PVC and Custom Plastic Signs in Los Angeles and US Wide

Custom PVC signs are a sound investment into your branding strategy. They offer a range of advantages including light weight, durability, versatility and a great printing surface. Custom styrene signs are also available and provide additional material flexibility.

Front Signs is a California-based sign company offering custom plastic signs for business and personal use. Their designs may be fully tailored to your desired size, shape, colors and graphics. We use premium materials for our custom plastic signage such as top-grade PVC and styrene. Though these two are similar in appearance, they do differ in composition so we’ll be sure to use the best fit for your project.

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Types of PVC Signs

Often referred to as sintra signs, custom PVC signs come in a range of styles based on shape and size. Our facility is fully equipped with the latest machinery and best materials to bring even the most complex sign manufacturing projects to life. Rest assured that your custom PVC signage will have a classy appearance regardless of type. We’ll make the most of your branding investment with indoor and outdoor PVC signs.

Antelope Valley Clinical Trials PVC sign in yellow and red for office interior branding
decorative custom plastic sign in big size with 3d letters and a stand made of PVC

3D PVC Signs and Letters

3D signs for business made of plastics like PVC or styrene make a great advertising tool. Custom plastic signs are lightweight and weather-resistant. They allow for the creation of custom signage options with different styles and graphics.

Lawless Brewing PVC plaque and logo in white and yellow colors

PVC Plaques and Logos

Whether you want plastic wall signs to showcase your company name or simply need to inform your customers about property regulations, custom PVC signs are an ideal choice. They also offer a perfect printing and engraving surface on both sides which makes for outstanding logo signs.

Hambone's PVC stand displaying the brand's fire shaped logo and name

PVC Stands

Free standing PVC and styrene signs are widely used as event, exhibition and stadium signage. Their light weight allows for easy transportation and set up. Custom PVC signs are affordable yet durable and versatile. They can be used for short or long-term promotions.

Spotless Burgers custom PVC sign with the brand name and logo on a grass wall

Custom PVC Signs

Apart from the types mentioned above, we offer bespoke signage solutions to meet your needs. Our business signs are tailored to depict your visions with precision. Unsure of what type of PVC or styrene signs you need? Contact us for a free consultation.

PVC Signs Based on Industry

Businesses operating in different industries can all benefit from custom PVC signs. The material can be used to create logos, large letters for events, stands, nameplates, decor and much more. Use custom PVC signage to successfully raise brand awareness, drive traffic to your business venue, spruce up your event booth or decorate your office lobby.

Reliable Home Health PVC sign with pink and white brand name letters
El Clasificado office PVC signs in bright colors on the building facade

Company and Office PVC Signs

Regardless of your business sector, your company needs signage to promote, inform and decorate. We offer company and office signs made of premium PVC and styrene materials. Give your office or corporate building a professional and stylish make-over with custom plastic office signs.

Nordstrom Local retail PVC sign in black with brand name 3d letters

Retail and Hospitality PVC Signs

Want to promote new products or highlight your brand name with store signs? Do you need restaurant signs to display your logo or menu? Custom plastic signs are an effective and affordable choice in both cases. Use custom PVC signage to reduce signage expenses while retaining quality.

Summer Fridays trade show PVC sign display with decorative flowers

POP and Trade Show PVC Signs

We offer top-quality event signage and attractive trade show displays that will establish a professional image for your company. Order POP displays, informational plaques, stands and any type of custom plastic signage you need for successful event promotion.

Conrad Property Management Inc. real estate PVC sign with a changeable slider

Factories and Real Estate PVC Signs

Custom PVC signs are widely utilized in warehouses and factories to warn about hazards or designate departments. On the other hand, outdoor PVC signs make sound outdoor yard and real estate signs as they can withstand harsh elements such as hail and direct sunlight.

Applications for Custom Plastic Signs

PVC and styrene signs have a range of usage options you can take advantage of, including:

  • Branding and promotional PVC signage: Display your brand name and logo or promote new products and services with custom plastic signs for indoor or outdoor use. Plastic materials may be formed into any shape and style to suit your needs.
  • Decorative and entertainment PVC signage: Use premium plastic prints as decorative lobby signs, create entertainment corners for parties and enhance the ambiance of any space. PVC and styrene signs are perfect as plastic wall signs, stands and more.
  • Informational and directional PVC signage: Provide your customers and guests with vital information using indoor and outdoor plastic signs. Help people easily navigate through your property with directional signs.
Alta Vista Gardens custom plastic sign with big brand name letters made of PVC

Indoor and Outdoor PVC Signs

Custom plastic signage has both indoor and outdoor use. The lifespan of outdoor plastic signs depends on the weather conditions and climate in your area. Sun exposure has a notable impact on the usage span of outdoor PVC signs as well. Regardless, exterior and corporate interior PVC signage is considered highly durable. To further prolong the life of your outdoor stands and building signs, we use UV printers to make the inks fade resistant.

Rest assured that your exterior and interior signs will retain their initial appearance for several years. Contact us and our specialists will answer any questions you may have regarding details and benefits.

NB Collision Center outdoor PVC sign with painted 3d letters in black and red

Materials for Custom Plastic Signs

There is not much difference between the appearance of PVC and styrene signs. However, these two custom plastic sign materials come with a few different features. Custom PVC signage may be more affordable than its styrene counterpart. Styrene signs are more flexible and can be rolled which makes it easier to create complex design shapes for them. Both materials offer excellent printing capabilities and have an exhibition-worthy appearance. Custom plastic signs also yield great results when painted so you can get them in any color.

Contact our specialists to decide between the two custom plastic sign options. They’ll help you choose the best material based on your project requirements.

different materials for plastic signs

Benefits of Custom Plastic Signs

  • Customizable and versatile design
  • Easy and flexible installation options
  • Double-sided and smooth print surface
  • Durability and weather resistance
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
Modern Animal custom plastic sign with directional arrows made of styrene and acrylic

PVC Sign Printing Service

Front Signs offers large format printing service for styrene and PVC signage of any size. We use premium UV curable inks and cutting-edge printers for indoor and outdoor plastic signs. Rest assured they won’t yellow or lose their vibrant colors even after prolonged sun exposure.

Both styrene and PVC offer a smooth and elegant surface to give your prints a professional look. Double-sided printing is available for custom plastic signs. We also offer different installation options for indoor and outdoor PVC signs. You can have them mounted, free standing or hanging to display the same or different graphics on either side.

black and white photograph large format printing process on PVC

Other Services We Offer for Custom Plastic Signs


3D Rendering

Signage design and 3D rendering services for our custom PVC signs will exceed your visions. Our specialists are ready to design and render the 3D model of your concept so you can see the final look prior to production.


Installation and Repair

We offer sign installation service for indoor and outdoor PVC signs of any size. We offer signage repair in case you have old signs that needs to be renovated. If it's damaged, we also provide sign replacement services to take care of your needs.


Sign Painting

To provide you with an exact match of your unique brands colors, we offer sign painting and repainting services for all indoor and outdoor plastic signs. We can attain more than 80,000 custom color shades with Matthews Paint System.


Cutting and Engraving

PVC and styrene are highly versatile materials. We use methods such as laser cutting and CNC engraving to create custom plastic signs with any design you like. Our craftsmen will make sure your signage is perfect for all your needs.

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Aluminum Signs

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Sandwich Boards

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Production of a Promotional Stand Sign
Front Signs PVC Boxes
PVC Stand Direct Printing
Printing and cutting process of future decorative PVC Stands

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    PVC Signs FAQs


    What types of plastic signs do you offer?

    Apart from styrene and PVC signage, we also offer acrylic, soft vinyl and coroplast. We can acquire other plastic sign materials upon request.

    Can custom PVC signs be used outdoors?

    Yes, we offer indoor and outdoor PVC signs in any shape, size and style. The lifespan of outdoor plastic signs depends on the weather conditions they’re exposed to but they’re relatively durable even under harsh elements.

    Can both sides of custom PVC signs display graphics and text?

    Yes, we can print, paint or apply adhesive graphics to both sides of PVC and styrene signs to double the exposure of your message.