Plotter Cutting in Los Angeles and US-Wide

Stand out thanks to elegant business signs made with plotter cutting technology. Front Signs, a full-service sign making company, offers top-grade plotter cutting services across Los Angeles and the US. Our advanced plotter cutting service guarantees intricate graphics suitable for different applications.

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Plotter Cutting Specifications

Our plotter cutting machine is ideal for cutting thin materials, including all types of adhesive vinyls and static clings. Using V tools and various knives, the hardware achieves high-end outline designs suited for various purposes. Get intricate logo signs or decorative lobby signs produced with plotter cutting technology to level up your brand image. 

Model - Mimaki CG-160FXII

Working area - 62.9" x 167”

Speed - 140 cm/s

High-precision plotter cutting of adhesives made of vinyl material for informative purposes

Plotter Cutting for Different Projects

The plotter cutting machine is an advanced hardware capable of producing simple to complex outline designs. Enhance your business marketing by creating finely-cut custom decals, car wrapping and more.

plotter contour cutting of vinyl
Accurate plotter contour cutting of adhesives made of vinyl for informative purposes

Vinyl Text Plotter Cutting

Do you want to display your message with clarity and elegance? Plotter cutting technology is the best tool for producing outline cut lettering and graphics on soft materials. The plotter cutting machine yields elaborate contours with speed and sophistication. Create customized vinyl lettering and outdoor signs with our plotter cutting technology to get high-end adhesive displays.

plotter cutting of vinyl product

Design Plotter Contour Cutting 

Get the exact shape of your design with plotter contour cutting. The machine can accurately follow the contours of vector graphics and produce professionally outlined products. Whether you’re looking for outstanding window decals or other promotional adhesives, plotter contour cutting can guarantee standout execution in any size.

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    Plotter Cutting FAQs


    What is plotter cutting?

    Plotter cutting is a method used to create a variety of products, from decorative wall decals to intricate business lettering. It cuts thin materials such as opaque, clear, frosted and perforated vinyls, as well as static clings. The plotter cutting machine recognizes vector files so it can work on any scale. 

    How does plotter cutting technology differ from other technologies?

    Unlike laser cutting and CNC cutting technologies, the plotter cutting method can achieve products with kiss-cut backing. Moreover, the machine is only applicable for cutting thin materials used for various adhesives. For designs on thick or rigid materials, check out our CNC engraving and laser engraving services.

    How does a plotter cutting machine work?

    The plotter cutting machine is controlled by a computer program that reads a vector file of the design. It uses V tools and knives with different angles to cut through soft, thin materials. The cutting tools of the plotter cutting machine follow along the design path, while a holding system keeps the material in place. Cutting the top layer of the material, the plotter cutting machine keeps the backing of the material intact, making it an ideal tool for kiss-cut stickers.