CNC Cutting Services in Los Angeles and US-Wide

Adorn your business with exquisite displays featuring intricate shapes and designs. With our professional CNC cutting services, we can achieve even the most complex outlines with extreme accuracy. Thanks to this advanced technology, a wide range of soft and rigid materials can be trimmed to match your style.

We’re a professional sign making company based in Burbank, CA, offering CNC cutting in Los Angeles and US-wide. CNC cutting is an inseparable part of our services. We know how to utilize it to provide expertly-crafted business signs that will level up your brand.

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Specifications of CNC Cutting

Computer Numeric Control or CNC cutting is one of our sign services with the use of machines that run on a fast and accurate computer program. This manufacturing process employs a cutting tool fastened to a rotating spindle that can cut products with extreme precision. Depending on the type, size and thickness of the material and the rotation speed, we use diverse router bits to get elaborate designs for pieces such as 3D signs and letters.

Our CNC cutting machine has a 5ftx10ft space on the working table. Usually, it works by fixing a medium onto the center of the CNC cutting table. Then the bit is programmed to spin around and trim it using mathematical calculations.

Custom metal CNC cutting process performed on a dibond surface for branding

CNC Cutting Services Based on Material

Custom CNC cutting machines can cut through materials of any rigidity and thickness. The equipment has X, Y, Z measuring systems. This means that the trimming tools move left to right, front to back and up and down to yield sophisticated shapes for the products. Front Signs offers professional CNC cutting services to achieve custom signage with any of the materials listed below.

Cut-out cnc cutting on a display made of a styrene sheet for business purposes
High-precision CNC cutting on a sheet of aluminum for branding purposes

CNC Aluminum Cutting

Aluminum signs are made of resilient and lightweight metals that are often achieved through CNC aluminum cutting procedures. The material is corrosion-resistant and can withstand fluctuating weather conditions.

As opposed to digital cutting and plotter cutting machines used for trimming soft and thin materials, CNC aluminum cutting creates displays with durable metal. The refined designs on this medium can last for decades in outdoor or indoor settings.

Team USA basketball player cut-out display with CNC cutting made of foamboard

CNC Foam Cutting

We use CNC foam cutting to design crisp interior displays with foam core signs. The material is soft and durable which makes CNC foam cutting an easy process. We don’t utilize CNC engraving for CNC foam cutting procedures due to the brittle nature of the material.

If you have a design idea for CNC foam cutting, fill out this project form and get a quote from our professional team. We’ll turn your vision into artwork with our CNC foam cutting technology.

High-speed CNC cutting process on white pvc for business branding purposes

Plastic & Acrylic CNC Cutting

CNC plastic cutting is an effective manufacturing process that creates PVC signs with highly accurate cuts. We employ diverse router bits to trim the medium with intricate outline designs. This technology gives a matte finish to plastic without melting or damaging it.

Just like CNC plastic cutting, acrylic CNC cutting produces acrylic signs with simple to complex designs. The material is often used for custom lighted signs and beyond. Thanks to the smooth quality of this medium, acrylic CNC cutting machines are capable of trimming any outline you can imagine.

Imperial CNC cutting display with cut-out letters made of wood for outdoor branding

Wood CNC Cutting

We employ wood CNC cutting to make wooden signs with tastefully designed shapes. Also known as ply CNC cutting or plywood CNC cutting, this technology can produce one-off displays as well as repeating pieces.

CNC wood cutting provides a clean finish to the product unlike laser cutting and laser engraving which can give the edges of the material a burnt effect. Fill in this project form if you have a wood CNC cutting concept you’d like to submit. We’ll use state-of-the-art ply CNC cutting technology to bring your idea to life.

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Please note that Front Signs is a full-cycle sign making company. We tailor each case to match your vision, starting with design and fabrication then finishing off with permitting and installation. No matter how simple or sophisticated your concept, we’ll bring it to life with quality and precision.


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    CNC Cutting FAQs


    What is CNC cutting?

    CNC cutting is a computer-controlled manufacturing process during which a product is cut into a specific shape or design. CNC cutting machines are controlled by the CNC operating system which uses various tools and mathematical programs to cut materials like wood, metal and plastic.

    How does CNC cutting work?

    A material is placed onto the center of the machine’s table. The CNC cutting machine uses a computer-controlled router bit which is mounted on a spindle. This tool spins around the material and trims it at a specific rotation angle and speed.

    What materials can be cut through CNC cutting machines?

    Our CNC cutting machines trim a number of materials including aluminum, foam, plastic and acrylic. We also provide wood CNC cutting services with simple to sophisticated designs

    Does CNC wood cutting burn the product?

    Wood CNC cutting or ply CNC cutting provides clean designs and edges without burn marks when properly calibrated and set at the right speed. Our expert technicians will ensure that your product comes out in the best condition possible.