signs might seem like a simplistic choice but their variety is impressive. Not only are they one of the most sustainable materials for signage but also one of the most versatile in design.

Your outdoor metal signs are the first thing clients will note when they come to your establishment so you need to pick them carefully.

Just select your favorite colors, styles and measurements and we’ll craft the coolest custom outdoor metal sign designs for your store.

Aluminum Signs Based on Their Finish

If you're eager to promote your brand with custom metal signs, you’ll need to know the various types of metal signs available. The most sought-after styles are listed below.

Gold's Gym brushed aluminum logo sign in a round shape for branding
No Smoking dibond sign displaying the smoking rules at the area

Dibond Signs

Dibond is a rigid composite of aluminum and plastic with durable features. The core for dibond signs is composed of rigid polyethylene sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum.

This make-up creates dibond signs that are sturdy yet lightweight. Dibond is rust proof, waterproof, fire-rated and chemical resistant. 

Dibond is ideal for open air applications. The material can withstand harsh weather conditions and retain its appearance for years on end.

Dibond signs are versatile and able to undergo all kinds of modifications.

We also offer large format printing services on this material to create the most customized designs

Dibond signs can be painted in different colors, take on any shape and serve countless purposes. We’re ready to produce dibond signs to help your company rise in a competitive market. 

Manager Office brushed aluminum sign displaying the room name for lobby area wayfinding

Brushed Aluminum Signs

Brushed aluminum has an exquisite aesthetic. In comparison to regular aluminum, brushed aluminum signs have a brushed surface texture to create a matte look. Brushed aluminum guarantees a long life span whether it’s used indoors or outdoors. 

Brushed aluminum signs are often used to depict staff names, job titles, room numbers and other corporate details. The impeccable look of brushed aluminum will boost your authority and space design.

Brushed metal office signs provide a contemporary style that can serve various purposes. The professional appearance of brushed aluminum signs is ideal for logos, plaques, directories, lobby signs and the like. Custom brushed aluminum signs also look dashing when used for doors and nameplates. 

Our brushed aluminum signs are high-quality and expertly manufactured. We’re proud to make refined brushed aluminum signs to create luxurious displays that beautify any establishment. With our brushed aluminum signs used as decorative elements, you’ll leave attendees in awe. Choose custom brushed aluminum signs in your desired colors, shapes and designs.

Native Space standard aluminum sign with brand name 3d letters for outdoor branding

Standard Aluminum Signs 

Our standard metal signs are straightforward yet chic. This is the most fundamental and economical metal sign around. Standard aluminum signs have a semi-glossy finish but we can make custom printed aluminum signs with a matte cover as well.

Standard aluminum signs may have a coat of white paint on the surface to permit UV-cured and fade-resistant color printing on the material. Custom printed aluminum signs are made of naturally occurring aluminum so they’re environmentally friendly, recyclable and ultra-long lasting.

Standard metal signs withstand extreme changes in weather, making them an incredible choice for outdoor as well as indoor use. They're utilized for everything from traffic and street signs to lobby and logo signs.

reflective aluminum sign in red displaying a stop warning for road traffic regulating

Reflective Aluminum Signs

Custom reflective aluminum signs have reflective surface properties, making them ideal for road and regulatory signs used outdoors. They illuminate to highlight text and symbols when light is reflected onto them during evening hours.

Custom reflective signs have a similar construction as the others with the addition of one extra feature. The reflective property is acquired by a special reflective vinyl overlay. It can be printed on and then smoothed over the surface of the metal signs.

Organizations utilize custom reflective signs in parking garages, construction sites or along streets thanks to their nighttime visibility. This property makes the signs useful for the outdoors but they can serve creative indoor purposes as well.

Permitting Services for Aluminum Signs

We offer permitting services for aluminum signs in compliance with municipal codes in Los Angeles, California and across the US. If you want to install a new outdoor aluminum sign or customize an existing one, we’ll handle all the tedious work required to obtain your sign permits. This will ensure that your metal signs are constructed and installed safely so they don’t pose any danger to the public and surrounding areas.



  • Durability and long lifespan
  • Quality and affordability
  • Water and weather resistance
  • Professional appearance
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Fully customizable features
  • Recyclable and non-corrosive properties
Modern Animal aluminum light box sign in a round shape displaying the company logo

Other Services We Offer for Aluminum Signs


Sign Installation

We offer premium sign installation services for metal signs in Los Angeles and USA-wide. Contact us if you’re in need of excellent custom metal signs that will give you a business advantage and highlight your brand’s identity. Our team of experts is ready to mount your solutions with speed and precision.


Repair and Replacement

Signs that have experienced weathering and damage can cost you customers. We offer signage repair to restore your metal signs to their original look. If your signage is just outdated or you need to upgrade it based on your unique needs, our crew will be happy to provide complete sign replacement. We’ll make sure your signs always look their best.


Cutting and Engraving

Our skilled technicians use bleeding-edge equipment to create unique shapes with laser cutting. We can also use laser engraving to create intricate designs. Our premium services will help you achieve intricate designs and take your signage to the next level. Browse through our gallery for a collection of stunning aluminum projects we’ve crafted over the years.


Design and 3D Rendering

We offer design services, including 3D visualisation which allows you to see the finished model of a project before it moves on to the production phase. Our team of experts will get the job done with utmost elegance. With our design and 3D rendering services for custom aluminum signs, you can rest assured that you’ll get exactly what you need.

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Personalised Sign Manufacturing process
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Aluminum Street Stop Signs production
Extreme Park decoration with aluminum signs
Pin Mounted Aluminum Address Numbers on Wooden Plaques

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    Aluminum Signs FAQs


    What are metal signs?

    Our metal signs are made of aluminum with either standard, dibond or brushed effects. Aluminum is an extremely durable and corrosion-resistant material. It’s more lightweight than other metals and is a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor signage solutions. It’s a versatile material with great printing quality. 

    What kind of signage is commonly made from aluminum?

    Aluminum is an excellent material for all types of signs but especially those intended for outdoor use. You can use this material for storefront branding, reception design, directional purposes, regulatory street signs and so on. 

    What’s the difference between aluminum and dibond?

    Dibond is made up of two thin aluminum sheets encasing a rigid plastic center. This makes the material more affordable and lightweight relative to standard aluminum with the same thickness and dimensions. Both are non-corrosive, durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Aluminum by itself has a longer lifespan and can be recycled indefinitely with greater ease.