Office Signs: Custom Corporate Signage in Los Angeles and USA wide

Personalize your workspace with custom office signs. Available in a range of materials and shapes, workspace signs will help you achieve stellar interior and exterior design for your company.

Office signage helps you build up your brand. It provides information to your customers, guests and staff. Front Signs is the largest signage company in Burbank, CA and offers custom office signs of various designs to best suit your taste and brand philosophy.

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Types of Office Signage

One of the most reliable and professional ways to brand spaces in and around your office is through signs. They help you add a personal touch to the overall design and make your brand identity unique. We provide high-grade exterior and interior office signs of all types.

Branding Office Signs

First and foremost, office signs have a branding purpose. They are what gives your office space a feel of professionalism and personality. There are quite a few types to choose from. 

Culture Creative Entertainment 3D branding office sign made of aluminum and acrylic
Maui Prep Pueo office logo sign with a custom shape made of aluminum and acrylic

Office Logo Signs

Office logo signs are vital for any business venue. They shape the image of your company and help people identify your brand. Office logo signs are used both indoors and outdoors.

They can be customized with an array of illumination and material options to meet your needs.

Seyhart illuminated office sign displaying the company name made of aluminum and acrylic

Illuminated Office Signs

Illuminated signs are widely used as branding solutions for offices. Do you need office logo signs or nameplates? Light up signs will help you attract attention regardless of the visual noise around.

The lighting options vary so you can choose the illuminated logo or backlit business sign that best suits the location.

Sherwin-Williams dimensional office sign displaying the company name and logo made of acrylic

Dimensional Office Signs

3D signs are perfect for displaying your logo or brand name around the office. They’ll grab attention and add a touch of originality to the entrance, staff area, conference room or any other space. You can’t go wrong with a wide selection of durable solutions ranging from acrylic logo signage to aluminium or wood diplays for both exterior and interior office signs.

Bibiyan Law Group office conference room branding sign made of opaque vinyl

Conference and Meeting Room Branding

The conference and meeting rooms should reflect your brand identity. Interior office signs for branding are known to boost productivity by motivating your team while shaping your image for partners and customers. There are dozens of options to match your vision.

Fineman & West Company office reception sign with the company name and logo made of acrylic

Office Reception Signs

Effective reception branding puts your company’s values front and center for visitors and employees. Interior office signs like logo light box signs or push through letters are perfect for setting the right first impression. A fully branded reception area plays a pivotal role in your branding efforts.

Anita Patel MD office nameplate displaying the person's name and position made of acrylic

Nameplates and Plaques

There is an array of options to personalize sign plates that designate the employee names, job titles and rooms of your company. Office name plaques can be made of high-quality materials like aluminum, wood, plastic and acrylic. Other options include interchangeable nameplate signs or sliding signs.

Decorative Office Signs

Decorative elements are a must if you want to create an inspirational space for your staff and customers. Personalize your overall design with decorative signs according to your unique taste and business needs. 

decorative office signs displaying building graphics made of frosted vinyl for window design
vintage style office interior decorative signs made of opaque vinyl for wall design

Office Interior Decorative Signs

Decorations inside the office shouldn’t be overlooked. Set a positive atmosphere at your workplace with creative, purposeful or even humorous interior office signs. From a single element like office wall decor to full projects, decorative signs speak volumes about your company’s values and image. We offer sophisticated designs to provide a professional yet cozy work environment with office signage.

Plush Home office exterior decorative sign with butterflies made of aluminum for store design

Office Exterior Decorative Signs 

Decorative office signs for the outdoors give you a chance to transfer your brand philosophy and core values to the area. Express yourself to your neighbors, clients and employees with custom signs. These include window decals, stands, banners and more. Choose exterior signs for decoration to make your business venue stand out and pique the curiosity of passersby.

Custom Office Signs

We offer fully customizable business signage solutions for the interior and exterior of your office. Our facility is fully equipped and allows our professional sign-makers to bring your ideas to reality regardless of complexity.

Ameriabank custom office signs made of aluminum, acrylic, and PVC for reception decorating
Ameriabank custom office interior signs with decorative solutions made of PVC

Custom Office Interior Signs

Make a lasting impression on your guests and customers with custom interior office signs. Apply your bravest ideas to your office starting with custom office signs. From full or partial office branding to customized single interior office signs, we have you covered.

El Clasificado custom office exterior signs with brand name 3D letters made of PVC

Custom Office Exterior Signs

Your company is associated with its outdoor office signs so they should comply with your brand vision and mission. We offer unique building signs, pylon signs and many other mediums for the exterior of any type of establishment. With exterior signs, you have a wide list of options based on illumination, dimensions, materials and so on.

Informational Office Signs 

Notices, directions and information are a crucial part of any building. Your visitors will appreciate informational signs that guide them through the corridors and help them find what they need. Certain types of signs, like for emergency exits, are even required by law. 

Wella Professionals office signs made of foam board and opaque vinyl for branding
Interior office directory sign displaying business services for advertising

Office Directory Signs

Let your customers know the services you provide and the location of each department with informative office directory signs displayed in the front desk area and corridors.
Office directory signs can be of different sizes, shapes and made of various top-quality rigid or soft materials. With the right design, they’ll enhance the overall interior design.


Conference Room office door sign displaying the room name made of acrylic

Office Door Signs

Each office or room in the building should be identified with a nameplate. Whether it’s a lounge room, meeting room or a certain department, office door nameplates can designate it as such.

Office door signs can also display the name, logo and operating hours of the company.

custom office wayfinding signs in yellow and dark blue colors made of PVC and opaque vinyl

Office Wayfinding Signs

Directional signs are highly utilized in office spaces to help visitors navigate around the premise. An example of essential office hallway signs are fire extinguisher or emergency exit signs that are displayed near staircases, elevators and in other locations mandated by building codes and regulations.

small office restroom sign made of acrylic for directing visitors

Office Restroom Signs

To save newcomers from getting lost in the corridors or having to awkwardly ask for directions when trying to find the restroom, make them visible with well-designed restroom signs.
These signage styles can be complementary to all the other major signs of your establishment.


Booth Ranches office desk sign with a custom shape made of wood and brushed aluminum

Office Desk Signs

Providing information with interior office signs for desks will save up time and help avoid confusion. They may simply showcase employee names and positions but can also serve as a promotional tool on your front desk. Office desk signs are made of versatile materials such as PVC, aluminum, acrylic and beyond.

office business hours sign in white color displaying the company logo, working days, and hours

Business Hours Signs

Showcasing your hours of operation is a major function of informational signs. Business hour signs are functional outdoor office signs that can’t be overlooked. They’re often designed as decals but can also be made of plastic, metal or other materials. Well-thought-out and correctly-installed office signage helps you to gain customer trust and build relationships.

Office Signage Types Based on Materials

If you have specific requirements in regards to signage materials for your office, we have you covered. We offer a variety of materials to meet all your needs and preferences.

various materials for sign making displayed on the table
Psyclarity Health plastic office sign displaying the company name and logo made of acrylic

Plastic Office Signs

Plastic is a widely-used signage material that is lightweight, weather-resistant and economical. The material is versatile, and with the help of our cutting-edge technologies, allows for signage solutions that meet your most specific needs. We offer indoor and outdoor office signs made of plastic materials like PVC, acrylic and lexan.

Ways Compliance Center metal office sign in white color made of brushed aluminum

Metal Office Signs

Signs made of different metals add a rustic look to your interior and exterior. They come with many advantages. Metal exterior and interior office signs are durable and have the longest lifespan compared to other signage mediums. Made of varieties such as aluminum or dibond, our signs make a great tool to brand, decorate and provide information.

Renovate Works Inc foam core office sign in black color made of aluminum and ultra board

Foam Core Office Signs

Due to their composite structure, foam core materials like foam board, gator board and ultra board are lightweight yet highly sturdy. The outer layers are made of rigid materials that allow for complex signage solutions. With proper care, both exterior and interior office signs made of foam core materials will serve you for a long time.

Ameriabank wooden office sign with custom cut letters for reception area design

Wooden Office Signs

Natural materials like wood in your branding and decorating efforts say a lot about your company’s attention to details. Display information with direct printing, engraving or laser etching on workspace signs made of wood or plywood. Used in both indoor and outdoor premises, wooden office signage is perfect for logo signs, nameplates, lettering and much more.

interior office graphics in blue and white made of frosted vinyl for window design

Office Graphics

Often, you need to decorate or brand your office with two-dimensional mediums. That’s where office graphics become highly useful. Vinyl decals and lettering for office walls, windows, floors and other smooth surfaces are perfect for branding and decorating. Banners of different types will help you showcase lengthier information on large-scale displays if needed. Office graphics are used both as exterior and interior office signs.


- Availability of both illuminated and non-illuminated options

- Full office branding with both exterior and interior office signs

- A wide selection of office signage types and materials to choose from

- Ability to personalize custom office signs that fully meet your needs

Beatclub office signage in black color displaying brand name 3D letters made of acrylic

Services We Offer for Office Signs



3D Design

It’s important to see what a project will look like before it gets manufactured. 

While you can send us your own design, our team is here to help you create the perfect custom office signs for your company. We provide 3D designing and rendering services to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.



We offer quality large format printing services on a wide range of materials. Each of our signs is printed with premium quality inks and printers.

After printing, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays to make them sun-resistant. Hence, the signs we make will retain their vibrant colors for a long time both indoors and outdoors.


Cutting and Engraving

Along with direct printing, we offer cutting and engraving services for workspace signs.

We use the latest technologies and offer laser engraving and plotter cutting services as well as other methods. Be it for a rigid or soft material, we provide top-quality services to create breathtaking designs for your premium custom office signs.


Installation & Replacement 

For all types of exterior and interior office signs, we offer sign installation services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Regardless of difficulty, our team is ready to meet tight deadlines and install your signs in a professional manner. If you have an old display that requires sign replacement, we can help you with that, too.



Each type of professional office signage is unique unto itself. Regardless, all indoor and outdoor office signs serve to boost branding efforts to increase company revenue and play a crucial role in creating the right company image. Business office signs help to distinguish your office space and communicate your company voice.

Custom cut and engraved office signs are unique and add elegance to your business venue. Printed custom office signs showcase vivid graphics with exceptional colors. Office nameplates and office logo signs are a great way to brand your office location and designate different areas, be they indoors or outdoors.

Type, size, materials and dimensions are not a topic of concern as we offer a wide selection of exterior and interior office signs. Our expertise and cutting-edge equipment allow us to create custom office signs of any complexity to meet and exceed expectations. Each original piece of our custom office signs is tailor-made to represent the identity of your brand, create a productive atmosphere for your staff and to attract customers.

Our services are not limited to sign making for indoor and outdoor office signs. We’re here to help with every stage of the process including 3D rendering, printing, permitting and installation. Furthermore, we offer repair and replacement services for office signage to help you with long-term maintenance.

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Down Town office signs in custom styles made of aluminum, acrylic and pvc for interior design

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Liftique office sign with branding elements in acrylic and aluminum intended for lobby branding

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Large office signage displaying the world map in aluminum and intended for interior design

Aluminum Signs -  Display your brand logo, employee names and designate areas around the office with high-quality aluminum signs. Provide safety for your customers and employees with building code compliant warning signage. Help them easily find their way around the office premises with durable wayfinding signs.

Flow House custom decals of a surf scene made of vinyl, a material also used in office design

Custom Decals - Brand or decorate the walls, windows, floors and other smooth surfaces with custom decals. They’re a highly effective tool for both interior and exterior use. The stickers are UV-printed with colorful graphics to capture attention without taking up any space.

PVC wheel mechanism as an option for Office Branding
Ameria City The interior decoration of the 4 floors of Ameriabank
Installation Process of 3D letters for Fishman Block Diamond
Personalised Sign Manufacturing process

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    Office Signs FAQs


    Why do I need a custom office sign for my business?

    Firstly, it’s a form of advertising. Every office needs a good introduction to present its employees, clients, guests and visitors with a sense of corporate identity! Secondly, they provide exposure and measurable visibility. If the business is without a sign, it’s a sign of no business.

    What types of signs do I need for my office?

    Custom office signs should express your brand identity and vary depending on your goals and requirements. Corporate signs for branding are needed to add your mark on a venue, attract customers and increase brand awareness. Informational signs like custom office door signs are important for guiding customers through the building, promoting your brand or providing information about each department. Decorative exterior and interior office signs help you beautify your business venue and gain an edge over competitors.

    What types of office signage do you offer?

    At Front Signs, you can find a wide selection of custom office signs from office logo signs to wall decor. You can use these signs to give a more professional look to your office and provide a productive working environment for your staff. Custom office signs can vary in their placement, material and type. Every company can find signage that fits their company niche. Choose what works best for you with a free consultation from one of our team members.

    Do you provide full indoor and outdoor branding?

    Yes, we work primarily on large-scale projects like full corporate branding. We can provide comprehensive solutions with a combination of exterior as well as interior office signs. We’ll start from the design and fabrication, procure the necessary permits, finish off with installation and continue to be there for the maintenance of your custom products. Satisfaction is guaranteed with Front Signs so rest assured we’ll take care of all your signage needs.

    What can be printed on office signs?

    The messaging of your custom office signs will differ depending on their purpose. While informational signs tend to have a clear message, decorative ones can come with a motivational quote for the team. You can get any image or text printed onto your custom office signs.

    How do you make a lasting impression with workspace signs?

    Signage personalizes corporate identity and adds a certain glow to your office. Corporate signage options include both indoor and outdoor office signs like door signs, restroom signs, window decals, banner stands, office logo signs and many others. These signs are a bespoke solution that will accurately depict and create instant recognition for your brand.