Custom Outdoor Signs in Los Angeles and US Wide

Reel in customers all day and night with phenomenal outdoor signage. Outdoor signs create an attractive facade for your property and exert maximum visual appeal for passersby.

Front Signs provides top-grade outdoor signs to help businesses reach their advertising goals. We offer full-package sign services in Los Angeles and across the USA to meet and exceed your branding needs. Contact us today to start working on your signage project right away!

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Illuminated Outdoor Signs

The most effective outdoor advertising tools are illuminated signs. They provide radiance and 24/7 visibility to drive non-stop traffic towards your business. We manufacture a wide range of lighted signs using high-grade materials and energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Maxferd outdoor sign with brand name channel letters made of aluminum and acrylic

Channel Letters

Channel letters are one of the most popular types of outdoor signs for showcasing your company name 24/7. These outdoor letters are illuminated with attractive LED lights, have an elegant style and provide a stunning glow to your business. They’re a perfect tool for constant outdoor promotion.

Tailwashers outdoor light box sign in a round shape made of aluminum and acrylic

Light Box Signs

Another classic tool for effective outdoor advertising. Promote your company day and night with outdoor light box signs. They’re a tried and true medium for impressive outdoor promotions. LED illuminated displays provide non-stop advertising and reel in customers with their stunning appearance.

Nordstrom Local exterior sign made of aluminum and acrylic for storefront branding

Push Through Signs 

Promote your business with pronounced push through signs that look stylish and contemporary. This modern outdoor signage design has a unique edge that helps your company stand out from the rest. Illuminated with energy efficient LED lights, outdoor push through signs will enhance company appeal 24/7.

Ouachita Baptist University outdoor sign letters in marquee style made of aluminum and acrylic

Marquee Signs

Outdoor marquee signs offer a dynamic way to outshine the rest of your competition. Due to their classic and unique appearance, retro marquee signs are often used for outdoor event branding. If you need a sign that can attract a big audience outdoors then marquee letters are your surefire solution.

Annenberg free-standing outdoor sign in a big size made of aluminum and acrylic

Light Up Signs

Drive traffic and provide constant promotion for your company with brilliantly illuminated exterior signs. We can tailor lighted signage with original designs to meet and exceed your branding goals. Our illuminated signs are made of high-grade materials to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Freestanding Outdoor Signs

If you’re looking to gain exposure outdoors and create a landmark in your area then free standing custom signs are the way to go. These business signs will create a buzz around your establishment and familiarize people with your brand.

promotional outdoor pylon sign in a large size made of acrylic and aluminum

Outdoor Pylon Signs

Impress a wide audience with distinct outdoor pylon signs. Plaza signs are an effective way to gain visibility in crowded areas. The tall displays are hard to miss so if you want a strong promotional tool, outdoor pylon signs are the way to go. With outdoor plaza signs, your message will be a spotlight at all times.

University of West Los Angeles outdoor monument sign made of plywood

Outdoor Monument Signs

If you’re ready to create a neighborhood landmark and present your brand with professionalism, outdoor monument signs are the right solution. These iconic signs will provide top-class branding with a distinguished look. Available in custom designs, outdoor monument signs will mark your establishment with prominence.

Outdoor 3D Signs

Showcase your company with class using outdoor 3D signs and letters. They’re made of durable materials to withstand harsh weather. Outdoor 3D signs optimize depth to highlight your brand image. This type of dimensional outdoor sign is available in multiple installation options including free standing and wall mounted.

Lashify outdoor 3d sign with brand name channel letters made of acrylic and aluminum

Outdoor High Rise Signs

Highlight your brand and reach a wide audience with high rise outdoor sign letters. We can manufacture outdoor high rise signs regardless of complexity and install them at any height even if it requires a helicopter. Custom outdoor signage displayed on top of your building acts as a beacon that customers can follow from far and wide. Signage that dominates the cityscape is a powerful way to proclaim your authority.

Olivia Care high rise exterior sign in black made of acrylic

Hanging Outdoor Signs

Attract passersby and invite them into your establishment with the allure and visibility of hanging outdoor signs. Hanging signs are often double-sided to help you reach more people and maximize the effectiveness of your message. We offer a wide range of hanging signs to help you attract more clients from far and wide. Whether you need simple wall-blade signs or more complex hanging constructions, we can make them.

a white-colored hanging outdoor sign displaying the word Receiving

Custom Outdoor Signs

Apart from the above-mentioned types of outdoor signs, we also offer fully custom solutions. Our advanced fabrication facility is equipped with the latest technologies that enable us to manufacture sophisticated and original outdoor signs. No matter what type of outside sign you need, our experts will craft it with professionalism. Get in touch with us to get a free quote and consultation on custom outdoor signage.

The Cube custom outdoor sign in a big cube shape made of aluminum

Outdoor Sign Installation

We provide professional installation services for all kinds of outdoor as well as indoor signs. Regardless of the location or intricacy of your project, we’ll take care of it with quality, speed and precision. Our crew is available for expert installation services in Los Angeles and across the USA.



the installation process of an outdoor pylon sign

Outdoor Signs Based on Materials

Every single one of the small to large outdoor signs at Front Signs are made of high-quality materials. We use various durable mediums that can withstand harsh weather conditions while boosting the visual appeal of your brand. Below is a list of popular materials for modern outdoor signage.

California Pizza Kitchen metal outdoor signs in yellow and black surfboard shapes

Metal Outdoor Signs

We provide custom outdoor signs made of three types of aluminum: standard, composite/dibond and brushed. Since aluminum is one of the most durable materials used in the signage industry, the long lifespan of your aluminum signs is guaranteed. We offer all kinds of metal exterior signs from outdoor letters and name plaques to engraved and free standing outdoor signs as well as 3D metal signs.

Alta Vista Gardens plastic outdoor sign in a big size with brand name 3d letters made of PVC

Plastic Outdoor Signs

You can get custom exterior signs made of various types of durable plastic materials such as acrylic, lexan, coroplast, PVC and styrene. Plastic signs can be used to showcase your company name or promote campaigns in outdoor settings. Available in a range of styles and custom designs, our specialists will help you find the outdoor plastic sign that best suits your requirements.

Amanu wooden outdoor sign displaying the brand name in an engraved style

Wooden Outdoor Signs

We use two types of wood for making custom outdoor signs: regular wood and plywood. The latter is composed of multiple cross-bonded plies that make it a more durable option. You can get high-grade wooden signs to brand your store or promote your business with charm. Our team can craft all types of wooden outdoor signs, from wooden sandwich boards and free standing displays to 3D letters and engraved plaques.

Erewhon vinyl outdoor signs in black and white made of opaque vinyl for window branding

Vinyl Outdoor Signs

In our selection of custom outdoor signs, we also offer vinyl banners and adhesive vinyl decals. Both are effective promotional tools for all kinds of open spaces. Decals are available in opaque, clear, frosted and perforated finishes. Banners are available in vinyl as well as in mesh and fabric variants. Vinyl banners and decals can be applied to various surfaces such as walls, doors, windows and vehicles.


Outdoor Signage Repair

Got an old sign that needs to be brought up-to-date? You’re in the right place. Our experts can give new life to your old signage. We provide first-class sign repair services. We refurbish your weathered signs, restoring them to their glory and making them look brand new.

Olympic Hotel illuminated outdoor sign repair and installation process

Outdoor Signs Based on Usage

Outdoor signs can act as logo signs as well as serve a range of purposes from advertising and promotions to decoration and navigation. We can style them as neighborhood markers, event decorations, trade show displays and much more. No matter what your goal is, we’ll help you find a sign that best suits your taste and requirements.

RE/DONE outdoor sign letters made of aluminum and acrylic for storefront branding

Store Signs

Brand your storefront with outstanding signs and gain recognition from locals and visitors to the area. Outdoor store signs come in a gorgeous array of options, including acrylic light box displays and a variety of other solutions with illumination and mounting options. Whatever the purpose, we can match a solution that corresponds to your brand identity.

Raymond & Sons large outdoor sign made of aluminum for restaurant branding

Building Signs

Designate your building with iconic exterior signs. We provide a full-spectrum of services and a large variety of exterior signs to distinguish your property from its surroundings. You can display your company name and logo on a building using backlit exterior signage. These striking outside signs reel in customers 24/7.

Lamborghini custom outdoor event sign with the brand name and logo made of aluminum and wood

Event Signs

Make your outdoor event unforgettable. Wow your audience and outshine competitors with phenomenal signs. Outdoor event displays are made of various durable materials and unique designs. We provide a wide range of outdoor event signs from sandwich boards and marquee letters to custom displays and lighted cabinets.

L.A. Taco House outdoor sign with large channel letters made of acrylic and aluminum

Restaurant Signs

Brand your establishments and stand out with noteworthy outside signs that exude your taste. We offer everything from classic restaurant blade signs to illuminated letters, free standing outdoor signs and completely custom solutions. Our expert craftsmen are ready to take your restaurant branding to the next level with phenomenal exterior signage.

MGM Resorts custom outdoor sign made of aluminum for sports arena branding

Stadium Signage

No outdoor sports event, concert or festival is complete without properly branded signage. We provide a wide variety of large outdoor signs to help you deck out stadiums and arenas with dazzling displays. Our team can provide end-to-end solutions for arena and stadium signs that include design, sign manufacturing, installation and everything in between.

Service Partners free-standing outdoor sign made of Dibond and wood displayed at the yard

Yard and Real Estate Signs

Promote your property and spread your message through any neighborhood with outdoor yard and real estate signs. You can get tailor-made designs with various high-quality materials that withstand harsh weather conditions. Outdoor real estate signs can be crafted with unique styles to match your needs. Contact our team to discuss custom solutions.

Outdoor Sign Permitting Services

You may need to obtain permission from your local municipality to install signs outdoors. We provide sign permitting services to ease the burden entailed with the process. Our team will take care of the paperwork and all the steps required for getting a permit so we can install the outdoor signs in your desired location.

high rise sign permitting

Benefits of Outdoor Displays

  • Designate your location
  • Enhance visual appeal
  • Reach your local audience
  • Promote your brand 24/7
  • Drive traffic to your business
  • Enjoy long-term benefits
Antelope Valley High School exterior sign with black 3d letters made of brushed aluminum

Other Services We Offer for Outdoor Signs


Outdoor Sign Design

In case you need assistance with the design of your exterior signage, we provide signage design services using the latest 3D rendering technology. Our talented designers can create stunning 3D models of your sign. The digital designs will allow you to visualize the sign prior to production.


Large Format Printing

We provide state-of-the-art large format printing services for all kinds of signs. Printed with special UV-curing technology, our fade-resistant graphics will retain their vivid appearance even after being exposed to sunlight. You can get custom printed signs of all sizes on virtually any material.


Cutting and Engraving

In addition to printing your text and visuals, we provide laser engraving and digital cutting services among others to achieve intricate designs. We use advanced cutting and engraving technology to create quality solutions. Our sophisticated signs will exceed your expectations.


Outdoor Sign Painting

For custom projects, we offer artful sign painting services. The top-of-the-line Matthews Painting System we employ enables us to paint sign materials in over 80,000 unique color shades. With this painting system, we can provide bespoke outdoor signs with color precision to match your brand.

Latest Outdoor Signs Projects

City Storage Systems outdoor signage with cutout letters made of vinyl

Beverly Bites Outdoor Branding

An appealing custom display featuring cutout letters made for our clients at City Storage Systems. The personalized project is made of high-quality vinyl material.

John Hart Realty outdoor display with metal letters made of aluminum

John Hart Realty Logo Display

An exquisite logo display including metal letters made for our clients at John Hart Realty and installed on the facade. This branded project is made of high-quality durable aluminum material.

Total Image custom outdoor signage in a freestanding style made of acrylic for branding

Total Image Exterior Branding 

Outstanding monument display with painted letters and logo made for our clients at Total Image Wigs & Hair Restoration Center and installed by the road for branding. The custom product is made of top-notch acrylic material.

Moorpark College custom outdoor signage in a huge size made of acrylic, wood, and aluminum

Moorpark College Custom Outdoor Display

Prominent monument display comprised of different pieces featuring the school name and an event details made for our clients at Moorpark College. The custom display is made of premium-quality acrylic, wood and aluminum materials.

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    Outdoor Signs FAQs


    What is the lifespan of outdoor signs?

    We offer all types of small to large outdoor signs, available in different materials. How long each sign lasts will vary based on its specifications. We manufacture outdoor sign letters using durable mediums that provide the longest lifespan possible to your signage. The life expectancy of outdoor signs will also depend on maintenance. Contact us and our specialists will offer you the best solutions for outside signs.

    What materials are outdoor signs made of?

    Custom exterior signs can be made of various weather-resistant materials. We use exceptionally durable mediums for exterior signage. From wood and metal to vinyl, we manufacture outside signs that will serve your goals for as long as needed. No matter what type of material you prefer, we’ll offer you the best solution possible.

    What outdoor sign options do you have?

    We offer a wide selection of signs from custom outdoor signs for small businesses to more complex solutions for global brands. You can order custom outdoor signs made of various sturdy materials. We can install custom outdoor signs in any location upon request. Whether you need outdoor hanging signs, free standing and wall mounted signs or anything in between, we can make it according to your vision. Get in touch with us and our experts will start working on your custom outdoor signs right away.

    Can you obtain a permit for personalized outdoor signs?

    Being a full-service sign making company, we offer all signage-related services. Getting a permit is on that list. We can take on all the paperwork and logistics of obtaining a permit for indoor as well as personalized outdoor hanging signs in Los Angeles and other state municipalities.