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We’re a sign making company that specializes in custom laser engraving services for clients in Los Angeles and across the United States. We produce high-quality business signs to meet your specific vision and requirements.

As well as laser and other sign services, Front Signs offers plotter cutting and digital cutting. This helps create products with various shapes and illustrations. We employ a set of materials and technologies, including CNC cutting machines, to quickly complete high-quality projects.

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Specifications of Custom Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a technique which utilizes a focused beam to inscribe or mark an object. The beam is directed to the face of the object. This either melts or burns the material away. This highly-controlled process leaves behind a design or pattern with pin-point accuracy.

Custom laser engraving can be applied to a range of materials such as wood, plastic and acrylic. It is employed across various industries including manufacturing and design. The practice is popular for making jewelry and gifts, medical and industrial supplies, as well as automotive parts and art pieces.

wood laser engraving

Technical Specifications:

  • Model - JQ1325
  • Voltage - 220v 3ph 60hz
  • Laser Power - 180w
  • Laser Type - CO2 sealed lasertube, 10.6um
  • Working Area - 51”x98”
  • Cooling Type - water cooling
Made with love laser engraving procces with high-end technologies

Laser Engraving Services Based on Material

Custom laser engraving and laser cutting can be applied to numerous materials. It’s important to note that not all materials will have the same look with laser engraving. Some require special coatings or preparation prior to the process. Additionally, the machine’s technical settings can also affect the results of laser engraving on different materials.

Coca-Cola laser engraving process on a wooden plank using an accurate and focused laser beam
wood laser engraving

Wood Laser Engraving

The type of wood, its density and the laser’s settings will all affect the final outcome of wooden signs with wood laser engraving. We use different types of wood such as MDF and plywood for the wood laser engraving or etching processes. Wood laser engraving results can be highly detailed, with a unique texture and character distinct from other methods of printmaking. The final product can turn out to be art, a piece of illustration, branding or promotional solutions and more.

Laser engraving process on a sheet of acrylic with high-precision engraving technology

Acrylic Laser Engraving

Acrylic laser engraving is when a laser beam is fired at an acrylic surface. During acrylic laser engraving, the material’s surface melts, resulting in a frosted or white appearance which we use to create different designs. Business graphics like acrylic signs or lobby signs are often marked this way. We can adjust how deep the acrylic laser engraving goes and its contrast by changing the beam’s power and speed.

Laser engraving process on a plastic sheet using state-of-the-art technology

Plastic Laser Engraving

Plastic laser engraving is the method where a laser engraves or marks a plastic material. There are a few types of plastic which can be engraved to create striking decorations including custom signage, event signs and more. Contact us to discuss your concept and we’ll advise you on the best materials to use. Benefit from our custom laser engraving services to bring your vision to life with precision and style.

CNC vs Laser Engraving Differences

CNC engraving uses a cutting tool - either a router or mill - to extract pieces of the material from the surface. This allows us to produce a range of designs which include texts, images and 3D objects. This machinery is frequently used to engrave on hard materials like metal, plywood and plastic.

In contrast, laser engraving employs a focused laser beam to etch or mark the material placed on its bed. Custom laser engraving is more effective with softer materials like wood, acrylic and various polymers. Laser engraving can create incredibly intricate patterns because the laser beam can be focused on a very small point on the surface. This gives us extremely accurate results.

Differences in CNC and laser engraving processes
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    Laser Engraving FAQs


    What is laser engraving?

    It’s a method where a highly concentrated laser beam is used to create intricate, accurate designs on various materials. It’s suitable for different projects such as logo signs and building signs.

    What materials can be laser engraved?

     Many base materials are suitable for engraving. These include wood, plastic and acrylic.

    Where to get laser engraving done?

    Turn to us to get laser engraving services you can trust. If you’re looking for custom laser engraving for your business displays, just fill out a project form on our website. Our specialists will offer you a free quote and consultation. You can decide on anything from simple to complex designs that suit your style and needs.