Sandwich Boards and Custom A-Frames In Los Angeles and US Wide

Front Signs is a California-based sign making company offering bespoke sandwich boards for both commercials and custom purposes. The displays may be customized based on your size, shape and design specifications. We use premium materials to craft various styles of sandwich signs.

Let’s go over all the benefits and information you’ll need to select the finest sandwich boards for your business.

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General Purposes of A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs for business are a practical and effective tool for sharing messages with your customers. At Front Signs, we offer creative designs to meet your personal and commercial needs in Los Angeles and across the USA. Our lightweight and sturdy signs are ideal for advertising, wayfinding and informing in both indoor and outdoor settings.

With so many variations, how do you know which one will serve your company’s goals? To help you select the most suitable sandwich board, we’ve compiled a list of popular uses and benefits for them below.


Sandwich Boards for Advertising

Sandwich signs are commonly used to advertise products. Outdoor sandwich boards can represent logo signs while still being a means to relays messages to passersby. Attention-grabbing artwork is key to maximizing the impact of your outdoor sandwich board signs. The signs should be placed in a highly visible area near your location to enhance customer flow. Business signs with double-sided prints guarantee that twice as many clients will be exposed to your message.

Face mask sandwich board

Security Sandwich Signs

Our A-frame signs may be used to provide a safe atmosphere. Use sandwich board signs to alert about hazards, regulations and safety standards. Sandwich boards can relay protocols for social distancing, hygiene and procedures for public security. With regulatory sandwich signs, you may emphasize vital information in potentially hazardous environments. We offer a wide selection of sandwich boards to prevent accidents and maintain safety.


Promotional A-Frame Signs

The signs are an excellent tool for both short and long-term promotional use. With strong A-frame signs, you'll be able to draw attention to particular information. Whether it’s specific products, temporary sales, daily specials or corporate benefits, interchangeable graphics will convey your message with style. To get the most out of your store signs, be straight and unambiguous with your text and visuals. When installed in strategic locations near your business, promotional sandwich boards will guide visitor flow to your establishment and boost sales.


Directional Sandwich Boards

It’s easy to become lost in huge, multi-tenant facilities. Sandwich signs help visitors locate their destination, quickly get to exits in case of an emergency, identify different office spaces and so on. An A-frame sign is designed to provide clear, visible guidance. Directional signs are also useful for designating temporary parking spaces and new paths within a property. A custom sandwich board is composed of durable materials to maximize performance. Their lightweight but sturdy properties make them ideal for navigational use indoors and outdoors.

Types of Sidewalk Signs

There is a wide variety of sidewalk signs available with different design and material options. The following indoor and outdoor sandwich board signs are the most popular varieties we offer. Consider using a pylon sign if you need a larger outdoor advertising solution. Consider using a pylon sign if you need a larger outdoor advertising solution.


Wooden A-Frame Signs

Wood is one of the finest options you can choose if you want classy-looking sandwich boards. Wooden A-frame signs are made of plywood which have the appearance and feel of natural wood. The wooden A-frame is available in custom sizes and shapes. Wooden A-frame signs offer a fresh spin on classic promotional tools. Wooden signs are ideal for welcoming guests to shops, cafes or restaurants. If you’re ready to order unique wooden sandwich boards, contact our professionals and they’ll match you with a perfect sign.


Plastic A-Frame Signs

Plastic A-frame signs in front of business entrances or along walkways are an excellent guide for foot traffic. Their designs will differ based on the model you prefer. PVC signs are a sensible choice for businesses looking for low-cost and quick-to-install custom signs outside their property. The greatest benefit of plastic A-frame signs is that they’re very sturdy and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. As plastic A-frame signs aren’t easily damaged, they’re ideal for parking lots, garages and construction zones.


Metal A-Frame Signs

Aluminum signs are known for being light, sturdy and cost-effective. Portable and simple to put up, metal A-frame are adaptable to all weather conditions. A-frame signs for business direct customers and advertise directly in front of the highest foot traffic.  Use them outside to draw in passersby or set them inside to relay various messages. Metal A-frame signs are manufactured with an aluminum mechanism and display designs printed with high-quality inks. We offer metal a-frame signs with prints on both sides.


Chalkboard Sandwich Boards

Chalkboards have been trending for a while now and it’s easy to understand why. An outdoor sandwich board can be readily updated with artful messages that can be updated as often as you wish. They give businesses an opportunity to create vibrant, eye-catching drawings and win people over with a personable approach. A plastic or wooden sandwich board with a chalkboard surface is an innovative tool for improving customer relations and improving sales. A-frame signs with chalkboard displays are at once charming and functional.


Custom A-Frame Signs 

If you’re looking for a strategy to attract more people, custom sidewalk signs will be of great service to your business. Custom sandwich boards can be tailored to create a unique and stylish aesthetic for your audience. You can use custom sandwich boards for promotions, stadium branding, welcoming graphics, informative messages and much more. Custom A-frame signs are often one of the determining factors for whether or not someone enters your business. Use custom sandwich boards to your advantage and make a favorable impression.

Sandwich Boards Based on Application

Sandwich board signs are one of the most effective methods to invite attention to your business from passing foot traffic. You can display information with vibrant texts and visuals using our custom A-frame signs. Below, check out a variety of portable sandwich signs based on application.


Real Estate A-Frames

Real estate custom A-frame signs are ideal for outdoor use. A-frame sidewalk signs are often used to announce open houses and new property listings. They can be conveniently stored into a car’s trunk to be set up in seconds. For agents who need to display temporary but reusable displays, real estate sandwich signs are the most effective tool.


Yard Sandwich Boards

A-frame signs for the yard are an accessible option for many companies. They can be utilized as a marketing tool or display vital information. There are a variety of uses for yard sandwich boards including your company’s logo, colors and branding elements. A-frame sidewalk signs are popular for outside use in locations with high foot traffic.


Event A-Frame Signs

Navigating crowded events in large and unfamiliar spaces can be confusing. Corporate event signage can establish a smooth flow and ensure that your visitors find what they're searching for. Use sandwich boards to relay helpful information such as directions, performance stages, time schedules and important messages throughout your venue.

cafe sandwich board

Restaurant Sandwich Boards

Restaurant menus and specials are often presented on A-frame signs with a chalkboard surface. They bring focus to popular and distinct dishes or daily specials that capture the attention of passersby. When placed as outdoor restaurant signs, they reel in hungry customers. You can also convey information to patrons by placing these sandwich signs inside.


Beauty Bar Sandwich Boards

While it’s true that scheduling appointments in advance is more convenient, many people make spontaneous decisions thanks to A-frame signs. These displays announce open reservations for passersby. Sandwich signs are also a great way to display discounts and special offers. They capture the attention of customers with vibrant graphics and good placement.


Parking Lot A-Frame Signs

A-frame business sign variants are frequently used at parking lots to lead cars to their designated spots or to advertise parking rates. They’re convenient for employees who can transport them easily thanks to lightweight properties and quick setup and break down. To get A-frame signs for your parking lot, contact our specialists for a free consultation.

Benefits of Custom Sidewalk Signs

Outdoor Usage - Sandwich signs can withstand nearly anything nature may throw at them. When properly used and stored, A-frame signs will serve your outdoor needs for many years. Sandwich boards are ideal for outdoor promotions.

High Visibility - Sandwich boards are built and positioned for passing eyes to be instinctively drawn to them. Situated at ground level, sandwich signs are the easiest displays to capture people’s attention as they walk by.

Budget Friendly - Sandwich boards are a low-cost marketing item that can serve your company in a variety of ways. After paying for the boards once, you’ll be able to advertise your services with practical sandwich signs for years to come.

Versatility and Reusability - Sandwich board signs may be utilized for a wide range of marketing and promotional efforts. Sandwich boards are durable and may be used or easily stored away as often as you wish.

Durability - One of the major benefits of a sandwich board is its durability. A-frame business signs can be made of various durable materials to resist harsh weather conditions without wrapping or cracking.

Services We Offer for Sandwich Signs


3D Signage Design

Our modern sandwich boards are made to order based on your unique visions. Whether you need custom A-frame signs or something standard, our team can render a preview for you with 3D sign design. We’ll bring even your most complex ideas to life!


Large-Format Printing 

We offer large format printing services to promote your business with stunning images that can be viewed from a long distance. Request a free consultation with our specialists to discuss large-format printing for our sandwich board varieties.


Sign Painting

Our sandwich boards have a high-end print quality with UV cured inks. We also use the Matthews Paint System for sign painting services to get over 80,000 colors to match your brand colors exactly. Contact us to get fully unique sandwich boards.


Cutting and Engraving

We offer top notch laser cutting and CNC engraving services among other methods for our custom sandwich boards. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows our expert crew to craft breathtakingly beautiful sandwich boards with refined styles.

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Trade Show Displays - Signage at trade shows comes in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes to serve many purposes. With simple-to-set-up designs, they make your trade show booth distinct with various striking displays. A premium selection of stands can be utilized for branding, advertising and decorative needs.


Yard and Real Estate Signs - If you work in real estate, you know the power of signage. Real estate signs are proven as one of the most successful marketing tools for many reasons. They can connect you with property buyers and sellers, get your name out in the neighborhood and distinguish your work.


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    Sandwich Boards FAQs


    What is an A-frame sign?

    Sandwich board signs are also called A-frame signs because of their shape. They’re marketing tools used to increase brand awareness. A-frame signs can advertise any message on one or both sides of the display. They may be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re portable, durable, cost-effective as well as easy to set up and store.

    Is it possible to use sandwich boards outside?

    Yes! Most of our A-frame signs are weatherproof and may be used all year round. The frames may be composed of sturdy materials such as high-density plastic, metal or plywood. For designs with interchangeable graphics, the prints can be laminated for extra durability.

    Do I need to obtain a sign permit for sandwich boards?

    To put A-frame signs outdoors, you should first check municipal codes to see whether there are any signage restrictions in your area. It’s possible that you may need to obtain a sign permit for placing your sandwich board outdoors. We do provide sign permit services upon request.

    Where should I put my sandwich board?

    An a-frame sidewalk sign can be placed outside your storefront, near your entrance or in a nearby area with high visibility. They’re lightweight and portable so you can move the signs around as needed.